30 Celebrities with Dental Implants

Celebrities are the face of the brand they support. Being a representative of something means that they should strike to achieve a perfect appearance because isn’t that their marketing strength too? We all look up to them for everything because they always bedazzle our imagination. However, it is not really easy for them to remain at the top of their game each time. They have to go through many cosmetic surgeries and dental procedures to look their best. This article talks about dental implants, specifically, because we all know that no one is born with a perfect set of teeth or a million-dollar smile and there are several implants behind the smiles we cherish the most. Even the smallest problem that begins in your mouth not only affects your appearance but also becomes the reason for more oral problems. That’s the reason why you should consider fixing your problems as soon as possible.

Living with a missing tooth can be super hard and leaning towards dental treatment becomes your only option left. The technology has risen so much that a replaced tooth would feel and act as your natural tooth in comparison to the dentures or bridges that are detachable. Certain celebrities have gone through dental implants as well and the list includes all the popular ones, including Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock, certain rappers like 50 Cent and even Mike Tyson (who probably lost a tooth in a boxing match.)

These celebs also remove those implants to adjust the character they are playing in the movie. For example, Ed Helms, while working in the movie “The Hangover” had to lose his teeth because his character did so. Do you remember how Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber had to show off the chipped tooth underneath his perfect set of dental implants?  Even George Clooney had them because he suffered from constantly grinding his teeth and as a consequence, lost his teeth due to repeated clenching and grinding.

How old is Cosmetic Dentistry?

It is true that with the arrival of technology it soon became possible to modify the way you look. Getting dental implants became easy and people used methods like removable veneers and aligners to get the confidence they lacked. However, people have been trying to modify their looks even before technology boomed and it would be safe to say that it is an age-old practice. Prior to the machines, the people used ancient ways to modify their looks. For example, the ancient Etruscans, who dated back as old as 700 BC, made use of ivory to create dentures for themselves. They also didn’t mind using teeth from the carcass or other dead human beings for such needs.

There were also the Ancient Egyptians who performed cosmetic surgeries related to teeth very early in time. You’d be surprised to know that they used gold (which could be called the ancient ‘grills’) to protect the teeth by making bridges and crowning the teeth. For a full replacement of the teeth, they used seashells to cover up their teeth. For them, pumice stone and vinegar worked wonders for removing the stains. Naturally, toothpaste was not invented till then and they resort to many innovative methods. Not many things were available like we have in today’s world and so fixing teeth was rather a tough act. The methods were painful and the chances of infection were greater as it is now. There was a constant threat to your dental health with such nascent practices.

It was in the 18th century when the conditions improved in the dentistry department and the now widely used porcelain was developed. However, there were not many skilled doctors who could use the materials fully. What dentists at that were doing was using metals instead to fill in the missing teeth.

In the 19th century, after a whole century later, the metals were rejected and the department further evolved in terms of materials used and skilled doctors who could use plaster in order to master how to work with molds. This definitely led to a better fit of the patient’s teeth.

Once again, in the next century, that is the 20th century, saw much more change and advancement because the materials that were being used before were completely replaced with new kinds of materials. The price of porcelain increased and hence, they were not used anymore. Instead of it, acrylic and plaster came into use and gained immense popularity. The acrylics are still used till the day.

As the 20th century came to an end and with the advent of the 21st century, cosmetic dentistry bloomed further and there was this increasing trend of having the natural and beautiful set of pearly whites. People were more conscious of how they looked than they were ever before. The dentist faced the challenge of creating a life-like structure of teeth that would look completely natural rather than being fake.

Kinds of Dental Implants

Teeth whitening is one of the most common things that people opt for these days because of the increasing fashion trend with the “pearly whites”. Initially, materials like hydrogen peroxide and a sort of infrared light were used in order to whiten the teeth. However, this did not really show any results and was replaced with carbamide peroxide in the late 80s. Since the material was readily available, it was then possible to whiten the teeth at home too. The laser was invented in the 60s and it was a huge hit because the procedure took a lot less time and the results were more accurate.

