50+ Best Circle Tattoo Design with Ideas and Meanings

If you are looking for some tattoo ideas and cannot fix your mind on one, circle tattoos are your ultimate solution. Not only do they come with a wide possibility of customization and freedom to add what you prefer, but they also look highly aesthetic and are the latest trend these days in tattoos. A circle tattoo can symbolize a lot of things depending on your own perspective, but we’ve got you covered for some of the most common ones. They can be of any size which is why they come with a lot of ideas and flexibility for their placement.

Meaning of Circle Tattoo Designs

Circle tattoos come with a lot of variations and have a lot of meanings depending upon different regions and faiths but, most commonly they represent the path or journey through life or any other journey you would want to represent. The fact that the circle comes back to the starting point is associated with completeness or wholeness.

A circle could also symbolize someone’s spiritual journey. It has been used to represent various historic and mythologically important elements, which is why circle tattoos can be for anyone and everyone.

It could also represent peace and balance in life. Circle tattoos are also related to enlightenment and the idea of infinity since a circle goes on endlessly. Some of the common natural elements like the sun moon and sometimes stars are represented in a circular shape.

A broken or incomplete circle could mean a way of honoring imperfections or representing the circle of life.

Ideas For Circle Tattoo Designs

Circle tattoos are one of the most diverse tattoos to experiment with. Anything and everything that you want to be incorporated into your tattoo can be done through circle tattoos. You could go for a minimalist tattoo getting a plain circle or amp it up with other geographical designs.

There are some circular patterns like Celtics and the Enzo or the flower of life which have much deeper meaning and significance than just being aesthetically pleasing. You will find the meaning to those as you read further below.

You could also get circle tattoos as a way of honoring your loved ones, even pets. Whatever it is that you like, we’ve got a handpicked list of ideas that could come in handy in making a decision. So, what are we waiting for, let’s dive in?

Where Should You Get Circle Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Circle Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Broken Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 7

Starting with this simple design of a circle that is not whole represents the little obstacles in between that make us appreciate the good times. It could also be a means to represent and appreciate imperfections. The wearer has placed the tattoo on the arm.

  • Complete Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 20

This tattoo could mean a lot of things. It could represent enlightenment or awakening of any kind. The wearer has placed the tattoo on the arm and it is possible to get this tattoo anywhere on the body in any size according to the space available.

  • Circle Tattoo Design on Forearm

Circle Tattoos 13

This tattoo features a simple circle where one-half of it is lined by dots making it look like a sun. It could be a way to represent the sun and the moon by the other half. Both sun and moon are powerful symbols of balance and life.

  • Circle Tattoo Design on Ankle

Circle Tattoos 30

Circles could represent something that is never-ending. The wearer getting it tattooed on the ankle could be because of the aesthetic reason or because they have a never-ending passion for something. It could be running, sports or something adventurous since the tattoo is on the ankle.

  • Minimal Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 36

This again is a design where the wearer has chosen a simple yet meaningful design. It could mean that the wearer wants to symbolize totality or represent the circle of life. Circles are also an important symbol of Karma, showing how what goes around, comes around as well.

  • Two Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 58

What is better than a circle tattoo? – a two-circle tattoo! The wearer has gone for matching tattoos. These tattoos could represent 2 elements of the wearer’s life and the common overlap between the two. It could also be a tattoo for the couple that represents two individuals who come together as a couple.

  • Concentric Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 57

The wearer here has placed the tattoo in the center of the chest. There are black concentric circles that are irregularly drawn and could represent a point of focus despite all the difficulties around knowing that concentric circles have the same center. They also represent a systemic view of nature and the solar system.

  • Circle Tattoo Design on the Ear

Circle Tattoos 3

This minimal black tattoo on the ear is one of the most discreet designs to get. The wearer could be a perfectionist or want to represent wholeness and hence circle also is a symbol of showing self-love and that you are content and whole just as yourself.

