137 Cool Ideas for Hiding Scars With Tattoos

The meaning of tattoos deviates from country to country and from person to person. For few, they’re simply a fashion statement, while for others, like the Maori tribe, they have spiritual reasons for why they wear them. Many people get them as keepsakes from a particular period or person. In some instances, though, people prefer to get tattoos for completely different reasons, such as secreting scars.

We designed this list for our readers, which you can observe for yourself. Some designs cover scar tissue completely, while other designs work skillfully with them, transmutation one of the most unsightly aspects of the body into something truly magnificent. I’d love to apprehend what you think of these picture images or designs.

Ideas for Hiding Scars

  •  Lizard Design On Waist

A lizard is a great option to hide the scars given that it is longer. Any design that is longer might be able to hide scars better than other kinds of designs. You can add colors to this design or keep it black and grey shaded. It is a cool option to explore even though it might just eek you out sometimes!

  • Phoenix Design On Near Wrist

I like this phoenix design because besides being beautiful in general, it has a lot of significance. Especially if you have gone through tough times, the phoenix tattoo will help you forget and recover from the darker periods in your life. It signifies growth and strength that you might get inspired from.

  • Rose Design On Thigh

The script design is quite cool because of many reasons. Besides the aesthetics, you can also write something which might be cool for you and inspire you in many ways. Here, you can have a lot of options to choose from. The wearer has also added the rose flower which looks super pretty and adds color to the normal design.

  • Tree Design On Forearm

This design has covered the arm which looks pretty nice. It is added with a beautiful color pattern but the black and grey area of the design has hidden the scar part of the design. This design has beautiful butterflies which represent growth and many things beautiful. I think adding your scars with such a design is a great step.

  • Script Design On Ankle

“Kepp Moving forward” is quite an apt quote when hiding your scars which might represent some bad aspects of your life. You can add beautiful colors to your design that will give it great aesthetics besides being meaningful. Scar tattoos are rather personal and would be a great step.

  • Mandala Design On Wrist

If you have lighter scars you can go for such a simplistic and minimalistic design that would bring out the inner self inside of you. I think it is a pretty nicely designed one with simple black ink. You can keep it on the simpler side if your scars are not too prominent or can increase the intensity of the design by adding colors.

  • Flower  Design On Forearm

You can see a star difference here in this picture. The wearer has been successfully able to transform the scar-filled hands with the beautiful shaded black and grey rose pattern. It is a great design as the rose represents a lot besides just being a flower tattoo. It shows the beauty of life and love.

  •  Branches Design On Arm

Trees represent a lot of things besides just forming a great tattoo design. It is a clear representation of wisdom and wealth. Thus if you feel that your tattoo represents that you have grown out of your previous life as a more wise and prominent person, then this design would be perfect for you.

  • Heart  Design On Upper Arm

When you have bigger scars, you can go inf or design that might be a bit bigger in space and design. The wearer has kept the design very realistic and added some watercolor effect to the background so that the scar could be concealed pretty nicely. I think it is a great strategy to conceal the whole space.

  • Seedling  Design On Arm

Instead of covering the scars, the wearer has made a smart move with this one. It is a great design that you can also make if you want to work strategically with your design. I like this design because the wearer is not afraid to show off the scar too and the tattoo acts as an addition to the history.

  • Modern Design On Wrist

It looks like a simple splash of color. However, if you want to make a tattoo only to conceal the design then this one would be a great idea to go forthwith. This is an abstract design so you can have any form and shape to hide your scars. I think it would add to the modernistic approach of the art itself.

  • Creative  Design On Wrist

In this scar tattoo, you can see many symbols that represent a lot of beautiful things. The design with black ink is rather there for covering the scars and has a lot of abstract symbols in the making. The colorful water splash looks like a wave that represents strength and power. Thus this design looks quite nice overall.

  • Feather Design On Wrist

Feathers are one of the most common designs which are made while covering scars. Thus this design is super common but you can surely give your twist to it by adding colors or probably quotes to this design. I like this simple design too with the feathers being nicely darkened to show the depth of the design.

  • Nature Design On Arm

This tattoo design is made in American tattoo style which is pretty creative. I like the beautiful colors too which represent happier times. The sunrise in the picture can also represent a positive beginning for the wearer. The overall design including nature is always a positive sign for a tattoo.

