Ariel Winter’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Known for her incredible role portray in hit American comedy show “Modern Family,” Ariel Winter is a young and ravishing actress and voice actress. This star is known for her voice in various Disney shows and some other great work.

Ariel Winter

Ariel has got a few tattoos on her body, each with a special meaning showing her love and dedication towards certain important things and people. Let’s check out a few of the amazing ink the actress has adorned to

1. Numbers Tattoo

Ariel Winter - Roman Numbers Tattoo

Inside of left elbow of Ariel Winter, Roman numbers “ X.III.MMXII” are inked which reads as “10.03.2012”. There must be a specific relevance for this date for Ariel.

2. Tiger Face Tattoo

Ariel Winter - Tiger Tattoo

Ariel Winter got a unique and intriguing tattoo on her center back neck with tiger face tattoo. This tattoo is made by famous tattoo artist, “Doctor Woo” who used a single needle to make such a fine lined tattoo.

3. Initials of  Nieces & Nephew

Ariel Winter - Rib cage Tattoo

Ariel has many times showed her abundant love for her nieces and nephews over social media posting cute pictures with them. She dedicated rather sweet gesture towards them by getting one of her most special tattoos with initials of her 5 nieces and nephew inked on the lower side of her rib cage where the heart is. She says that they are the most important beings in her life and are an inspiration and her reason for living. The names are read as:

Dakota Patrice Workman
Skylar Athena Gray
Parker Eleni Gray
Demetra Eleni Workman
Asher Ruben Gray

4. Thigh Tattoo

Ariel Winter - Thigh Tattoo

Ariel has also got a script tattoo on her thigh which says “Love Risks Everything and Asks for Nothing” in Greek. It is on her right hip and is written in a beautiful cursive writing style.

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