20 Amazing Ear Lobe Scalpelling

Nowadays it’s quite common to see people with different body piercings but fairly rare to see someone rocking a large gauge ear jewelry. The forms of body art are continually modified like scalpelling is a step ahead of piercings. It is a replacement for or an enhancement of basic ear piercing. Here are some important facts you might wanna know about scalpelling and some amazing ear lobe scalpelling pictures.


1. While piercing is done using a needle or an ear piercing instrument, a scalpel is used to cut a slit into the skin for scalpelling.


tribal ear scalpelling

2. It produces holes of larger diameter which can’t be produced through the piercing.


cute scalpelling

3. Proper piercing placement in the center of the lobe is crucial for a healthier and easier stretch.


jewellery for stretched ear lobe

4. It is also used to relocate existing piercings or as an alternative for stretching.


scalpelling ear

5. Once healed, large chunky jewelry can be inserted to make a statement.

scalpelling with jewellery

ear scalpelling

6. The wounds from scalpelling are quite large.

square ear lobe gauge

7. Surprisingly, lobe scalpelling wounds heal really quick, that too without complications.

stretching ear lobe

ear scalpelling jewellery

8. One drawback of scalpelling is the holes created in the process are less likely to close naturally.


stretched ear lobe

9. In case you get bored of it, surgically closing it is the only option.


beautiful ear piercing

10. Since scalpelling is a fairly new technique, it is still quite rare.



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