What Do You Mean By Tattoo Gun Scarification

The trend of tattooing seems to be on the rise these days. When done correctly, they can be stunning and jarring. There will be things people ask about your tattoos, but how far would you go to make yourself stand out and be beautiful in a different way? The scars on the body demonstrate a painful event that one has endured. A huge metal piece struck me in the head 15 years ago, leaving me with a scar on my head. This situation would have been something I would have preferred to avoid if I could.

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The tattooing process is changing these days, surprising many people. In choosing scarification (also called scarification tattoo), they chose a process called scarification. As we will learn about scarification and what it means to those that undergo it in this post, we will discuss what tattoo gun Scarification entails. As a result of this post, we hope you feel better informed about the subject, and if you decide to go through with it, much more confident about what you are going to do.

We will get into that later, but for now, check out some tattoo gun scarifications others have. If you read about it, you might get a better idea of what it is like.

What Are The Meanings of Tattoo Gun Scarification?

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You could consider tattoo gun scarification a type of tattooing. In this case, the designs are made on your skin permanently and will create the desired design if desired. In the form of scarification, one creates scars by etching, scratching, cutting, burning, or branding them to decorate one’s appearance. A scarification procedure involves carving the design into the dermis, much above the fatty tissues and muscles. There are what we call keloids left behind. Probably the most extreme form of body art one can endure is this.

There were several ways to form scarring on the skin in ancient times. Occasionally, a Y-shaped knife was used; the purpose of the blade was to scrape off the skin at once on fishhooks as the skin was held up. In addition to creating the wounds, they were then scratched and rubbed with something that made the wounds more irritated and therefore, thicker scars. It would take longer for the wound to heal, but it would also produce a scar that looks much more distinguishable.

The tattoo gun scarification method would seem like a very dangerous method, and might even lead to infection, so you may wonder why they would do it. Scarring used to be considered attractive, and you’d attract stronger and healthier mates if you had scarring.

Getting a tattoo is much inconvenient compared to scarification. An experience like this requires a great deal of courage and strength. In ancient times, people with more scarring were stronger and therefore viewed as more beautiful. Women who had tattoo gun scarification performed on their stomachs were showing their willingness to have children as well as their fertility. Thus, they believed that women would be more inclined to accept advances from men if they did so.

Where to get scarification today?

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In many places in Africa, scarification is prohibited. Nevertheless, it still happens everywhere, especially in many tribes and cultures where it’s still part of the ritual to impart power. The government will not stop conducting this process just because a lawmaker warns them that it is illegal since they’ve done it for so long.

Nowadays, scarification seems to be becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Nevertheless, tattoo gun scarification is illegal in some states United States. Despite that, people have still managed to accomplish their goals. If this is done, it will (or should) be in a sterile environment with surgical instruments that can allow the artist to conduct their work. There’s one major difference between scarification today and the ancient version, which is that the cuts are not scratched or irritated. A gentle method will instead be used to remove the scabs formed from the cuts so that they will heal faster and leave more prominent scars.

The procedure should be done with great caution as there is the chance of contracting blood-borne illnesses like HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

If your skin already has keloids, it is extremely important to be careful because even a small scar can ruin the design you are going for, so have your dermatologist evaluate the tattoo gun scarification process before you embark on it. You don’t have to get a tattoo, and it can turn out to be not too great if you don’t do your research.

Scarification Variations


If you want your tattoo gun scarification done, you have many options. As with getting a tattoo, you may choose from the same designs. However, when you are scared, you will notice different widths of peeling and cuts, creating a different appearance.

Some of these designs will work with negative space, which will result in the design having lines from parts that haven’t been scarred. Also, they do it the other way around, where the design is carved into the scarring. As an additional enhancement, a lot of people get their scarred areas tattooed in different colors to complete the design. The process of getting scars does not imply that you cannot have some color along the way. The right person can do them and they can look amazing if they are colored correctly.

The purpose of this message is to highlight the pain and potential danger of this process. It is imperative that you hire a professional rather than doing it yourself in your garage if you are considering tattoo gun scarification. When you don’t follow these precautions, you are more likely to get infected or exposed to a pathogen.

Taking the time to research would be worthwhile, because these scars may even be more difficult to remove than tattoos. It’s not something you want to mess up.

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