30 Beautiful Pyrite Bracelets

A precious metal sulfide mineral with a brilliant glow, pyrite is a mineral of precious metals. The metal has the same color as brass and is therefore purport to represent gold. Pyrite also goes by the name Fools Gold because of its ability to harmonize the color of gold. It is composed of cubic quartz and has opaque clarity and fragile composition because of this. Pyrite represents purity and opens up the creative skill of the individual to operate following the requirements.

In this article, we will explain all about the pyrite crystal, its benefits, and its uses. There are a lot of benefits of using these pyrite crystals which have their benefits. However, knowing how to use it is one of the biggest things too. Thus in the article, we have provided all the details so that you can use them well.

The Benefits of Pyrite

Pyrite demonstrates that all that glistens is not gold, as its unique coloration and powerful protective properties bear testament. Pyrite meanings are derived from the Greek word Pyr, which means fire, a reflection of the way the light catches on the surface of the stone, or possibly as a testament to strong masculine energy and a sense of perfect passion.

Pyrite is an earth stone that is rich in iron sulfide, found in the far reaches of Namibia, the mystical heartlands of Peru, and the golden mountains of Spain and Mexico, and the far reaches of Canada. If you want something with a dazzling metallic sheen, Pyrite is the perfect stone. Its color ranges from pale brass to a deeper gold. A healing crystal with an intriguing name can also cause sparks to fly when struck hard enough and is similar in appearance and feel to Marcasite. Despite its resemblance to gold, pyrite is known as Fools Gold due to its impression of the precious metal. Pyrite purifies the soul and makes a person noble. Any person who holds it near their heart will experience the benefits of a multiplied personal power.

Protective qualities are at the core of Pyrite. Stones like this one are meant to shield, protect, and shield their wearer. Pyrite is ever eager to prevent those toxic thoughts from running through your head, whether it be stopping emotional vamps from attacking you or protecting you from psychic attacks via cutting through negative vibrations or clearing EMF smog. As we free ourselves from these toxic ties, we find that life loses its facade, we can see straight through to what is true, and we can live in sweet authenticity. You can learn more about Pyrite’s healing properties and protective properties if you continue reading.

Pyrite Healing Properties

Pyrite is your defense against control and is what keeps you from falling victim to its shackles. You seem to be able to stay out of harm’s way physically and mentally with its intuitive quality. It is also an inspirational stone that adds a touch of glitter to any environment. Strength and leadership qualities are encouraged, allowing you to perform to your potential in a supportive environment because your well-being and willpower are always under control.

Physical Healing Properties

Enhanced strength and stamina are the goals of Pyrite’s physical healing properties. Keep in mind that it’s a healing stone with a strong focus on masculinity. The characteristics of Pyrite that encourage protection make it a perfect stone for cutting down on pollution, as well as the effects of this pollution on our bodies. According to research, it is useful in the prevention of viral infections, the reduction of fevers, as well as in the strengthening of the immune system. It is believed that Pyrite benefits the respiratory system and can be useful in the treatment of asthma and other related respiratory problems. This treatment keeps the blood flowing healthy as well as stimulating the endocrine function and aiding in the process of conception.

Healing Properties for the Mind & Emotions

This is where Pyrite truly ignites the soul when it comes to emotional strengthening. Once we feel safe and protected from outside factors, it is so much easier to feel confident and comfortable in our skin. You’ll notice your confidence levels creep up, you’ll notice that those natural leadership qualities that you may have hidden away begin to emerge, and for the first time, you will be able to see beyond pretense and live in the light of authenticity.

When pyrite is consumed, the spirit seems to come to life – in a good way! Rekindling a lost passion or drive can reawaken a sense of hopelessness and make you feel ready to embrace the world once more. The Pyrite team is here to help those who are struggling with depressive thoughts or anxiety to step away from those thoughts and fears, to overcome all that is holding them back, and to take action towards living the life they were born to live.

Metaphysical Properties

An abundance of positive energy permeates the Pyrite stone. In essence, you’re trying to clear away all cobwebs of negative energy so that you don’t fall into the darkness. Instead, you feel empowered and eager to step into the light. Pyrite’s major purpose is to strengthen and clear the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra to assist in achieving this inner strength. Generally speaking, these chakras are where we store our power to live, our passion for life, and our perfect love for creative thought and action. It can seem as though our senses have been deadened when they are blocked, but they come alive when they are awakened.

