Chase Stokes’ 15 Tattoos and their Meanings

Chase Stokes

Chase Stokes is known not just for his acting but also for his collection of tattoos, each with its own unique story. In this introduction, we’ll explore these tattoos and the special meanings behind them. From symbols that represent important moments in his life to tattoos that express his beliefs and passions, Stokes’ body art offers a glimpse into his personality and experiences. In this article, we will take a closer look at each tattoo and discover the stories they tell about him.

1. “Love, Joan” Dove Tattoo

Love Joane Tattoo

Most of Stokes’s tattoos are on his right shoulder, and one of them is a dove with “Love, Joan” written below it. In an interview in August 2021 with Wired, he explained that this tattoo is a tribute to his late grandmother. He mentioned, “A dove is always signifying that somebody is watching over you,” and said that the words were written in his grandmother’s handwriting. “When she passed, this was the last letter that she wrote to me, so I had a tattoo artist sketch it on my skin.”

2. Smiley-Face Tattoo

smiley face tattoo

In that same interview, Stokes also showed off a small smiley-face tattoo on his wrist. “We named him Frank,” Madelyn Cline, Stokes’s “Outer Banks” costar, said.

3. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo

During a basketball game in Atlanta in November 2021, Stokes showed off a new tattoo of a rose on his right arm. He hasn’t shared why he chose this design, but the rose is commonly seen as a symbol of “love and passion.”

4. “Mom” Tattoo

Mom tattoo

Stokes has a tattoo for another special person in his life: his mother. On his bicep, he has “Mom” tattooed with a heart and arrow around it. It looks like they have a strong bond, as Stokes said in a May 2013 Instagram post with an old photo of him and his mother, Jennifer Canning, “Once a mommas boy, always a mommas boy.”

5. “1939” Tattoo

1939 tattoo

In an Instagram post on Aug. 6, 2022, tattoo artist Jacob Reiss showed a close-up of Stokes’s newest tattoo, which is “1939.” Later, on Aug. 23, 2022, the actor posted a mirror selfie on Instagram displaying all his arm tattoos, including the “1939” one. He didn’t share its meaning, though. His caption was “idk buncha random sh*t. enjoy. or don’t,” along with other photos and videos from his daily life. He added, “i’m cool with both options.”

6. Matchstick Tattoo

Matchstick Tattoo

Stokes has another tattoo on his arm, a lit matchstick, right below his dove tattoo on his shoulder. The reason he got it is not known, but generally, they are thought to mean “that there is a light to look toward” even when it’s dark.

7. “People Are Strange” Tattoo


Stokes has a tattoo with the words “People are Strange” written in a style that looks like someone’s handwriting. It’s placed between his rose and smiley-face tattoos. He hasn’t explained what this tattoo means.

8. Message in a Bottle Tattoo

Message in a Bottle Tattoo

Below his “mom” tattoo, Stokes has an image of a bottle that seems to have a message inside it. He hasn’t revealed what this tattoo represents.

9. Playing Card Tattoo

playing card tattoo

Stokes has a tattoo of an ace of hearts playing card on his outer bicep. It’s a “fine-line design with zero shading or additional details.”

10. “Playboy” Tattoo

playboy tattoo

Above his realistic-looking rose tattoo, Stokes has one that says “Playboy” in a script. He hasn’t explained the meaning behind this design.

11. Cowboy Skull Tattoo

cowboy skull tattoo

In 2022, Stokes got a new, small tattoo on his forearm. It’s a design of a skull wearing a “cowboy hat.”

12. “Hello Lover” Tattoo

hello lover tattoo

Stokes has a fresh tattoo on the outside of his bicep. It’s a script that says “Hello lover.” He probably got this tattoo in 2023. The meaning isn’t clear, but it might be a reference to his relationship with Kelsea Ballerini.

13. Dice Tattoo

Dice Tattoo

Stokes has a tattoo of a pair of dice near his elbow. It’s placed just below the playing card and the bottle tattoos and above the “Playboy” ink. He got this tattoo in 2023 but hasn’t explained what it means.

14. “I told the sunset about you” on Hand

I told the sunset about you

He got a text that said “I told the sunset about you” on his hand done in fine line by Jacob Reiss.

15. Text on Hand

Text tattoo on hand

In December 2023, Chase sported a text tattoo on his hand. Although the ink is not clear and the celebrity has not revealed the meaning behind it, we are sure it is pretty interesting as always!

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