Michael Beasley’s 28 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Michael Paul Beasley Jr. an American professional basketball player, is well known as the best Freshman college Basketball player of the 2000s. He began playing during his college as a Basketball player for Kansas State University. Michael has almost been part of seven different teams during his career of eleven years, to date. He has got multiple tattoos on his body which speak of his religion, family, and career striking memories. Let us explore his inks and their meanings.

Michael Beasley

1. ‘Beast’ Tattoo

Michael Beast Tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm, Michael has got the word, ‘Beast’ tattooed.

2. ‘BLISS’ Tattoo

Michael bicep tattoo

Tattoo: Another word i.e. ‘BLISS’ inked on his upper right arm.

“I got BLISS inked as I feel contented with work, success, and achievement which is all due to my hard work and God’s blessings.”

3. ‘Dollar’ Tattoo

Michael dollor signs tattoo

Tattoo: Beasley’s right forearm is covered with multiple tiny tattoos which are actually the symbol of dollar i.e. $. Michael has got dollars on his arm and they keep him going in life.

“As soon as I got a dollar, everything I ever dreamed of, is like, ‘let’s go do it, right now,’” Beasley says.

“You don’t make the right decisions all the time but you penalize me for making the wrong ones or going with the wrong ones that people made. We all need to grow up and just because I play basketball and I was good. You all forced me to grow up a little faster than most.”

4. Hand Tattoo

Michael finger tattoos

5. ‘Jesus Christ’ Tattoo

Micheal jesus christ tattoo

Michael jesus tattoo

Michael rosary beads with names on pendants

Tattoo: On his left upper arm, Michael has got the portrait of Jesus Christ inked. The banner which seems to be shown as held in Jesus’ hands carries the words, ‘FOREVER BLESSED‘.

Meaning: This tattoo is Beasley’s tribute to his strong faith and love for his God i.e. Jesus Christ. Additionally, the tattoo tells us about his religious values and beliefs i.e. ‘Christianity. The rosary beads necklace contains two pendants that carry some written words. The first pendant has the word, ‘DAVID’ tattooed.

6. ‘Goblin and Tengu Faces’ Tattoo

Michael left arm beast tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, Michael has got the faces of Goblin and Tengu inked.

Meaning: Tengu character mask tattoos are the source of a reminder to the wearer to remain disciplined as per the Samurai’s code of conduct i.e. Bushido and to follow the virtues of confidence, loyalty, and courage, and stay away from dishonor, disloyalty, and lies.

7. Skulls Tattoo

Michael left arm ghosts

Tattoo: There are three skulls inked in line on Michael’s right forearm.

Meaning: The three skulls together symbolize the three monkeys thus representing, learn no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil. The motive behind the tattoo is to represent the association with good speech, good mind/knowledge, and good action towards life.

8. ‘Laughing Faces’ Tattoo

Michael left arm tattoo

Tattoo: There are laughing goblin and crown-like character faces inked on his left forearm.

9. Left Hand Tattoo

Michael left hand tattoo

10. Leg Tattoo

Michael leg tattoo

Michael leg writing

Tattoo: On the backside of his left leg, Michael has got a short phrase inked which can be read as, ‘Born 2 Lose Built 2 Win‘.

11. Logo on the arm

Michael logo tattoo

12. ‘Laugh now Cry Later’ Mask Tattoo

Michael mask tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right bicep, Michael has got the tattoo of ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ masks.

Meaning: Laugh now cry later masks are the way to remind yourself to live and enjoy the present moment without focusing on future results, situations, and repercussions.

13. Son’s Portrait on Bicep 

Michael portrait tattoo

Tattoo: Ther is a portrait of a baby tattooed on the inner side of Michael’s left bicep. The tattoo also contains few lines which probably represent his love for his son named, ‘Michael Beasley III‘.

14. Left Arm Tattoos

Michael right forearm tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, Michael has got the logo of the teams that he has played for till now. The logo DC, and the tattoo of the Miami Heat.

15. Portrait on Right Hand

Michael right hand portrait tattoo

Tattoo: On his right hand he has got the portrait of his daughter inked.

