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30+ Amazing Bottle Tattoos Designs with Meanings, Ideas, and Celebrities

A Bottle is a narrow-necked container made of impermeable material such as glass, plastic, or aluminum. Its major work is to transport or store liquid. Its mouth at the bottling line can be sealed using an internal stopper, closure, or induction sealing. There are various types of bottles, like glass bottles, wine bottles, codd-neck, and many more.

Meaning of Bottle Tattoo

Bottles form an important part of human life. It is used for various purposes, such as transportation, drinking liquid, and storing liquid. It has a huge craze among youths, which is the major reason they ink bottle tattoos on their bodies. Bottle tattoos hold several meanings where some are described below.


To symbolize the quenching of thirst is the number one reason people ink this tattoo on their bodies. As bottles are used to store liquid, liquid like water is used by the living creatures when they feel thirsty. To symbolize the same, people ink such tattoos on their bodies.


Partying along on the dance floor with DJ rocking has become a trend. Modern-day youth love to dance with their music on along with friends. Among these, bottles play a huge role. It can store many things such as beer, wine, whisky, rum, champagne, etc. These alcoholic drinks are used as a drink to socialize with friends. Inking such tattoos signifies your love to socialize.


Sometimes, when you come from the scorching heat, you tend to relax by having a bottle of water or a soft drink. Bottle here plays a crucial role in relaxing. Inking a bottle tattoo relates to your relaxation.

Where Should You Get Bottle Tattoo Designs?

For Women

  • Back
  • Biceps
  • Shoulder Blade
  • Thighs
  • Stomach

For Men

  • Arm
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Legs
  • Ribs

List of Bottle Tattoo Designs and Meanings

  • Message in a Bottle Tattoo on the Leg

This cute-looking tattoo where a message is placed inside a bottle looks pretty feminine. It denotes the love between the two people. The wearer has dedicated a love letter to his/her partner with whom he/she has a firm bonding. This tattooed bottle is sealed using a cork, which means that the wearer has an adorable nature.

  • Old-school Ship Bottle Tattoo on the Body

Old-school tattoos are the type of tattoos that belong to the 1980s and 90s. Here, an old-school tattoo is inked where a bottle with a blue ship is shown. Over the bottle, a rope is tied around. This tattoo symbolizes the wearer wants to join the merchant navy or is fascinated with marine life. He/She wants to travel via ship someday in his life. Also, the ship tattooed here is a vintage ship that uses sail to navigate. Overall, the tattoo looks outstanding.

  • Witch Bottle on the Forearm

A witch bottle is a counter magical term used as a protection against witchcraft. This witch bottle seems to be from the 17th century as its major structure is rounded. On the top, a cork-like thing is used as a cap of the bottle. From this tattoo, we can estimate that the wearer believes in black magic and enjoys doing supernatural things. He/She also loves watching horror movies in various languages.

  • A Bottle with the Scenery Inside Tattoo on the Body

This tattoo seems to be of an old-school type. Here, the scenery is inked inside it, which means that the wearer loves nature and also enjoys exploring unknown places in the world. Along with this bottle, flowers and leaves are inked, which shows the gentle character of the wearer.

  • Lizard inside a Bottle Tattoo on the Body

A lizard tattoo is the symbol of rebirth, positivity, and protection. In this tattoo, a lizard is resting inside a bottle, which means that the wearer likes to remain positive. The color of the liquid where the lizard is resting is green, which means that the wearer hates people with a toxic nature.

  • Bottle with a Flower Tattoo on the Biceps

In this tattoo, a line art design is inked where a bottle with flowers is shown. The flower denotes the love between two people. The bottle symbolizes the decent and down-to-earth nature of the wearer. As it is a line art tattoo, which is very painful to ink, it also denotes that the wearer loves permanent tattoos.

  • The Bottle with the Lightning Tattoo on the Forearm

The lightning bolt tattoo represents strength, enlightenment, intelligence, and intuition. In this tattoo, a bottle is shown with the lightning bolt, which depicts that the wearer is short-tempered and gets angry on minor issues. This black and the grey tattoo looks fantastic on the wearer’s body.

  • A Bottle With the Skull Tattoo on the Body

This bottle tattoo with the skull inside looks amazing on the wearer’s body. A skull is placed inside a bottle, which means that the wearer isn’t afraid of death and willing to face challenges without the loss of enthusiasm. The bottle is sealed with the cork, which denotes the true nature of the wearer.

