Scarlett Johansson’s 4 Tattoos and Their Meanings

Scarlett Johansson, popular for her movies like Lucy, Lost in Translation and Don Jon (and many more!), is widely considered Hollywood’s sex symbol. With an increasing “tattoo trend”, sure she likes to get inked too(!) and here’s about the four tattoos that she is sporting on currently.

Scarlett Johannson

1. Infinity-Like

Infinity tattoo

She has two interlocking circles, which kinda looks like an infinity sign(??), on her right ankle. It has the letter ‘A’ inside it. Who is this mysterious ‘A’, though? We’re curious!

2. Sunrise


She has a colorful tattoo of sunrise on the inside of her left arm. She says it makes her happy as is it a lesser known fact that sunrise is an expression for optimism, faith and novelty?

3. Bracelet

Wrist tattoo

Not really a bracelet but a bracelet tattoo! She has a bracelet tattoo on her right hand. It has a pendant too which inscribes the words “I Heart NY”. It first appeared during the premiere of “The Avengers” in 2002. Now, which star doesn’t love NYC?

4. Lucky One

She got an inverted horseshoe with the inscription “Lucky You” on her right rib cage. This tattoo is believed to bring good luck and success in everything.