Marc Anthony’s 4 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Marco Antonio Muniz popularly named as Marc Anthony is an American singer, actor, record producer and television producer. He has bagged Grammy Award twice and also Latin Grammy Award 5 times.There are tattoos on various parts of his body carrying great significance to him.Marc Anthony Tattoo

 1. Wrist Tattoo

Marc Anthony Wrist Tattoo

The singer got his left wrist tattooed with the name of his wife then “Jennifer” Lopez. He said, “It’s so I can see it, and when I’m on stage everyone can read it.” Though later he covered up the tattoo with some tribal design after his split with his wife JLo.

2. Right Arm Tribal Tattoo

Marc Anthony Cross Tattoo

The singer got his right arm inked with some tribal design on it. This tattoo is yet another piece of a tribal art form on his body.

3. Christ Cross Tattoo

Marc Anthony Leg Tattoo1

Marc Anthony has inscribed a large Christ Cross Tattoo on the right leg above the ankle.

4. Chest Tattoos

Marc Anthony Chest Tattoo

The Grammy winner inked his chest with two small tattoos, although one cannot figure them out what do they depict.

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