Meaning: Michael is the father to two children, a son named Michael Beasley III (Born in the year 2010 and a daughter named Mikaiya Beasley (born in the year 2011). He shares a very close bond with his children and is also known to be possessive about them.

16. ‘Death’ Tattoo

Micheal grave with angel wings tattoo

Michael tombstone tattoo

Tattoo: On his right arm, Beasley has got multiple skulls tattooed along with a tombstone tattoo. The tombstone has got a cross tattooed on its top and angel wings tattooed on either side. The words on the tombstone read, ’12-25-90 STEVON 5-21-05′.

Meaning: This tattoo is Michael’s tribute to his late cousin  (Stevon Crum), to cancer at a very young age. He was born on 11:28:90 and died on 5:21:05, as mentioned on Michael’s tattoo. After his cousin’s death, Michael started the Crum Kids Cancer Foundation, which works towards the service of small children and kids and provide them with all the happiness, toys, and memorable items so that they can enjoy their childhood completely.

17. ‘ELEANOR’ Tattoo

Michael writing on right arm

18. Mother’s Name Tattoo

Michael wrting on left arm

Tattoo: On his forearm, there is a word tattoo that contains the name of his mother i.e. ‘FATIMA‘.

Meaning: Michael Beasley is known to have shared a very close bond with his mother, Fatima, who passed away in 2018 after fighting a long battle with cancer. Michael claims that his mother was always supportive of his career and wanted him to play perfectly.

19. Back Tattoo

Micheal angel wings tattoo

Tattoo: On his back, he has got a huge pair of angel wings inked along with the words, ‘GOD’s SON‘ tattooed in between.

Meaning: Angel wings are the symbol of independence, freedom, and faith in Jesus and his blessings. Also, people get this tattoo to show their love for their guardian angel. However, Michael’s tattoo represents his deepest love for Jesus and how he considers himself to be ‘God’s Child’.

“Jesus is my love, he and his blessings keep me going.”

20. ‘Easy MD’ Tattoo

Micheal bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his right bicep, he has got the words, ‘Easy MD’ inked.

21. Dollar Symbol Tattoo

Micheal dollor tattoo

21. ‘FAMILY FURST’ Tattoo

Micheal FAMILY FIRST Tattoo

Tattoo: Dedicating his love for his family, Michael has got the words, ‘FAMILY FIRST’ tattooed across his cheekbones.

Meaning: Michael’s love for his family is vividly known and this tattoo speaks the rest.

22. ‘Magic Spelling Skull’ Tattoo

Micheal laughing ghost tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the inner side of his right arm, Michael has got the tattoo of a magic spelling skull who carries a magic globe too along with the burning candles. Skull is the symbol of leading us into the path of righteousness by overcoming all the difficulties in life through confidence. Also, the candles here are another symbol that Michael is a Christian as the tattoo itself stands for Christian faith and spirituality.

23. ‘Married  to the game’ Tattoo

Micheal laughing ghost tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep he has got a very interesting tattoo that contains a Basketball along with the words, ‘Married to the game‘ inked around it. Also, there is an engagement ring inked along with the ball.

Meaning: The tattoo is the dedication of his love towards the game. He says that this tattoo is close to his heart as he is highly dedicated and yearns to play at his best for his team.

“My dedication to the game is for a lifetime. I am married to it.”

24. ‘Spectacle’s Tattoo

Micheal spectacles tattoo

25. ‘Supercool Beas’ Tattoo


Tattoo: On his back, Beasley has got a tattoo that reads, ‘Supercool Beas‘.

Meaning: Michael revealed this tattoo through his Twitter account when he got it done in September 2009. Michael expressed his happiness when Miami Heat selected him as number 2 pickup and in return, he rewarded them through this tattoo, as claimed by Michael.

 “When asked why he chose to tattoo that on his back, Beasley’s response was classic, “because I’m super cool.”

26. ‘ESF’ Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘ESF’ tattooed on the right side of his face.

Meaning: ESF stands for Easy Street Family i.e. the name of the Basket Ball Club.

27. Neck Tattoo

Michael ear tattoo

28. ‘Can I Live’ Tattoo

Michael Can I Live tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Can I Live’ tattooed on the lower right side of his right leg.

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