  • Circle Tattoo Design the Thumb

Circle Tattoos 52

This tiny tattoo on the fingers has a bigger circle and a small dot on the side. The wearer could mean to represent consciousness or spirituality through this tattoo. Because of its simple design and small size, the tattoo will age really well even though it is placed on the hand. Even though the tattoo is small but because of being placed on the thumb it will be highly noticed.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with Eclipse

Circle Tattoos 56

This wearer has got a circle tattoo on the arm that represents the sun because of the scattered dots around it. They could represent the eclipse through this tattoo which is symbolic of a big change or a new beginning. If you are someone who had undergone or will undergo any major transformative change, the eclipse tattoos could be for you.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with Faces

Circle Tattoos 44

This is a very interesting tattoo. The wearer has got two faces- one sad and one happy, that has an area of overlap with the smile that continues into sadness and vice-versa. This is symbolic of the fact that life is happy sometimes and sad the other, but they go along together. It also means that no happiness or sadness is permanent.

  • Complex Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 46

There the wearer has chosen three circles that are dotted and a line that passes through them. This tattoo can be drawn in any size and is ideal even for small places like the wrist, hand, ankle, etc.

  • Multiple Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 47

The wearer here has randomly placed two circles far from each other and the other two merge into one another. It could be symbolic that the wearer was away from someone or something and now has reconciled with them.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with Words

Circle Tattoos 42

This pretty tattoo on the ankle that says “wanderlust” not only tells us that the wearer loves traveling but also tells us their never-ending passion for it since the word is arranged in the form of a circle. You could choose your own word that defines you and you think would remain that way for a long time.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with a Line

Circle Tattoos 31

The wearer has got this black circle tattoo with some circular lines going around the circle in bold. A tangent line also lies on the circle with a thinner line alongside. It could represent the path of the earth around the axis or the idea that everything revolves around a center in a circular motion.

  • Circle Tattoo Design on the Back

Circle Tattoos 26

This bold black tattoo on the back features a huge black circle with a small highlight and a smaller circle of approximately the same size as that highlight in the bigger circle making it look like the smaller circle was a part of the bigger circle. It could also represent the idea of consciousness or that we are all part of something bigger.

  • Circle Tattoo Design on the Shoulder

Circle Tattoos 6

This beautiful floral design encircles the shoulder and is symbolic of growth and blooming. The wearer has even got the flowers made in a circular fashion and that adds to the aesthetic value of the tattoo.

  • Trees in the Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 11

This tattoo design features a circle that becomes doted on the top and some trees of unequal length in it. It could mean that the wearer is fond of nature and loves spending time in the woods. It could also indicate growth, knowledge, longevity, and endurance.

  • Ouroboros Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 9

This circular tattoo that looks like a snake biting its own tail is called Ouroboros and is found in the ancient texts of multiple cultures. Depending on the context, it could represent immortality, rebirth, protection, and natural cycles. The wearer has also added the phases of the moon inside that are also symbolic of a new cycle after a few months that signifies rebirth or a major change.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with Leaves

Circle Tattoos 12

This tattoo is certainly very alluring and the best part is the color play. The wearer has used black ink to draw the leaf inside and outside the black circle, giving it a very artistic look.

  • Circle Tattoo Design for the Nature Lovers

Circle Tattoos 16

This tattoo design is one with a lot of detail and would look good on the areas of the body with a good amount of space. The wearer has placed the tattoo on the bicep and it shows a beautiful landscape with rivers and mountains that shows that the person admires nature and loves traveling to places with a lot of natural beauty.

  • Circle Tattoo Design on the Nape of the Neck

Circle Tattoos 17

The wearer of this tattoo has chosen really bright colors that show the night sky with a bright moon in the center. There is also a swing that is hung on a tree and a person with 2 animals is seen sitting on it while admiring the moon. This tattoo could be a core memory for the wearer from their childhood or represent the fact that the wearer loves watching the moon and the night sky.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with Flowers

Circle Tattoos 28

This pretty tattoo included petals of flowers along with the circle as twigs of the flowers. The wearer has chosen a black tattoo but you may add some colors as well if you like your tattoo to be more visible and lively.

