30 Amazing Body Painting Designs

Tattoo parlors are the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the words “body art.” But body art is not all about tattoos. Body painting is a form of body art that allows you to express your creativity on your body without it being permanent or painful like tattoos. It includes applying colored clay, charcoal dyes or henna tattoos on the body in different designs. This creative art of painting the body is a striking example of various forms of art. In the case of body painting, the entire body is an artist’s canvas that can be turned into an incredible piece of art. If you are an art enthusiast and are looking to bathe your skin in a quirky design or an eye-catching landscape, here are some amazing body painting designs to inspire you.

Body art1. Face and body painting

World Body Painting Festival Asia

2. Board games painted on full body

Sophie Fauquet (FRA) bodypainting games Spiele Schach Poertschach Woerthersee

3. UV Skeleton body painting

sexy skeletons body painted skeletal ladies

4. Playing card body paint, Diamond suit

playing card body paint

5. Musical notes body painting

musical body art

6. Body paint dress

model in body painting show

7. Extraordinary face painting

Lorie Hamel (CAN) winner SFX Make up Januskopf ratlos Fingernaegel

8. Body painting, landscapes

John Poppleton body painting black light

9. Body painting in pastel colours

Heidi Klum Body Painting

10. Halloween body paint

Halooween body art

11. Skeleton in metallic colours painted on body

Festival Body painting-2011

12. Black and white face paint

face painting

13. Tribal fashion inspired body paint

tribal body painting

14. Cosmic body paint

cosmic body paint

15.  Freaky body paint

CHOOO SAN body painting

16. X-ray Body painting

CHOOO SAN body painting art

17. Camouflage body paint

camouflage body paint

18. Blending into nature body paint

bodypainting johannes stoetter

19. Body painting clothes

bodypainting festival 2014

20. Color pop body painting


21. Intricate body painting


22. Body painting, corset

body_art, corset

23. Vivacious chromatic body painting

body painting

24. Body painted wedding dress

Body Painting Wedding Dress

25. Skeleton body paint

body painting for halloween

26. Mutation illusion painted on arm

body painting by chooo san

27. Clay body painting

body painting art

28. Graphic design body painting

Body painting (2)

29. Serpentine body painting

Ant Human Pictures By Lattenee

30. Horror inspired body painting

amazing body paint


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