Courtney Lawes’ 16 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Courtney Lawes is an English professional rugby player for Northampton Saints and plays in the Aviva Premiership. Giving a great blow to the team, Courtney suffered a serious chest injury in a full-blooded training session on 26th February 2012 resulting in him being kept out of the rest of the tournament. Lawes is known to be a versatile player and can play either in the second or back row. Courtney has got some interesting inks on his arms. Let us explore his tattoos and their meanings.

Courtney Lawes

‘The more I got the more I wanted. My body is so covered they all look like one piece.’

1. Abdomen Tattoo

Courtney abdomen tattoo

Tattoo: Courtney has got a trail of roses inked on his lower abdomen. On the top left of it is a writing that goes, ‘The best of the Times’.

Meaning: The branch of roses is considered a symbol of balance and is believed to be the symbol of promise, hope, and new beginnings. Interestingly, the rose is the symbol of love and romance.

2. Tribal Black Arm Tattoo

Courtney black arm tattoo

Tattoo: Courtney has got his right arm covered in black ink followed by some tribal designs in between.

Meaning: The Black solid armband tattoo is the way of paying tribute to the loved one who is no more. Black is the symbol of death, dark and mourning. However, besides being the symbol of memory of your loved one this tattoo is another symbol of reflecting your inner strength and luck.

3. Chest Tattoo

Courtney chest design

Tattoo: Tribal design covering his chest and shoulder.

Meaning: Tribal tattoo is the way of reflecting your culture and heritage. However, a tribal tattoo is the most common means of showing your strength, power, and protection.

4. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Courtney cross tattoo

Tattoo: Tiny cross tattooed on his cleavage, right in the center of his tribal tattoo.

Meaning: Cross is the symbol that tells us about Courtney’s religious beliefs and faith i.e. Christianity.

5. Date Tattoo

Courtney finger tattoo

Tattoo: Surrounding his left hand’s ring finger’s knuckle there is a roman numeral tattooed.

Meaning: The roman numerals can be converted into the Birthdate of his daughter, Nelly Lawes.

6. ‘Lily’ Tattoo

Courtney flower on shoulder

Tattoo: On Lawes’ left shoulder, there is a huge lily flower inked.

Meaning: Lily is the symbol of purity and renewal. Lily flower holds different meanings depending upon their design and color. However, Courtney got this Japanese Lily done as the symbol of fresh beginnings and good luck. Also, Japnese Lily shows the person’s deep faith in God.

7. Tribal Hand Tattoo

Courtney hand tattoo

8. Leg Tattoo

Courtney leg tattoo

9. Maori Arm Design Tattoo

Courtney maori design Courtney right arm maori design Courtney right arm tribal band tattoo

Tattoo: Maori arm design covering the whole of Courtney’s right arm, and shoulder.

Meaning: Maori tattoos are the symbol of reflecting your status, strength, and prestige. Getting a Maori tattoo might represent your link to Maori background and thus, people get it done to represent their family, culture, and background.

10. ‘Japanese Samurai with a Sword’ Tattoo

Courtney samurai tattoo

Tattoo: Japanese Samurai with a sword tattooed on his left bicep.

Meaning: Japanese Samurai tattoos are the symbol of royalty. Also, it shows your warrior spirit and the ability to overcome all the difficulties of life without being afraid.

11. Japanese Mask Tattoo

Courtney skull on arm tattoo

Tattoo: Courtney has got a huge Oni Mask tattoo on the outer side of his left bicep.

Meaning: Japanese masks or Oni Masks symbolize spiritual protection. Oni is better known as a devil or ogre. They were commonly used traditionally in theater, festivals, or rituals thus, showing their connection to the folk myths and tails.

12. Stomach Tattoo

Courtney stomach tattoo

13. ‘Geisha’ Tattoo

Courtney bicep tattoo

Tattoo: Geisha tattooed on the outer side of Courtney’s left bicep.

Meaning: Geisha tattoo is the best way to pay respect and honor to the Japanese Culture. Geisha is the symbol of feminine strength, beauty, and mystery.

14. ‘Japanese Quail’ Tattoo

Courtney bird tattoo

Tattoo: Japanese Quail inked on Courtney’s left bicep.

Meaning: Japanese Quail is another symbol of good luck and spiritual awakening. It is a source of self-reminder that we should keep nourishing our soul and be open-minded towards all those aspects of life which we are not aware of.

15. Flower Design

Courtney flowers on arm

Tattoo: Multiple flowers tattooed on Lawes’ left forearm.

Meaning: Courtney has dedicated his left arm tattoos to the Japanese culture and thus, the flowers on his forearm include roses, lilies, and lotus. Flowers, as per the Japanese tradition, are the symbol of masculinity directing one towards enlightenment and perseverance.

16. ‘I owe it all to Mom and Dad’ Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘I owe it all to Mom and Dad’ tattooed on his right forearm.

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