  • Abstract Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 39

This design shows the trees, the mountains, and the stars in a circular frame that is really trendy these days. The mountains are abstracts that are made from triangles. This tattoo can be placed on the arm, legs, back, and waist but would be difficult for smaller places like behind the ear or side of the finger or hand due to the detailed design.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with Moon

Circle Tattoos 45

The wearer has got a beautiful and natural-looking twig of a plant or tree and a black circle on the back that appears to be the moon or sun. It is more likely that it is a black moon that has the symbolic importance of representing intuition and hidden knowledge and anything powerful. This tattoo could be a way to reflect your belief in a higher power.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with Unilome

Circle Tattoos 43

The wearer has combined the circles and the unilome symbol very smartly. The unilome symbol is a representative of reaching enlightenment after being through a series of twists and turns. The wearer has added three circular elements in that path of enlightenment which could be the three most important things or places for them.

  • Planetary Circle Tattoo Design 

Circle Tattoos 38

In this tattoo, the wearer has shown the earth element with the mountains and the trees. The rest of the planets are seen in the sky rotating in a circular orbit. It is clear that the person is interested in space and respects its gigantic nature of it.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with UFO

Circle Tattoos 32

Well, crop circles aren’t the only circular symbol for you if you are interested in extra-terrestrial life. You can get a circular tattoo and get a UFO made just like this one. UFO tattoos are highly symbolic of loving unearthly or rather different things than what is usually done or said. It also shows a sense of unrelatedness with the one’s around.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with Planets

Circle Tattoos 53

This tattoo features all the planets in the form of little circles and is placed in a line in order. The person has also chosen the colors of the planet very wisely, making it clear which planet is which.

  • Cosmic Circle Tattoo Design 

Circle Tattoos 1

The wearer here has chosen a very cosmic-looking tattoo with multiple circles as celestial bodies. The topmost of these represent the sun because of the dotted rays coming out of it. The last circle is intersected by a line that seems to be going around the arm. This tattoo is ideal for people of all genders and can be placed on the biceps, thigh, legs or back.

  • Ancient Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 10

This tattoo is made with a combination of elements from the ancient symbol called “Flower of life” which has existed since the time of Sumerians, the world’s first civilization. The wearer has left two circles one white and one translucent making it look like a portal or a chamber. This symbol represents patterns of creation.

  • Celtic Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 14

The Celts brought Celtic symbols to Ireland thousands of years ago, including the Celtic Knot and the Celtic Cross. This particular one is called Dara Celtic Knot and represents an ancient oak’s root system. The Dara Celtic Knot symbolized strength through its intricate design and the ancient Celts would call on the symbol for strength and inner wisdom.

  • The Flower of Life Circle Tattoo Design 

Circle Tattoos 15

The ancient symbol of “Flower of Life” represents the circle of life and is formed by repeated patterns of overlapping circles. It is believed to hold the most sacred patterns that exist in the universe. It represents the interconnection that exists in all things and beings.

  • Creative Circle Tattoo Design 

Circle Tattoos 18

This tattoo is very creatively placed where the wearer has shown a beautiful sunset in the shape of a circle. The lower part of the circle shows waves whereas the upper part shows the setting sun. Sunsets depict peace and harmony.

  • Illustrative Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 25

This tattoo design is very different from the rest and not quite generic. The person has got this tattoo where there is a cyclist without a head. Although there is a bird flying above, this tattoo could mean a lot of different things. It could represent that the person goes with the flow and does not think a lot before making a decision.

  • Artistic Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 24

This one is for the Van Gogh fans! The wearer has a circular tattoo with the famous painting “The Starry Night” tattooed in that circle. There are also two matching dots underneath the tattoo and two lines that seem to be passing through the circles giving it a 3D effect.

  • Geometric Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 22

The next one is this simple yet complex tattoo with a lot of circles. What makes it interesting is that the circles go in gradient and are not entirely solid. There is a third type of dotted circle which overall makes the look of the tattoo very aesthetic.

  • Circle Tattoo Design on the Hand 

Circle Tattoos 33

An eye is usually a symbol of protection and guidance. The wearer has got an eye tattoo with a circular twig around it with a lot of spikes. Ir could represent the inner wall the person has put up and doesn’t open up easily to everyone. It could also represent a protection angel looking over.