Zodiac Birthstone

Pyrite’s destiny may be written in stars, but as a glimmering golden stone known to be special to Leo, it’s expected to play well with that star sign. A Leo’s roar, like the nature of their rising fire, makes them has known for their fiery nature, as well as their leadership potential. The silver-gold nature of Pyrite complements all the traits of these powerful individuals who are strong, confident, and ready for action. During times of aggression, Pyrite can even help to fill in the gaps, ensuring that those strong-headed Leos feel protected when they veer off into aggressive territory. In contrast, the earth element of Leo balances out the fire element, making sure that no matter how high they leap, they remain grounded and ever-present.

How to Use Pyrite

Pyrite is not something to hoard, even though it resembles gold. A stone like this will bring plenty of power to your soul and surroundings, while still being beautiful enough to display. Feng-shui jewelry made with Pyrite is a powerful tool for balancing your feng-shui. Pyrite can be worn as a protective amulet for sending healing energy straight to where it is needed most. Here are some ways you can let Greek fire more into your life…

Home & Office

Pyrite possesses a lot of powerful protection properties, which makes it an excellent Feng Shui component. Put a piece of Pyrite at the entrance to your home to stop bad juju before it has a chance to seep in so you can keep your home protected from negative forces! Beyond its protective qualities, Pyrite also has a knack for funneling the right type of energy into your home, which is why it’s not just about blocking but also about focus. Currently, Pyrite is considered a great stone for attracting wealth, abundance, and luck. For that reason, Pyrite works perfectly when placed in creative work areas, studios, or other places that encourage thinking creatively.


Wearing Pyrite crystals as amulets or talismans is an effective way to reap the benefits of their energy. You would not need to worry about blocking Pyrite’s essential effects by wearing a Pyrite Energy Bracelet or another jewelry style that places Pyrite close to the skin. With direct contact with the skin, Pyrite has the best chance of nourishing the body with its healing energy, and it is at its strongest when in contact with the skin.

Pyrite and Obsidian are also powerful stones when paired with Pyrite to enhance protection and healing. The crystal world is also tempered by the precious stone obsidian. A volcanic stone created when lava cools rapidly, this stone is pure raw energy, giving it a tremendous amount of natural power. A wonderful grounding and protection stone, Black Obsidian works together with Pyrite on grounding, truth-seeking, and protection. Some of the gems available include Citrine with its abundant positive energy, making its presence known in even the darkest circumstances. It can also work in harmony with Pyrite to stimulate the sexual or life force energy, open the lower chakras, and stimulate the energy of creativity. Carnelian has the energy of a ruby heart and a diamond fire. Pirate’s third eye connection is enhanced by Lapis Lazuli, bringing mystical and higher vibrations to the mix. Pyrite has the same properties as Fluorite, another crystal that boosts psychic abilities. Fluorite is a stone that increases intuition, seeks truth, as well as maintains your positive emotions. The stones angelic selenite, calcite, and lucky jade are also two more stones that you could pair with Pyrite. 

How to Cleanse Pyrite

The best way to bring out the healing powers of your crystals is to keep them clean and charged. It is natural for crystals (and especially those tasked with the protection and sweeping up negative energy) to get tired and full. The process of cleaning them can provide them with a second chance at life. Some stones and crystals like to be washed with soap and water, but Pyrite does not respond well to this treatment. A discoloration or even rust can occur if Iron Pyrite gets wet. It’s important to keep your Pyrite sparkling. You can smoke sage or other herbal smoke instead of washing your equipment with water. Putting a smudge on your Pyrite is a way to be rid of the bad energy. Since this stone has roots in the fire world (literally translated it means “stone of fire,”), it reacts very nicely to smoke-centric cleansings.

By placing Pyrite on the earth you can replenish it with more of its natural element. Also, try burying it in sea salt for a few hours so that it can go through a thorough deep cleansing and recharging process. The reactions between Salt and Pyrite are strong since salt is of the e

arth. You can also just place your crystal next to a bowl of salt if you feel that burying your crystal altogether is a bit much; even though they don’t touch, the salt will still absorb the negative energy.

Varieties Of Pyrite

There are several varieties of pyrite, each with slightly different characteristics. Iron Pyrites have a variety of different metaphysical properties in addition to their generic metaphysical attributes.

Snakeskin Pyrite

Especially useful for those who are experiencing energetic change or who are struggling to break free from their old energies, Snakeskin Pyrite helps you shed old energy traces and protects you while you grow and transform.