  • Budweiser Beer Bottle Tattoo on the Forearm

Budweiser Beer is one of the largest selling beers in the United States. In this tattoo, a Budweiser beer bottle tattoo is inked on the forearm, which symbolizes the love of the wearer for this beer brand. This tattoo looks pretty realistic and fantastic.

  • A Bottle with the Heart Tattoo on the Forearm

This black and grey tattoo has a distinct look on the wearer’s forearm. In this tattoo, a bottle is inked with the heart inside, and the bottle is surrounded by the leaves. This signifies that a wearer is a person with a pure heart who never thinks badly about others.

  • Drink Me Bottle Tattoo on the Biceps

This line art tattoo of a bottle looks fantastic on the wearer’s biceps. In this tattoo, a small bottle is inked with the cork at the top. ‘Drink me’ written on the bottle means that the wearer is intelligent and has a unique taste when it comes to drinks. The drink can be a juice, soft drink, or hard drink.

  • Coca Cola Bottle Tattoo on the Body

Coca-Cola is a multinational non-alcoholic beverage brand that originated in Atlanta, Georgia, on 29 January 1892. This Coca-Cola tattoo on the body looks gorgeous and realistic. From this tattoo, the wearer wants to showcase his love for this brand.

  • A Bottle with the Poppy Flower Tattoo on the Forearm

Poppy is an herbaceous or short-lived perennial plant with a red or yellow color flower. In this tattoo, a bottle tattoo is inked with the water inside. In the water, a yellow poppy flower is placed, which not only looks beautiful but also adds grace to your personality. It symbolizes the wearer’s love for nature and their attachment to the flowers. The bottle here represents the socialistic nature of the wearer.

  • Elixir Bottle Tattoo on the Leg

An elixir is a medicinal or a magical potion. In this tattoo, a bottle is inked, which is filled with elixir. The wearer wants to denote from this tattoo from he/she loves his/her life and wanted to live life long. This tattoo is complemented with flowers and leaves, which denotes that the wearer has a lover to whom she/he has dedicated this tattoo. The wearer also wants their soul mate to live long.

  • Poison Bottle Tattoo on the Body

This bottle containing the poison denotes that the wearer doesn’t like toxic people. He/She also wants to live far from such people. In this tattoo, the bottle is tied with a rope through which the wearer wants to tell that such a type of toxic people should be abandoned. This tattoo looks beautiful and eye-catching to the wearer.

  • A Bottle with the Palm Tree inside Tattoo on the Biceps

Palm Trees are served as the symbol of peace. In this tattoo, a bottle is inked on which a palm tree is inked, which symbolizes that the wearer loves peace. He/She is addicted to calmness and wants everything to be perfect in their life. It is a black and grey tattoo that is complemented by a flower. The flower means the wearer has a soul mate whom he/she loves a lot.

  • Bottle with the Scenery Inside Tattoo on the Left Side of the Chest

This black and grey bottle tattoo has a distinct touch on your personality. In the bottle, a scenery is inked, which looks magnificent. It shows the wearer’s love for natural things like mountains, hills, trees, etc. This also means that the wearer has a beautiful family in their house, just like this beautiful scenery whom he/she adores very much.

  • Wednesday Addams Bottle Tattoo on the Body

This tattoo is taken from the American Supernatural movie ‘The Adams Family, which was aired in 2019. Wednesday Addams is one character in the movie. It is nothing new for the Wednesday to drink poison, as according to the movie, it is their natural diet. This tattoo gives a horror touch to the wearer’s personality. It also shows that the wearer enjoys watching horror movies.

  • Bottle With the Rat Tattoo on the Forearm

This bottle with the rat inside tattoo shows that the place from where the wearer is, the plague has spread and taken the lives of many people there. To remember all those people who died because of the disease, the wearer has inked this tattoo on their forearm to make it visible for all.

  • A Poison Bottle Tattoo on the Leg

In this tattoo, a green poison bottle is inked on the leg. On the bottle, a skull is inked, which denotes that the wearer hates toxic people. Toxic people are the people who have a nature that other people hate. This tattoo goes well with a nice pair of shorts.

  • Emotions Bottle Tattoo

This tattoo shows a bottle with a potion labeled as “emotions” that is available for purchase. With this tattoo, the wearer wants to show that emotions can be bought from the market. It is safe to say that the wearer is signifying the usage of certain illicit substances. As for the potion within the bottle, the pink color represents emotions of pleasure and joy.

