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Top 2 Tattoo Artists in Busselton

Finally choosing what you want to get for your skin is quite a challenging task because it is going to be permanent. Yes, we are talking of permanent tattoos which do not just require a lot of research but the artist’s talent too. No matter what your design is or what technique you want to use, the artist must be great. If you already have an idea (or even if you don’t yet) you must always try to get yourself inked from a reputed tattoo parlor so that you can get the best of what you deserve.

Once the style and design have been figured out, you would have to search all around to get to the best tattoo shop. Most tattoo studios will have artist’s portfolio and their works done even on their official website. The others might also have their personal Instagram accounts where they keep themselves updated. There’s only one thing to keep in mind: Go with the reputation and research a lot.

Busselton, Australia is a place that has diverse tattoo shops cropping up every single day and it might be a bit tiresome to check out every single shop in Busselton, Australia to pick your preferred one. But fret not, it won’t be too tough a task because we have created a list of the best tattoo artist and best tattoo shops in Busselton, Australia. All you need to do is read ahead and make your mind about your next location. So hope you get the inspiration for your next tattoo artist by reading the top 2 tattoo artists in Busselton, Australia.

1. Danny Turner, Sam Smyth, Jed Ogram- Black Anchor Tattoo Studio

Since 2014, Black Anchor Tattoo Studio is established on Albert Street, in Busselton. This workshop practices the traditional American style of tattoo making. This studio has great artists such as Danny Turner, Danielle Decay, Tamalee Kate, and Sam Smyth. Not only this store is modernized but they also try their best to maintain the hygiene of the shop environment. The artisans of the Black Anchor Tattoo Studio strive to produce the most suitable type of tattoos by regularly educating themselves in techniques and fashions. They always attend various tattoo conferences all over Australia. They are trained in lick-shading and waggy lines. Black Anchor also gives piercing assistance from the skin to the tongue.

They offer a variety of styles especially large and custom designs in which they are a pro. They also are happy to delicate and small designs like a butterfly or a flower on the collar bone or behind the ear. Other styles that they like to draw are Custom, Portrait, Realism, Black and Grey, Color, Traditional, Japanese, Neo-Traditional, Mandala, Religious, Memorial, Old School, Horror, Cover-Up, Floral, Fantasy, Skull, Heart & New School Tattoos.

Black Anchor Tattoo Studio which is located in the Heart of the South West, Busselton allows for the most comprehensive array in Tattoo Artistic ability the South West has to offer! They are 100% Self Employed at Tattoo Emporium with Award-Winning Artist Danny Turner running the show! There are other great artists at Black Anchor Tattoo Studio which includes, Danny Turner, Jed Ogram, Sam Smyth, Callie Rose, Dane Pitts, Lucy Durrant.
The sole aim of the artist at Black Anchor Tattoo Studio is to create the best quality tattoo that would make the clients awestruck. They continually educate themselves in various styles and techniques by attending numerous conventions through Australia and also overseas. They make sure to learn without a break. They are also very meticulous and take care of their hygiene and health levels too. In their words, “We are a highly professional and upmost hygienic leveled Tattoo Studio where all the Artists and Staff have completed formal training and exams in Maintenance and Infection Control Courses. We will always endeavor to create a fun and exciting environment for you and your friends, unlike SOME studios!!”
You will definitely not be disappointed if you decide to have your next tattoo at Black Anchor Tattoo Studio because they have superb standards of tattoos, cleanliness, hygiene, customer services, and other services that they provide. They also require you to make a booking deposit of 50 dollars so that they know that you are serious about your commitment. It is also to ensure that you are not wasting your own time as well as the time of the artist. This amount would be adjusted in the final payment.
This is not all about the tattoo studio as it has much more to offer to its clients who they hold very esteemed. The artist at this studio would go to any length to provide the utmost comfort to their clients. Instead of making a google search to know more, here are all the important links to their official website, social media, and the important details that can be quite necessary when you make this studio your desired pick for your next design!

Location on Google Maps:

2. Riffraff- Erin Rafferty Tattooer- Ink Vision Tattoo Studio

Ink Vision Tattoo Studio is a Australian tattoo studio that produces custom tattooing assistance and even sells all-natural vegan aftercare for its clients. The salon aims to present a spa-like ambiance and presents a stress-free and warm atmosphere for consumers. The Ink Vision Tattoo Studio’s designers are specialists beyond a wide assortment of tattooing techniques that includes naturalistic, traditional, neo-traditional, blackwork, botanical, and realism.

Ink Vision Tattoo Studio is a tattoo shop in Australia which was opened almost more than 2 decades ago in 2000. The Ink Vision Tattoo Studio specializes in traditional, photorealistic, and custom tattoo designs. The experienced tattoo artist has completed small tattoos to bigger tattoos. They also specialize in modifying bigger tattoos or create new colorful designs. The Ink Vision Tattoo Studio also has a jewelry shop inside it and provides piercing services. The Ink Vision Tattoo Studio also provide aftercare suggestions and would follow you up after your first ink.

Ink Vision Tattoo Studio prefer working on an appointment basis and it is mandatory to deposit a certain amount of money to book the slot. They usually charge $80 for most tattoos but it depends on the size of the tattoo too. It lets them know about the seriousness of the client and they entertain only serious clients who are actually looking forward to the design. There is no drawing fee and the deposit is also not refundable.

However, if you do eventually get the tattoo, the deposit would be adjusted with the final fee. And if you want to reschedule or cancel an appointment, you would have to do that 48 hours before so that it gives the artist time to reschedule his whole agenda. Well, quite a lot of rules but it is what makes Ink Vision Tattoo Studio a successful tattoo shop.  These artists specialize in numerous kinds of designs which include a lot of colorful pieces, cardinal school, new school, black and grey, Japanese, tribal, dot work, and fine lines along with realistic portraits too. Ink Vision Tattoo Studio has the aim of providing the best comfort and services to their clients.

This is not all about the Ink Vision Tattoo Studio as it has much more to offer to its clients who they hold very esteemed. The artist at this studio would go to any length to provide the utmost comfort to their clients. Instead of making a google search to know more, here are all the important links to their official website, social media, and the important details that can be quite necessary when you make Ink Vision Tattoo Studio your desired pick for your next design!

  • Shop Name: Riffraff- Erin Rafferty Tattooer/ Ink Vision Tattoo Studio
  • Address: Riffraff- Erin Rafferty Tattooer, Capel, WA, Australia · Southwest Region · Western Australia; Address: Ink Vision Tattoo Studio, 28 Forrest Rd, Capel WA 6271, Australia
  • Email:
  • Contact: +61 427 670 411
  • Facebook: Riffraff- Erin Rafferty Tattooer, Ink Vision Tattoo Studio
  • Instagram: @inkvisiontattoochapel
  • Timings: Mon- Fri 11 am – 5 pm

Location on Google Maps:

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