  • Circle Tattoo Design on the Back

Circle Tattoos 40

The wearer has got multiple circular tattoos with very intricate designs on the back. The circles become smaller subsequently as they move down the spine. The back is one of the best places to get such tattoos since it has a lot of canvas to work with and they ag really well as the back is usually covered and not exposed to the sun most of the time.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with a Quote

Circle Tattoos 49

The wearer has got a quote tattooed along the curvatures of the zen circle. The quote can be changed according to something you like. It can be seen as a depiction of life and is also known as the circle of togetherness.

  • Zen Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 21

The zen circle or the circle of enlightenment is this symbol of the imperfect circle with a free-hand brushstroke. It truly represents the raw, unfiltered inner us. It gives a beautiful message of embracing imperfections. It is also associated with the idea of letting go of the ego.

  • Combined Circle Tattoo Design 

Circle Tattoos 27

The wearer of this design has combined two elements that are a unilome symbol and an Enzo symbol. This could mean that the person embraces the imperfections on their journey to the enlightenment.

  • Colorwheel Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 41

This pretty and bold tattoo is quite attractive because of its colorful variety. the wearer has got all the shades of a few colors combining them into forming a circle. It could be a reminder to enjoy all colors of life.

  • Spiritual Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 48

If you are someone who follows the great teachings of Lord Buddha, this could be the perfect tattoo for you. The wearer has got a tattoo of lord buddha sitting in the zen circle under the tree of life. The aura around the head gives it a very divine look.

  • Circle Tattoo Design on

Circle Tattoos 55 scaled

Mushrooms are seen as a symbol of good fortune and power in a lot of cultures. The wearer here has got a tattoo of a patch of mushrooms growing in a circular fashion. There are mushrooms of all shapes and sizes and this tattoo can also be well suited in places like the thigh, calf of the leg, back, or shoulder.

  • Wave Circle Tattoo Design 

Circle Tattoos 54

Waves are symbolic of change. The wearer has got the famous wave in the circle tattoo that was used in ancient times to represent the water element of the earth. This tattoo is ideal to be tattooed anywhere on the body.

  • Mandala Circle Tattoo Design 

Circle Tattoos 5

Mandalas are popular circular patterns that contain varying designs and geometric shapes. They are symbols of oneness with the higher being and also symbolize peace. Getting a mandala tattoo can show focus and mindfulness. Plus there are numerous ways to make a mandala design by incorporating your own element.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with Cat

Circle Tattoos 4

If you are a cat lover, this absolutely adorable tattoo is for you. You could get a tattoo of your pet cat or even a loved fur baby, that is not with you anymore but close to your heart. You could even add colors to specify the breed of the cat.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with Dog

Circle Tattoos 37

Just like the cat tattoo, dog lovers can get this circular 3D tattoo where the dog appears to be looking out of a circular window. You could also add dates, quotes, or even the names of your pets who became your family and showered you with their unconditional love.

  • Power Circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 35

Found on most of our devices, we know this symbol stands for power. The wearer has got the tattoo on the nape of the neck and has gone for a simple yet impactful black tattoo.

  • Spiral circle Tattoo Design

Circle Tattoos 2

Spirals are one of the most ancient and complex patterns found in nature. Despite not being truly circular, they still look like circles rippling outside or inward. The wearer here has got a circular spiral in the center and two swimmers outside who are probably creating the whirlpool. Spirals are symbolic of human destiny which is hardly straightforward.

  • Circle Tattoo Design with Birds

Circle Tattoos 51

This beautiful tattoo of birds in a circle is for the free-spirited, who love to do things their own way. The wearer has positioned the flying birds in a circular fashion which could show the bond between them and hence the bond between a group or family of the wearer themselves. It could also represent the peace and an optimistic approach of the wearer.

  • Tattoo Design with Ying-Yang 

Circle Tattoos 8

Lastly, these beautiful symbolic tattoos with the Yong-yang symbol stand for balance, unity, change, and paradox. Each half of the portion contains a seed of the other half which is symbolic that one does not exist without the other.

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