  • Thready Design On Thigh

The wearer has added a constellation of stars with her scars. It might have personal significance for her but there is a trend wherein many people add stars to their scars to form a constellation. It might be something personal or can be associated with spiritual and religious bendings.

  • Lion Design On Upper Arm

This design is rather big. It can be used aptly to hide anything that you want. It is added with a beautiful lion that looks a bit realistic and cartoon-like at the same time. The lion is also added with a colorful mane which represents happiness and growth in one’s life. The lion itself is a symbol of strength and power.

  • Rose Design On Arm

The rose is always a great idea to cover the scars because it has deep significance attached to it. The rose is a flower which blooms and is considered one of the most beautiful flowers on the earth even when it is covered with thorns. Thus it has the same significance for the wearer and thus this design is pretty nice.

  •  Heart Design On Hand

You can make a tattoo design withs kin color or white color ink so that it might seem like a scar on your skin. You can add it with other scars so that it can be an addition to the existing ones and can represent that no matter the scars, you have accepted the previous scars and the reasons behind them.

  •  Heart Design On Body

Having a scar and getting a tattoo on the same spot can be used to your advantage. This tattoo here represents the same thing. It is added with a heart with a beautiful red and pink shade. The design looks pretty amazing as it adds to the whole form.

  • Feather Design On Arm

This feather design is pretty nice, I liked the unicorn which has been created through the use of negative space. I think it is cool.

  • Gentlewoman Design On Arm

This design is quite personal which looks pretty amazing with galaxy lights that are a great thing. I liked this design which looks quite pretty.

  • Colored Rose Design On Thigh

This is a great design that has been made on the arm. The design is done in the American traditional style of tattooing which is pretty awesome.

  • Strength Design On Backbone

The wearer here has described her design as the symbol of “strength” by adding a simple letter to her scars.

  • Bird Design On Wrist

It is a pretty innovative design wherein the scar looks as if it is a branch and the bird is beautifully perched on it. It looks quite awesome.

  • Threadwork Design On Thigh

This is a great design that has been made on the thigh. It is made to cover the scars of the thigh which looks super cool.

  • Snakey Design On Upper Arm

You can add some meaningful design to your body which would look quite awesome. This design is done with black and grey ink that is pretty simple but covers the whole design quite nicely.

  •  Spinal Cord Design On Back

This design is made on the back which looks super awesome. It is made with black ink and shading effects that is super cool. I like this simple design that has black ink!

  • Cupcake Design OnUpper Arm

This cupcake design might seem a pretty weird idea at first but it is great to be added to the scar.

  • Modern Art Design On Upper Arm

The watercolor effect done on this tattoo design is super nice. It is made with beautiful patterns that seem quite amazing.

  • Anchor Design On Arm

This seems like it is made in a negative space. However, it is not the case. The design is outlined with white ink that looks amazing. Inside you can see some galaxy-like shape which looks interesting.

  • Astronaut Design On Ankle

One more example of how you can make your design looks super creative. It is a great design that is done with black and grey ink. It looks super amazing.

  •  Saturn Planet Design On Arm

You can cover up your tiny scar with something like this. I think it is a super creative design that the wearer has decided to get as it looks natural.

  • Runner Design On Body

These are how you can incorporate your scars into your designs. I like this amazing pattern that has been made here on the ribs. I think it makes use of the whole thing quite efficiently!

  •  Girl Design On Arm

The set of scars here are covered by a girl tattoo which is made on the arm. It is added with a black and grey shading pattern. The girl is standing in such a position which makes her look quite strong and bold.

  • Matchstick Design On Arm

The wearer here has made a very naturalistic look of the scar and used it to incorporate it into the whole design. It is a great one which has been made here.

  • Flower Tendril Design On Upper Arm

This is a beautiful rose floral pattern that is made with a black and grey shading effect. I think it looks pretty awesome and is a great design to cover up your marks.

  • Carrot Design On Leg

I like how this carrot-shaped scar has been converted into a tattoo design which looks pretty awesome.

  • Dinasour Design Near Wrist

The scar on this wearer’s arm has been changed into the pretty nice fire of Charizard.

  • Handshake Design On Arm

Holding hands with the devil might have different kinds of significance for the wearer. However, it also represents a lot of dark and deep things.

  • Fishing Design On Back

This scar looks like a moon so the wearer has been quite creative with this.

  • Machine Design On Thigh

The wearer in this design has added a blade to the scar which represents the fact that he has had faced a lot of issues in the past!

