Eye of Horus 16 Tattoos with meaning

This stems from a mythical conflict between the god Horus and his rival Set, in which Set tore or destroy one or both of Horus’s eyes, and then the eye was healed or returned to Horus with the help of another god such as Thoth. He then offered the eye to his late father Osiris, and his regenerating power supported Osiris in the afterlife. According to Egyptian mythology, Horus lost his left eye during the battle with Set. The eye was miraculously restored by Hathor, and this restoration symbolizes the process of healing and healing. For this reason, the symbol is often used on amulets. Stands for protection, sacrifice, healing, regeneration, and royal power. It is also used to protect the living and dead from the forces of evil. The ancient Egyptians did not regard the eye as a passive organ with which we see the world; It is said to have special abilities in terms of protection, action, and anger. The eyes are said to have strong energy and they can cast evil spells in the blink of an eye. It is also believed that evil eyes can work against “good eyes”. which leads to beliefs associated with the protective power of the Eye of Horus.

Following are some inspiring tattoos with their significance:

  1. Back neck Eye of Horus Tattoo

eye of horus 2

eye of horus 3 1

eye of horus

Meaning: The nape of the neck is the best spot for a small eye of the Horus tattoo. The flat floor permits you to feature extra information in your tattoo. In this approach, you’re equipped to danger or dare and generally tend to make ambitious choices. After all, the neck is a place to be able to nearly constantly be exposed, irrespective of what form of apparel the character has on, and this place of the frame is especially painful for tattoo placement.

2. Eye of Horus on Shoulder

eye of horus tattoos shoulder 09

eye of horus tattoos shoulder 03

eye of horus tattoos shoulder 10

Meaning: The shoulders are one of the most popular tattoo destinations for men and women because the shoulders are traditionally associated with strength and power, however just because shoulder tattoos are traditional doesn’t mean there aren’t any designs, new or interesting.

3. Eye of Horus Pyramid Tattoos

eye of horus tattoos forearm 02

eye of horus tattoos back 05

Meaning: You can choose to add a Horus eye symbol to a pyramid tattoo to bring in symbolism about time. The pyramid could represent perseverance, determination, longevity, and protection.

4. Eye Horus Tattoo on the Back

eye of horus tattoos back 07

eye of horus tattoos back 04

eye of horus tattoos back 02

Meaning: Back tattoos are generally more discreet because the artist doesn’t see them that often. This is something important for an artist, but not so important that he has to look at it every day to appreciate it. Tattoos often symbolize the foundation of our life.

5. Eye of Horus Tattoo on Fingers

eye of horus tattoos finger 03

eye of horus tattoos finger 04

eye of horus tattoos finger 02

Meaning: Someone who loves tiny bits inspiring them. While smaller than maximum tattoos, those inkings aren’t much less significant and may be tailored to healthy any style. From formidable and statement-making to tiny and delicate, there is a finger tattoo available to healthy everyone. Represents healing and well-being.

6. Forearm Eye of Horus Tattoos

eye of horus tattoos forearm 08

eye of horus tattoos forearm 19

eye of horus tattoos forearm 12

Meaning: The eye of Horus on the wrist and forearm can be used to protect his family from disease and can be seen as a symbol of good luck.

7. Egyptian Eye Tattoo

The eye of Horus

Meaning: This sign is light, with clear lines. If you like symbols representing Egypt, there is it all. Men who like the most in one place will love this tattoo.

8. Eye of Horus on Chest

Tattoo ideas 5

Eye of Horus

Meaning: Chest tattoos are a symbol for the wearer because they are presented “facing forward”. For men, a full chest tattoo is a sign of masculinity, strength, and power, as well as an individual approach to size and design. Eye of Horus gives strong willpower above all.

9. Blue Eye of Horus Tattoo

Egyptian eye

Meaning: You can make the Eye of Horus more visible by opting for blue ink, which is very similar to the Turkish eye tattoo and is suitable for men who like to be different and unique.

Various Eye of Horus Tattoos

eye of horus tattoos leg 04

eye of horus tattoos leg 03

eye of horus tattoos wrist 03

eye of horus tattoos leg 01

eye of horus tattoos hand 03

eye of horus tattoos hip 01


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