Chipper Jones’ 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Larry Wayne “Chipper” Jones Jr. is a former American Major League Baseball MLB player who started playing for the Atlanta Braves in 1993 as their primary third baseman. He was also a member of the 1995 World Series Championship winning team. He is an 8-time all-star and won the National League’s Most Valuable Player Award in 1999. In 2018, Jones was also added to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, that too in his first year of eligibility. Chipper Jones only has 2 known tattoos on his body. Let us take a look at the ones he has and the meanings behind them.


1. ‘Bison and Sun’ Tattoo

Chipper Jones bison sun tattoo

Tattoo: The upper left arm of the player contains a tattoo design made up of the sun which is shining behind the skull of a bison. There are also a few letters tattooed above the bison’s skull.

Meaning: This tattoo is a nod towards his home, Florida. The bison is one of the most surprising beasts found here.

2. Design Tattoo

Chipper Jones design tattoo

Tattoo: Jones’ right upper arm also contains a design tattooed on it which has not been revealed properly.

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