  • Flowers Design On Arm

In this, the wearer has covered the spot marks with beautiful flowers that are pretty amazing.

  • Spacecraft Design On Arm

I like this design and it is also a pretty common one that you can make after probably you have had surgery.

  • Protector Design On Arm

I like how this minor scar has been changed into a sword. It is also pretty cute.

  • Fish Design On Leg

The scar has been converted into the bone of a fish which looks quite nice. It is a great design which has been made on the leg and suits the length of the leg too.

  •  Glass Design On Shoulder

This scar looks as if someone has spilled some wine on it. I think it is quite a reconstruction way of making a tattoo design.

  • Fox Design On Arm

These scars have been beautifully covered by wining wolves and the beautiful trees which look pretty awesome.

  • Ghost Design On Arm

This design is rather amusing! The scar has been converted into a ghost which is super cute too.

  • Flowery Design On Arm

Many women covert their scars with a beautiful floral design. Here this design looks pretty awesome. It is made with black ink that is pretty nice.

  • Nail Design On Fingers

The wearer has made quite a realistic design which I think also works in his favor and gives him back his “normal” looks.

  • Zipped Design On  Back

Some people like to get a very realistic design like this one. It tells a story and gives a whole new creative bend to the design.

  • Flower Design On Arm

Many people would write a script tattoo to express their feelings. Here the wearer has added a flower with a “this too shall pass” tattoo design.

  • Scripted Design On Body

I like the positive approach which has been taken in this tattoo design. The wearer has made a script tattoo with the words “there’s nothing sad about it” which means that they are proud of their design.

  • Flower Design On Body

Covering the scars with floral patterns is quite nice and awesome. The wearer here has added designs with beautiful colors which look pretty great.

  • City Design On Arm

Looking at this design I can think of “revolt, destruction, and evolution”. I think his tattoo is perfect for someone who is a deep thinker and would like something meaningful to cover their scars.

  • Butterfly Design On Upper Arm

This butterfly pattern hides the scars perfectly!

  •  Lettered Design On Back

The script tattoo here is quite important because it is a reflection on the past that the tattoo draws attention to.

  • Floweret Design On Back

This beautiful blooming flower is enough to make the scars hide.

  • Winged Design On Abdomen

These ugly scars have been hidden by a beautiful pattern that looks pretty awesome.

  • Bird Design On Chest

Many people are very insecure about their scars and adding beautiful and creative designs is a perfect way to hide them.

  • Operation Design On  Chest

This tattoo is quite realistic and has shown that the scars are in progress to be made.

  •  Fish Design On Arm

This is a great design with the scars of the stitches looking like the fishbone.

  • Wolf Design On Thigh

This beautiful wolf design is a petty awesome one that has been made on the thighs of the wearer. It is done with beautiful colors that look pretty cool.

  • Tulip Design On Upper Arm

I like this design with beautiful colors which have been made here. It is added with the blooming flower which hides the scars perfectly.

  • Snake Design On Upper Arm

The scar has been made so that the whole design seems like a unity. It is added with a snake that has covered the whole scar. It seems like a cool idea.

  • Fastener  Design On Body

I like the idea to cover the scar with this tulip flower. It is added with a zipper that when opens shows off a flower instead of a scar.

  • Branched Design On Stomach

I like this amazing design which has been covered with a beautiful floral pattern. It sid one with watercolor effect to hid eth scars and beautify them.

  • Cartoon Design On Arm

This is a small and simple but quite a nice tattoo design which is also very cute and funny!

  • Peacock Plant Design On Back

This is a nice design that covers the length of the back and looks super cute too. It looks very trendy.

  • Fox Design On Arm

This is a beautiful way to cover the whole design with a pretty awesome fox tattoo. The tattoo is made in such a beautiful way too!

  • Stormy Design On Back

I like this mermaid design which has covered the entire lower back of the wearer. It is a free-flowing design that has been made and which looks super flowy, covering the whole back.

  •  Tiger Design On Stomach

This design is super realistic. I think it looks pretty awesome as it has all the beautiful realistic shades which are quite awesome.

  • Graphic Design On Breast

The wearer here has covered all the stretch marks quite efficiently with the beautiful henna work.

  • Arrow Design On Arm

This tattoo design also has a beautiful message attached to it which says “let your past make you better, not bitter”. It means that one should not think too much about the past and let go with the

  • Scissor Design On Body

It is a cool design with the scissors working right down the scar. It looks quite nice made this way.