Dental Bonding is yet another milestone in cosmetic dentistry. As we have read above, there were already methods for bonding that dated back to hundreds of years, the white fillings that we use today were invented in the 50s. Although it was temporary, it worked wonders still. The permanent fix was developed in the 80s.

It has been said that since its invention, the veneers were one of the most sought after dental treatment.  It is a recent invention but has gained a lot of popularity. You can even get temporary veneers if your dental problems are not too severe. Although developed in the 30s, it was only temporary. By the 80s and early 90s, more permanent methods were evolved and now the veneers can stay put for about 15 years if you look after it properly.

We all know someone who has experienced missing teeth. Thanks to the technology that now replacing the teeth are possible with dental implants. The method was fully developed in the 50s and is used to replace the missing tooth that you might have broken in some accident.

  • Ed Helms

dental implants

Ed Helm is known for his role in the “The Hangover” where he is seen with a missing tooth. However, it was not makeup magic but it actually him pulling his teeth out of his dental implants. He has had dental implants for twenty years now which definitely led him to achieve many successful roles in movies.

  • Kathy Ireland

dental implants

Kathy Ireland is a successful model and a businesswoman who has made it to this list too. She had an accident while she was gardening where she got some tooth missing. She has to replace it with some fake teeth in order to maintain her smile and her career. As a model, she had to keep her looks intact and dental implants were the answer to the call. It was rather a mishappening that was a result of a clumsy behavior while she was trying to have some fun. She was in a wagon and asked her husband to give a push. A little imbalance was all that was needed and she landed face down on some bricks with a broken nose and some misplaced teeth. Her smile was restored with dental implants and corrected with some veneers.

  • Gary Busey

dental implants

Garey Busey is known for his large teeth and that’s interesting because he is also known for his outspoken nature too. He made it to this list because he too suffered from an accident which resulted in missing teeth. He had to get surgery to get them corrected. And that’s pretty much the story behind his oversized dentures.

  • Demi Moore

dental implants

Demi Moore has a smile of an angel and she looks amazing with her current version of a smile. However, she is a celebrity with dental implants too. She got her tooth fixed by getting veneers done too and it was all to enhance her smile and looks. I bet the dental implants are also the reason behind her increased stardom too.

  • Taylor Hicks

dental implants

We have known Taylor Hicks as the winner of the top American show, American Idol, in its season five. He had a great personality and a lovely smile which all helped him to conquer the success he has now. However, he wasn’t really naturally gifted when it came to having the perfect teeth. During his younger days, his front teeth were broken and he got them replaced using the dental implants and voila!

  • Miley Cyrus

dental implants

Not just America but the whole world has watched Miley Cyrus from her Hannah Montanna days to now and we know all the changed that she has gone through too. As a child, she has misaligned teeth, which then looked cute. However, as she started to grow up, she decided to change her style and the way she looks. She planned on changing the structure of her teeth and went with many cosmetic dentistry procedures to have the look she has now. She now has even spacing, well-aligned and white teeth. She even replaced one of her canines which have given them even alignment as compared to other teeth.

  • Tom Cruise

dental implants

Can you believe that someone as handsome as Tom Cruise went under the needles too? Well, it is quite true. When he at a nascent stage in his career, he too had to get his misaligned teeth fixed to capture better opportunities for himself. As he advanced in his career, it was time for him to have the million-dollar smile that he has today. He has spent a large amount of money to fix his dentures and let me tell you, it needs a lot of aftercare.

  • Jerry Rice

dental implants

You know you are a sports person when you have regular visits to your dentist. Playing professional sports can result in a lot of injuries and especially to your face. Jerry Rice had a similar story and he often went to the ist too because of his chipped tooth. You would be shocked to know that the pearly white he flashes with great confidence is all done with dental implants. None of his teeth are real and all thanks to technology.