Snakeskin Pyrite stimulates beneficial changes and provides the energy and motivation to achieve results. You should have one in your workspace if you are searching for new opportunities or pursuing a promotion.

Iridescent Pyrite 

There is evidence that this type of Pyrite dates back more than 350 million years. This substance improves your metaphysical abilities and provides you with a protective shield during journeys.

After shamanic or astral journeys, or when you meditate intensively, you may find it difficult to get back in your body. It is said that iridescent pyrite is an excellent shield against emotional vampires and psychics alike.

Those who exhaust you might find comfort in wearing jewelry made from Pyrite close to their hearts. In this way, an energetic “interface” is created, which allows one to watch what is going on without taking on board the other person’s problems. Then, the person is gently reminded about what they are doing so that the other person is aware of what is going on. 

Pyrite In Magnesite

Combining these ingredients is powerful and is excellent for protecting and grounding the physical body, keeping the subtle bodies safely attached. The body can be accessed through it while working with metaphysics. A combination of these two benefits one’s self-esteem and confidence. The exercises ease fear and anxiety and help people who have natural shyness or nervousness, as well as those who are irritable and intolerable.

Pyrite In Quartz

With this powerful combination, entrenched attitudes and ideas that are blocking energy flow can be cleared and intransigence dissolved. Providing protection, increasing vitality, and overcoming fatigue, provides a holistic approach to wellness. 

This technique plugs holes in the auric field, preventing energy leakage from subtle bodies. A person suffering from depression or deep despair can benefit from it. Quartz is a powerful stone for physical healing; Pyrite in Quartz brings emotional causes of dis-ease forward very quickly so that they can be addressed.

Pyrite With Sphalerite

This Pyrite variety is another powerful combination that is particularly effective at removing entrenched emotional responses or mental blocks. A barrier is created on every level, preventing the entry and spread of pathogens and pollutants. Pyrite and Sphalerite increase blood supply to the brain, thereby creating mental clarity and the capacity to plan carefully so one can achieve the best result possible. Additionally, it can heighten your intuition and enable you to see to the core of things, particularly when there is a threat of deception or manipulation.

The Best Crystals To Combine And Use With Pyrite

To achieve or manifest your goals, you may combine Pyrite with several other crystals. Combined with the energies of Atacamite, it will also help you manifest your desires and encourage you to reach for your dreams. Make your lucky charm even more potent by mixing Pyrite with Citrine, Jade, or Clear Quartz. As each of these stones amplifies the power of the others, combining them into a grid for meditation or healing is a wonderful way to manifest your dreams. 

Pyrite is an excellent companion to Amethyst, the birthstone for February. It brings order to chaos, tranquility to stressful situations, and vitality to a tired body, heart, and mind.

Chakra Crystal Combinations

Pyrite can be combined with Obsidian or Black Tourmaline to work on the Base chakra and for grounding exercises.  Pyrite can be used in conjunction with Carnelian to balance and harmonize the energies of the Sacral Chakra.  Use Pyrite along with Citrine and Yellow Calcite for a quicker and more effective Solar Plexus chakra cleanse and activation.

Other Crystal Combinations 

Combining Pyrite with Citrine will increase your finances and financial abundance. In addition to attracting love, happiness, and peace of mind, jade and pyrite also help you find other things. As these minerals work together to purify the blood and boost immunity, Magnetite and Pyrite are excellent for working on your physical well-being.  Manifesting conditions are perfect when Pyrite is combined with Opalite. If you have decided to give up, give these two crystals a try together and see if they encourage you to keep going. One of the properties of opal is its ability to endow one with power and authority. Pyrite assists you with the realization of your value and therefore keeps you on the right path towards manifesting your dreams.

List of Pyrite Bracelets

  • Awesome Pyrite Bracelet

In a home, Pyrite can be placed on a south wall to bring in Fire energy. The yin energy, warmth, excitement, and a sense of well-being it emits will draw the attention of the yang.

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  • Wonderful Pyrite Bracelet

The body can recover from damage due to pyrite because it stimulates cell regeneration and replenishes depleted systems. Pyrite has physical therapeutic properties that support the treatment of blood problems, bone diseases, viruses, and fungal infections, as well as skin concerns.

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  • Impressive Pyrite Bracelet

It is said that this stone helps you to fully heal through acceptance of who you are. This goal is best achieved by the Pyrite stone, which ensures a constant flow of good energy. You will also benefit from increased energy and awareness, which will aid your spiritual development.