  • I Am Design On Wrist

I like these designs which say “I am” multiple times. It is added with beautiful black ink that makes it quite nice to look at. It is a design great for people who might have a lingering past that could be dark!

  • Small Flower Design On Foot

I like how the wearer has filled the whole design with a beautiful rose tattoo that looks super awesome.

  • Tree Design On Body

This is a pretty beautiful way of covering your scars with a beautiful design that will look pretty amazing. It is done with a beautiful watercolor effect.

  • Princess Design On Arm

I like this design which is done with a spot of black and white ink. It is a great idea to choose classic design patterns for your scar tattoo.

  •  Marked Design On Arm

Black and grey are some of the most common designs which are made on the skin and even for covering up the scars, it seems to be a pretty great option.

  • Flower Work Design On Arm

Many people who have scars because of probably some bad incident, choose to get something floral for themselves.

  • Floral Design On Upper Arm

This pretty design is perfect as it makes use of the scar perfectly in the design.

  • Flamboyant Design On Back

This is a great and long design that has perfectly hidden the scar.

  • Flower Design On Chest

You can get yourself a beautiful flower made in the place of the scar as it would hide it perfectly.

  •  Scripted Design On Thigh

This is a great design that is made amidst all the scars. It is a script tattoo that writes “but without the dark, we’d never see the stars” and it is quite motivational too.

  • Guard Design On Back

You can convert your scars into other commodities which would look pretty nice.

  • Porcupine Design On Thigh

The scars do look like the leather of porcupine which is quite great. I like this design with black and grey ink!

  • Rose Design On Front Body

The rose tattoo in the middle of the stomach covers the scar quite perfectly which is a great thing.

  • Nature Design On Breast

This is a beautiful design that is done with amazing and beautiful colors. It looks like a crest that has been worn to shield the negative.

  • Animated Design On Stomach

The wearer has covered the scar with something fun and nice which is this tattoo design. It might be a memory from childhood but no matter what, it loos very playfully.

  •  Feather Design On Arm

I like this amazing design which is made on the arm. The peacock feather has been added to cover the whole scar which is made. It looks quite nice.

  • Fish Design On Leg

This is a geta design on the legs which looks super nice. It is added with a simple black ink design.

  • Skully Design On Stomach

Even though you can cover up your scars with any kind of significant design, this tattoo looks pretty awesome.

  • Cobra Design On Body

The scar has been hidden with a very naturalistic twist. It seems as if the wearer’s scar has covered a distinctive memory from the past.

  • Flowery Design On Chest

This tattoo has covered the scar of breast surgery quite nicely. It is done with an amazing American tattoo design that makes the whole thing look quite perfect.

  •  Thread Design On Foot

You can work around your scar and can incorporate it into your designs which would make it look better.

  •  Turtle Design On Ankle

This tattoo design has perfectly hidden the scar which looks quite nice.

  • Bird Cage Design On Stomach

I liked the use of another color effect to hide the scars in the body.

  • Feather Design On Thigh

I think the scars have been given a very naturalistic twist to make it look 3D. It is quite creative.

  • Lavender Design On Back

This design can be said to be very subtle but it looks really elegant in the place of scars.

  • Geranium Design On Arm

Most people usually cover their scars with much design that looks quite nice.

  • Think Twice Design On Arm

It is a cool tattoo design that is quite simple, but it does have a lesson for themselves and probably others to learn from it.

  • Orchid Design On Thigh

With this tattoo design done in black and grey, the scars have been hidden quite conveniently.

  • Zipped Design On Neck

I like these designs which have been made on the neck. It is quite an unusual place to get a design but thanks to the scars, you can cover them quite creatively!

  • Spiritual Design On Back

The wearer here has covered his whole back with quite a creative design!

  • Fire Design On Back

This 3D effect design looks pretty cool and covers a huge chunk of the skin!

  • Tree Design On Body

I r like these elaborative designs which have covered the skin quite nicely!

  • Creative Design On Lower Back

There can be a lot of things that you can represent with your tattoo design.

  • Zip Design On Leg

All I can say is that incorporating sich designs is a cool and nice way to make the whole thing look pretty creative.

  • Spinal Cord Design On Back

Making a skeleton design to cover the scar is a great plan!