  • Nicolas Cage

dental implants

Some actors go to extremes to have the look their character demands and while Nicolas Cage never had a bad set of teeth, he too did something extreme after which dental implants were pretty necessary. For a role, he got his teeth extracted. The result afterward was very unappealing and he was left with no other option but to go to the dentist. After the movie, he got a lot of cosmetic work done which includes getting veneers, implants, alignment, and whitening. That’s the reason for that straight, and shiny smile that he has now.

  • James Cosmo

dental implants

You might know him from the great movies like ‘Braveheart’ or ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and these days he is a hit in the series Game of Thrones as Jeor Mormont. But, Jeor Mormont has had his teeth surgically fixed too which was rather a necessity from an accident that he had. He had dentures before but he got them permanent when he heard about the implants and its benefits.

  • Mike Tyson

dental implants

Mike Tyson is one of the most famous boxers and he is especially famous for his love of tattoos. But I bet not many people knew that he had many dental makeovers too! He had a gold tooth before but he later got them off. He later decided to fill in the gap between his teeth to brighten up that smile of his. He got a procedure involving some dental veneers to close the gap. However, just like his signature tattoo on his face, his teeth gap was a part of his charm too and he faces many thumbs down from his fans to get it filled. He then got the gap again. And lastly, since he is into professional boxing, he has had several missing teeth which he got replaced by adding the fake ones.

  • Christie Brinkley

dental implants

Supermodels like Christie Brinkley have a perfect face with that glowing smile. The model owes it to her genes and a great dental habit. Unfortunately, some years ago, Christie Brinkley got into a bad accident when the helicopter in which she was riding crashed. She got a wrist injury and broke some teeth too. She immediately got them replaced with some fake teeth by the means of the implants that her smile has come back to normal.

  • Morgan Freeman

dental implants

Morgan Freeman is a timeless name. With his acting on point, everyone needs to know the secret behind his perfect smile too. The secret was let out when he told in an interview that he got his teeth whiter and had his gaps filled. I guess probably that is the reason why he looks so young at this age of his.

  • 50 Cent

dental implants

Curtis James Jackson III, commonly known by his stage name, 50 Cent, is quite a huge hip hop artist. He is known for his great rapping skills and has a huge fandom. Although many of his fans were shocked when he revealed that he had some dental surgery to fill some gaps and few missing teeth. I wonder why he is not shy to flash his pearly whites.

  • Chris Rock

dental implants

It is quite a bummer when your favorite comedian has worn out teeth, isn’t it? Chris Rock had a similar destiny before he opted for dental implants! Chris Rock is great with his stand comedy and is also a political activist. Always being a center of attraction is hard without a set of great teeth. That is exactly why Chris has made it to this list too. Being a celebrity comes with a lot of responsibilities.

  • Hilary Duff

dental implants

We all know Hilary Duff from her hit Disney show Lizzie McGuire and as a child actor, she too had misaligned teeth. As she grew up, she realized the importance of a million-dollar smile…well… to ear a million dollars! During her singing career, she is said to have an accident which led her teeth to be chipped. She went for a combination of dental implants and veneers to save the day and get that perfect smile back.

  • Cheryl Cole

dental implants

Cheryl Cole gained immense popularity during her X Factor days but did you know that she also was a part of Girls Aloud and Popstars: The Rivals too? During the shooting of Popstars, she is rumored to have some dental surgery is done which includes veneers, teeth whitening, and crowning. All this for a picture-perfect look!

  • Tulisa Contostavlos

dental implants

Tulisa is Cheryl Cole’s replacement in the X-Factor and she followed her predecessor very diligently. She has got herself some veneers fitted too. She spent a whopping 20 thousand dollar dental procedure in 2012. Now that’s called following someone’s footsteps. Doesn’t she look pretty?

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

dental implants

Catherine Zeta-Jones has it all. She is beautiful, she has won an oscar and she has a million-dollar smile. However, when she was young, she has often been teased for her misaligned teeth. She even had braces when she was just a teenager to fix her pearly whites. Later on, she got herself dental cosmetic surgery done to restore her smile back.

  • Janice Dickinson

Celebrity Veneer

Janice Dickinson is a great supermodel and has come out in open with her dental story. According to her, she has dental implants to replace missing teeth. The reports were confirmed when she was looking for her fallen dentures under a table at a restaurant. This incident took place in 2011.

