Travis Barker’s 19 Tattoos

Travis Barker, a household name for music worshippers, is the drummer of the band, Blink-182. Also famous for his tattoos, he gives the reason for getting them as so he could never go and get a normal job. He could never become just another average person. The tattoos on his body would of course never allow him to go get a normal job. No one would hire someone who has ink all over their body. So, IT WAS EITHER MUSIC OR NOTHING. He had no plan B! Pretty daring, huh? Let’s learn about his tattoos here.



1. First Tattoo

Barker’s first tattoo, unfortunately, “burned off” during a plane crash. It was his nick-name, “Bones” and had a symbol of a hard-core band that he really liked right above it.

2. Daughter’s Name


Barker has a Chevy Symbol on the upper part of his right hand with a rose and his daughter’s name, Alabama.

3. Razor-ed

Travis wrote the name of his first girlfriend with a razor blade on his leg. Not exactly a “tattoo” but Travis said, “I was 10 or 11, her name was Toni and I did it with a razorblade. I think it’s been covered with other tattoos now though. You must have done that, right?”

4. Kid’s Names

He has his kids’ names on the side of his head, Alabama, his daughter and Landon, his son.

5. Famous Race Flag

ca i say tattoo

“The race flag on my neck is for the year of my favorite Cadillac. I got that three ago. I also have Japanese flowers on the back of my neck. I don’t even know what they look like, because I can’t see back there. But I have a heat that says ‘Mom’ with the flowers.”

6. Cadillac

“I got a Cadillac emblem when I was 21, because I collect Cadillacs. I don’t drive any other cars.”

7. Can I Say

travis barker can i say

“I have a Dag Nasty Symbol. That’s a band I grew up listening to. And I have ‘Can I Say’, because it’s the name of their first album.”

8. Religious Bent

sleeve tattoo

“I have a sacred heart from when I was 19, because I was brought up Catholic. I also have a microphone, dice and Jesus. I figured if I tattooed Jesus on me, good things would happen, or maybe he’d have my back or something.”

9. Boom-Box

travis barker boom box tattoo

“The boom box on my stomach is because I grew up loving to break-dance and I collected ghetto blasters. I had like 20 of them. Everyone else would go buy candy and I would buy boom boxes and carry them around and break-dance on the street corner on a piece of cardboard. So I got my favorite boom box when I was 21.”

10. Familia, Bird and Flower

flower tattoo


“I got ‘familia’ tattooed on my arm when I was 20, which is obviously for my family. I have a bird that I just got for the hell of it. It was a good looking bird. Then I was in Denver and I was bored and wanted to get tattooed to finish my arm up. So I just went into this shop and this guy buys me that [flower on his arms]. He specialized in Tulips. I’m not a flower guy, but it’s an honor to get a tattoo from him, because he won’t even tattoo you if he doesn’t like you.”

11. Self-Made


“And I have ‘self-made’ on my knuckles from 2000, because I’ve worked for everything I have. I don’t really have anyone to thanks for my hand through it all, and making me what I am.”

12. Hope


I have the word ‘hope’ written on my back. I got it when I was 19, because of the Descendant’s song, but also as a positive thing after my mom passed away.

13. Stuff That Looks Rad

right arm tattoo

“My right arm is like my good luck arm. It has everything– a deck of cards, drumsticks, a martini glass, a dollar sign, my lucky number seven, my initials, and a rabbit’s foot. I have a devil that was off of Black Label skateboards. I was into skateboarding when I was 22, so I got it. It healed really badly, but I refused to get it touched up. I don’t want to touch up any of my stuff. It just looks rad.”

14. Spider Web

shoulder tattoo

Travis has a spider web tattoo on his right arm.

15. Head Tattoo

head tattoo

Recently he had his head tattooed. His head tattoos were collaborated by famous black & grey tattoo masters, Chuey Quintanar, Franco Vescovi & Mister Cartoon. It took 30-35 hours to finish.

16. “Pal” Tattoo

father and travis

He has a tattoo that says “Pal”, a name they used to call each other when Travis was a kid. Barker said, “It was funny, ‘cos growing up he said, ‘If you ever get a tattoo, I’m gonna kick your ass and kick you out of the house.’ But many years later – 20 years – Pops had some tattoos of his own. It’s awesome. My mum passed away when I was 12, so my relationship with him is so important.”

17. Family Tattoo

family tattoo

Travis has portraits of his dad, mom and two kids on his back.

18. Crossroads

vegan crossroads tattoo

As a tribute to his vegan restaurant, Crossroads (and being a vegan himself!), he got a tattoo of two crossroad knives during the first year of the restaurant’s opening.

19. Special Space

The drummer has immense love for his children and has special spots reserved for them to tattoo whatever they like. He says, “Yeah they have a spot each on my thigh where they can tattoo whatever they want. Landon put a cross with his name, with an L and A, and Alabama put a heart. There’s quite a bit of space left. I’m in trouble for a while.”