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  • Remarkable Pyrite Bracelet

The Feng Shui properties of pyrite crystals are Earth and Fire. At your home’s northeast and southwest corners, place a pyrite mirror, statue, or bowl filled with tumble stones to attract Earth energy.

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  • Outstanding Pyrite Bracelet

Through Pyrite, one can look beyond the surface of things and discover the hidden meaning behind words and actions. It has been reported that pyrite has numerous therapeutic properties. Besides improving physical health, it also improves mental wellbeing. 

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  • Lovely Pyrite Bracelet

Powerful and successful, pyrite has gold energy that represents success.

The color blue is often associated with kings and royalty, aside from purple. There is something mythical about gold and it makes people think of stories of adventure and wealth. Crystals in gold-colored hues are thought to bring enthusiasm and devotion. 

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  • Pleasant Pyrite Bracelet

Many people use Pyrite as a means of clearing bad energy from their homes or office. Also, it will channel positive energy throughout the room in which it is located. You will be successful if you place Pyrite at your business location. It attracts wealth and is considered good luck. 

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  • Delightful Pyrite Bracelet

Your soul is ignited by Pyrite, which provides a sense of safety in the body and spirit. Getting a coaching program can enhance your leadership skills beyond what you realize you can do. It also provides a boost to your desire to conquer life again, so you feel ready to conquer anything. Stones like this are ideal for people who are caught in a tangle of anxiety.

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  • Splendid Pyrite Bracelet

The pyrite stone has potent effects when it comes to attracting prosperity and abundance. If you’re aiming to develop an abundance mindset and bring more wealth into your life, then this stone is an excellent tool for you.

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  • Charming Pyrite Bracelet

When it comes to boosting confidence, Pyrite is beneficial.

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  • Captivating Pyrite Bracelet

Using Pyrite, a metal-based stone, we will be stronger in the face of the world.  To cope with shyness and fear, it can be used.

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  • Attractive Pyrite Bracelet

The pyrite mineral has been used since ancient times to attract fortune and prosperity.  For business dealings, traders would carry pyrite with them. 

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  • Graceful Pyrite Bracelet

It is directly related to the thymus gland that we have the Heart Chakra.  The Thymus Gland is responsible for supporting the immune system.  The effect of pyrite is therefore to boost the immune system. 

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  • Pretty Pyrite Bracelet

It is also known and believed by healers that Pyrite increases blood oxygen levels.  As a result, it promotes the healing of respiratory problems.  You can wear a mala or bracelet of pyrite for this purpose, and place pyrite clusters at your bedside for this purpose. 

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  • Enchanting Pyrite Bracelet

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes to people who wear Pyrite.  In short, it’s the way it’s placed and the way we customize how it’s used. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation

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  • Elegant Pyrite Bracelet

The Pyrite stone is believed to attract opportunities to our lives.  Pyrite has been used in numerous healings over the years and I have recommended it to many clients.  All participants were very happy with the results. 

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  • Splendid Pyrite Bracelet

You can wear Pyrite gemstones bracelets, rings, and necklaces to help you remove bad energy and welcome wonderful blessings into your life. Protection charms made of Pyrite can be worn as well. Glamorous Pyrite jewelry is glimmering and gleaming like gold.

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  • Outstanding Pyrite Bracelet

Your workspace should always include pyrite, as it is thought to bring prosperity and good fortune! Revitalizing energy is brought into the workplace with this stone, which helps you overcome exhaustion, procrastination, and lack of dedication.

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  • Prominent Pyrite Bracelet

 The stones are thought to be able to assist in helping us empty the inner space and expand our inner voice, thereby making meditation even more effective.

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  • Leading Pyrite Bracelet

Some people “program” crystals with their own goals, while others just tune in to the crystal’s specific energy to resonate with its particular frequency. 

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  • Notable Pyrite Bracelet

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to harness a stone’s energy is through meditation and reap the benefits crystals have to offer.

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  • Adorable Pyrite Bracelet

This stone can be used for meditation to calm oneself, bring perspective back to one’s life, and sharpen one’s attention. A piece of pyrite in each hand may be able to help you feel more balanced and energized. You are also protected from negative energy when you meditate.

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  • Ultimate Pyrite Bracelet

The energies of Pyrite can help you develop into a better person. By doing so, you will demonstrate a dignified and honorable response.

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  • Pleasant Pyrite Bracelet

Despite the negative energy around you, it will inspire you to deal with it positively. Alternatively, you’ll discover that practical concerns sometimes will take care of themselves when Pyrite’s energies are allowed into your life.