  • Clark Gable

dental implants

Clark Gable was a huge success in the early 20th century. And cosmetic surgery was not really a thing during this time and so most people were unaware of this. However, as he climbed the stairs of success, he began to lose his natural teeth due to gum infection. He then decided to replace almost all his teeth with some denture to retain that beautiful smile of his back. I guess he has become an inspiration to his successors too.

  • Victoria Beckham

dental implants

Victoria Beckham was often regarded as ‘Posh’ by her Spice Girls bandmates. However, things were not always so posh for her. A tooth on her left was awkwardly positioned and after climbing the stairs of success, she was a bit uncomfortable about it. Later on, she decided to get her teeth shaped by getting veneers or bonding. Next thing we know, she re-did six of her teeth instead of just one to have that perfect smile.

  • Ben Affleck

dental implants

Ben Affleck is one of the most successful and charming actors in Hollywood right now. Despite his amazing acting skills, his teeth were not really up to the point. It is pretty evident in his movie,  “The Goodwill Hunting”, that he has had some dental surgeries done. His teeth were misaligned, a bit shorter than usual and had some gap between them. It is all gone now as they look brighter, perfectly shaped and without any gaps. He told in an interview that Producer Jerry Bruckheimer asked the star to get caps before they began ‘Armageddon’.

  • Celine Dion

dental implants

Celine Dion is a Canadian girl who became an instant hit for her ‘My heart Will Go On’. Nevertheless, she did not have a perfect smile- it was uneven and she had some really pointed teeth too. She decided to give her teeth a better shape by dental cosmetic surgery and all the difference is pretty apparent now.

  • Zac Efron

dental implants

Zac Efron was a Disney heartthrob during his days in The High School Musical and he grew up to be a serious actor playing the roles of people like Ted Bundy. Sure, he underwent some serious transformation too. If you must have noticed, he had few teeth gaps during his early days but it seems to have gone now. It is probably the veneers. For playing the role of Ted Bundy, Zac Efron had to make a set of fake teeth that were removable and not permanent. They were designed in a way that would sit perfectly on his natural teeth.

  • Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

dental implants

Nicole Snooki Polizzi is quite a celebrity since her reality show, Jersey Shore, days. However, she did not have a perfect smile because of her crooked teeth. She decided to go with Lumineers, which are basically extra thin veneers. And look at her now! She is all smiles. Probably that’s the reason she never really smiled during the show.

  • Jim Carrey

dental implants

While most of the celebrities were fixing their teeth in order to get great roles, Jim Carrey decided to make a visit to his dentist and ask him to remove some of the bonding work to show the gap in his front teeth, which he got as a result of chipped teeth during childhood, for his role in Dumb and Dumber as Llyod Christmas.

  • Keith Urban

dental implants

Keith Urban is a great (Newzealand Australian) singer, songwriter, producer, and a major heartthrob and while in his younger days, he had a flawed smile because of a massive tooth gap, the gap is now long gone as the country singer got himself a great set of veneers. Even his teeth are visibly whiter. I bet Nicole Kidman is really proud too.

It is more comfortable for the people of the 21st century to grab their hands on the latest technologies when it comes to enhancing their looks. Whether it is dental trouble like misplaced teeth, stained teeth, aching gums, misaligned teeth or smaller teeth, the science has the answers to all of them. Getting these troubles fixed is as easy a sit can get and you can always look up to your dentist for any information. However, make sure that your dentist is certified and well-qualified to do the job. A proper consultation is necessary to get the ball rolling. A beautiful smile should not just be available for celebrities.  No matter what the reason, it is now possible to achieve that perfect look that you might have always strived for. Advancement in technology has surely bridged the gap between celebrities and commoners but you must also know that to some people, this might seem like a piece of expensive news and there are many inexpensive products out there that might take some time, but work the best for you.

Let us know which celebrity dental implant news shocked the wits out of you and who do you think as the best before and after profile!

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