  • Centipede Design On Chest

This wearer has covered the scar in a very different and unusual way!

  •  Floral Design On Abdomen

The floral pattern on the lower stomach covers up the whole scar by looking quite nice.

  •  Thread Design On Arm

This design is super creative. It is also made with such artistic intelligence which looks smart. The 3d effect looks quite nice too.

  • Fish Design On Arm

This might be a little different from all the other fish scar designs. It is a beautiful one that can be made on the arm as well as the leg of the wearer.

  • Artistic Design On Back

The huge scar here has been covered quite efficiently with this amazing design that looks pretty awesome.

  • Fishbone Design On Waist

It seems to be the fact many people find this kind of design interesting.

  • Hands Design On Chest

This design looks pretty cute as it is made on the chest. The placement is great with the letters “LOVE” written on it.

  • Boundary Design On Shoulder


  •  Hibiscus Design On Foot

This scar design has been added with black ink which looks pretty amazing. It is done with black outline color that is super nice.

  • Footmarks Design On Leg

The scars have been covered with the dog’s paws. If you have a pet too, you can cover your arms (even though you might or might not have been scared) with these little cute paws and make your design look cute.

  •  Germination Design On Leg

This little design is super cute to cover the whole leg.

  • Aster Design On Abdomen

The lower belly is covered with beautiful flowers which is a great idea.

  • Threadwork Design On Back

This knitting design looks pretty nice here and is made with amazing patterns.

  • Animal Design On Arm

I like how creative this design is and has been made into many beautiful patterns.

  • Flowery Design On Shoulder

This is a great way to hide your design by adding some beautiful flowers and dot work that looks quite nice.

  • Bird Design On Arm

I like this design which has been added with realistic colors and patterns. It looks super amazing.

  • Ship Design On Shoulder

I like this nice design which has covered the whole back as well as the backside of the arm.

  • Mouse Design On Arm

This is a beautiful design that has been made here and which looks amazing. It is added with a black ink color that looks awesome.

  • Artistic Design On Arm

The wearer has covered the scars by adding some designs to it which looks pretty creative. It is a nice design that you can make on your arm and cover your arm with.

  •  Cat Design On Arm

I like how the space here has been sued efficiently which makes this design one of the best ones on this list.

  •  Orchids Design On Stomach

I like this amazing design which is made on the stomach of the wearer. It is added with beautiful flowers. Of course, the butterflies are complementary which looks super nice.

  • Strips Design On Arm

This whirlpool-like design is super 3D and gives the scar a whole unique depth that is attached to it. It is a great design that you can make on your arms.

  • Thirsty Crow Design On Arm

You can make a simple design and then you can cover your scars behind the black shades of the ink perfectly. I think the size is also appropriate which helps to bind the whole design perfectly.

  • Spacecraft Design On Ankle

I think this is a pretty intelligent and clever design which looks quite nice. It is a great design that can be made on the leg and which looks pretty awesome. I think this design would amp up the whole look of the scar too and instead of hiding it, has used it quite efficiently. It is a great one.

  • Spaceship Design On Body

You can cover your scars with this UFO done in black ink as well as the watercolor effect done in beautiful colors.

  • Arrow Design On Chest

This is a pretty beautiful design and done with amazing geometric effects on the chest. I think his bird design has beautifully covered the scars of the wearer. It is done in beautiful black ink which looks quite nice with a little grey shading effect that is a great thing. It also represents strength and courage.

  • Woman Design On Arm

You can cover your scars with a simple design like this one which is covered with a beautiful watercolor effect. The darker area can be the one that covers the design while the watercolor effect could just be for artistic effect.

  •  Spacecraft Design On Arm

In this design, the wearer has used the scars very well. It shows the falling of the girl from a UFO and the scar remains a connection between them. It can be great for the artistic pleasure of might have some significant meaning attached to it. You can comprehend this design in many ways and make it personal.

  •  Small Design On Ankle

I think this design is super creative and it is one of the best designs on this “hiding scar tattoo” design list too. This design would be a great thing because it is super artistic and it is a bit funny and cute too. It shows that the scars have come because this tiny cat might have started it. I think it’s pretty amazing.

  • Bird Design On Arm

This outline design is quite great if you want something simple for your scar hiding design.  I think if one needs to show off the scars and at the same time hide them, then this design would be perfect for them. It is big but still one can see that there is a lot of space to comprehend that there has been a story behind it.