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  • Unique Pyrite Bracelet

You’ll benefit from your Pyrite crystal when you can see things clearly while staying as kind as gold and allowing kindness, rather than harsh criticism, to guide you through the sometimes difficult realities you uncover.

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  • Ornamental Pyrite Bracelet

There is overall support for perfect health and benefits for Pyrites. With its chakras, its powerful energy aids the body in healing itself more quickly. 

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  • Fabulous Pyrite Bracelet

It has a Solar Chakra that balances emotions, thus preventing depressions and anxiety disorders. It can also be used to calm down emotional levels and protects you from becoming over-emotional. 

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  • Fantastic Pyrite Bracelet

Despite its uniqueness, Pyrite is a talisman that uses energy from the Earth to draw protection into the aura. This shield creates a protective barrier

against negative energies, environmental pollutants, emotional attacks, and physical harm. Furthermore, it supports one with a spirit of courageous action when defending others, the Earth, or when defending important community issues. The Second and Third Chakras are stimulated, enhancing the will to succeed and the ability to see beyond facades to what is truly important

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  • Incredible Pyrite Bracelet

Pyrite, a protective, shielding stone, can be worn or carried as an amulet to shield the wearer from harm or danger. One can especially benefit from it when they are away from home or performing hazardous work

  • Unimaginable Pyrite Bracelet

Pyrite stimulates creativity in many disciplines including art, mathematics, science, architecture, and many more. It is particularly inspiring to those who acknowledge the inherent perfection of nature and harmony in symmetry. The stone stirs ambition, commitment, and perseverance in students, making it the ideal stone for them.

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How To Tell If A Pyrite Is Real?

Fool’s gold is commonly referred to as Pyrite because the crystals look just like gold. A Pyrite stone can be confirmed as real by a few fairly simple methods. In the case where you found it lying right on the ground, a Pyrite is most likely the cause.

Almost no gold is found in the ground without digging since it’s so heavy. In due course, gold tends to settle in the lowest position because of its weight. A physical examination of its form, structure, and properties is essential to determining whether Pyrite is genuine. The pyrite crystals have sharp edges and a smooth texture, whereas the gold has round edges and a smooth texture.

You can determine Pyrite by looking closely at the structure, which consists of small, sharp cubes. The scent of sulfur is also present in pyrite. Such an odor does not come from gold. If you detect any sulfur odor on your stone, it is Pyrite right there. As well as brittleness, pyrite is also a brittle material. When it is hit, it easily shatters.

Putting a pin in the stone will let you know whether it is a Pyrite or not. A gold pin should just be dented, but a Pyrite pin should crumble when the pin has stuck. Rub tests are another way to determine the difference between real Pyrite and fake Pyrite. The yellow mark left by real gold on white porcelain results from rubbing it against it.

Pyrite, on the other hand, leaves an impression that is dark green or black. With copper, you can also perform the scratch test. There is no comparison between copper and pyrite. Thus, when you scratch a piece of copper with Pyrite, you will leave a mark on it as well. When light strikes pyrite, it glitters. Although Pyrite will not shine when it is darker, it will still have a slight sheen. There are sharp edges to pyrite and its shape is more angular compared to other minerals. In all Pyrites, there is a unique cubic crystalline structure. The colors of these stones may be the same as gold, but it is their brightness that varies from shade to sunlight.

Likewise, the cleavage of pyrites will occur in distinct planes. As a result, they are not malleable, and they will break, crack, and cleave if struck with something. A picture taken from the internet can make it difficult to determine whether Pyrite is real or fake. You always want to make sure that they don’t look golden and look dull when they’re in the shade. It won’t take you long to be able to tell by just looking at a piece of jewelry if it’s made of Pyrite.

Final Thoughts On The Power Of Pyrite 

Although this stone is called Fool’s Gold, it is anything but foolish! There is a hidden fire within its dazzling beauty that can be brought to life by little more than a strike. Pyrite has a great deal of versatility when you investigate what exactly it is used for, so it is indeed merited by crystal collectors that are attempting to advance their spiritual growth.

By the power of Pyrite, you can see through illusions or lies we tell ourselves in the interest of keeping our loved ones close, and to make sure we are not leading ourselves into heartbreak in the end. Ultimately, you will connect deeply to your partner, and they will connect with you, too, in deep and powerful ways that are often difficult to express verbally. Further, Pyrite is extremely useful for an individual going into business for himself or herself because it can enhance career progression and expand your horizons. Take that chance, be brave, and go after that fortune!