  • Crushed Bottle Tattoo

This line art tattoo of a crushed plastic bottle symbolizes a lot of things. The wearer wants to show their awareness level of the environment. Plastic is harmful to the environment and so are plastic bottles. They can’t be buried, nor they can be burnt. As a result, the wearer prefers to crush the bottle and throw it in the dustbin. Inking such a tattoo denotes the same. Also, line art tattoos are painful for ink. The wearer has taken immense pain to get this tattoo done, which shows that the wearer likes permanent tattoos on their body.

  •   Bottle with Peaches Inside Tattoo on the Forearm

Bottles are also used for the storage of liquids but here, a bottle is used to store peaches. You wouldn’t often find a solid material inside a bottle, but here the wearer has inked peaches inside a bottle, which means that the wearer is using this fruit as a mode of refreshment and relaxation. This tattoo goes well with a nice pair of denim jeans and a white shirt.

  • Bottle with the Flame Tattoo on the Leg

This denotes the weather of the particular place where the wearer lives. That place is so hot that the water he/she is drinking is oozing out flame instead of water. The wearer is thirsty but can’t drink cold water and is forced to drink hot water.

  • A Perfume Bottle Tattoo On the Body

This perfume bottle tattoo looks pretty appealing and colorful on the body. Here, a perfume bottle is spraying perfume which denotes the fashionable character of the wearer. The wearer loves to dress up well and has modern thinking.

  • Broken Bottle on the Biceps

It is the line art tattoo where a bottle is broken into two pieces. Since such kind of tattoo is painful to ink, which denotes the passionate nature of the wearer for the permanent tattoos. The broken bottle symbolizes the wearer’s short-tempered nature.

  • Bottle Tattoo With the Flowers on the Biceps

This bottle tattoo on the biceps looks beautiful. On the bottle, a lady’s tattoo is inked, which means that the wearer is either a woman or has a feminine nature. This tattoo has a flower at the top which symbolizes the love between the two people. The wearer has a partner whom he/she loves a lot.

  • Tequila Bottle Tattoo on the Forearm

Tequila is an alcoholic beverage made from a blue agave plant with an alcoholic percentage the same as vodka. On the tattoo, a blue agave plant is inked behind the tequila bottle, which adds to its unique touch.

  • Skeletal Hand Holding a Bottle Tattoo on the Body

In this tattoo, a skeletal hand is holding a bottle. It symbolizes the determined and focussed nature of the wearer. It is a black and grey tattoo where a bone is placed inside a bottle, half-filled with a liquid. Overall, the tattoo looks amazing and spectacular.

  • Coca-Cola Bottle Tattoo on the Forearm

Coca-Cola is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to soft drinks. Inking a coca-cola tattoo on the forearm symbolizes your love for this soft drink brand.

  • Ship in a Bottle Tattoo on the Biceps

This type of tattoo of a ship inside a bottle has a distinct look at your personality. From this tattoo, the wearer wants to signify that he/she likes adventures and is fond of sea sports. Also, as the ship is maneuvered through a sail, the same way a wearer also likes to enjoy the life where he/she thinks more with the mind than the heart. This tattoo symbolizes that the wearer wants to keep the entire ocean in one bottle.

  • A Skull Inside a Bottle Tattoo on the Wrist

This black and grey color tattoo of a skull inside a bottle looks magnificent and stunning. From this tattoo, the wearer wants to show that he/she has full control over his mind and heart. Also, the wearer does not want to show his emotions to anyone as he/she has an emotional character.

  • A Bottle Tattoo with a Quote On the Leg

This tattoo is inked by a wearer who got married recently. From the tattoo, the wearer wants to denote that he/she has gotten married and now living a happy life. The bottle is round, which means that the wearer finds happiness in the simplest of things.

Celebrities with Bottle Tattoos

  • Cody Simpson

This tattoo is inked on his upper left arm. It represents his love for the sea. There is a “SAILOR GRAVE” written on it.

  • Omar Jeffery Pineiro

On one side of his stomach, Omar has tattooed a photo of Dracula while on the other end, he has inked a tattoo of a baby sipper bottle, which contains blood instead of milk. He is a big fan of the character Dracula, that is why he has inked its tattoo on his stomach.

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