Permanent Lip Tattoo: All About Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a kind of semi-permanent form of body modification or tattoo procedure that is achieved by depositing some colored pigmentation in the lips using needles. This procedure is also sometimes known as lip tattooing. However, the difference is that lip blushing is achieved as a way of being cosmetic enhancement rather than having a traditional tattoo art on the lip. Thus lip blushing is a procedure that allows altering the color, shape, and size of the lips for it to look younger.

Lip blushing can be done for many reasons. Everyone has their own style and their lips are different too. There’s no one standard to follow but if you want, you can completely alter how your lips look with lip blushing. This procedure is a kind of semi-permanent makeup just like micro-blading and tattoo eyeliner. With lip blushing, you will always wakeup with picture-perfect and naturally rose-tinted lips without applying any kind of lipstick or balm.

Even though lip blushing is an expensive procedure but the aftereffects have got the fans of lip blushing hooked into it. It results in natural-looking and time-saving benefits. In this article, we have covered all about lip blushing and the pros and cons associated with this procedure. So, read along for all the details.

What is a Lip Tattoo?

A lip blushing is a professional procedure that involves inserting colored pigment into your lips by using small needles. They may be done in the form of tattoo art on your lips or might be a form of permanent makeup which is done for the aesthetic purpose called cosmetic tattooing. No matter what part of the lip you get lip blushing on, you must know that it can be painful and cause infection too. It is thus important that you conduct a deep research before you move in for any lip blushing procedure.

Lip blushing is a cosmetic tattoo that is not a fully permanent procedure and which enhances the stylistic features of the lip by depositing color pigmentation into the skin of lips with a needle. Thus the result is rather subtle and not saturated especially because of advances in semi-permanent makeup.

Lip blush tattooing is related to the whip-shading or pepper-shading methods observed in conventional tattooing. Utilizing a unique needle and a swift, steady hand motion, the professional can produce a range of dots as opposed to a firm line as the needle goes in and out of the tool, puncturing the skin.

The result is a change and enhancement in lips that lasts for at least two to three years which imbues it with a flattering tint as if you have applied a balm or lipstick. You can even wear lipstick or balm even after you get yourself lip blushing to switch up the look. But many clients get lip blushing only to avoid unnecessary makeup.

The primary goal for clients is not to apply makeup daily. The end of the procedure must have a feeling where the client should feel more confident and satisfied with the lip blushing and baring their natural-looking lips.

History of Lip Tattoo

The most common kind of body modification includes permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lip blushing or a full lip pigmentation, cheek blush, beauty marks, etc. All these cosmetic modifications are done to represent a certain social status in society for the time being. In many cultures, enhancing lips is considered a thing of social status.

Sudanese women tattoo their lower lip to show that they are married. On the other hand, when the edges of the lips are inked, it is believed to guard against evil eyes in the community of Wodaabe people who belongs to Nigeria and Cameroon.  In the more current and modern times, thanks to technology, the process of getting red or pink lips is done to hide dark lips which were once considered a sign of beauty and aesthetics in the Arabian peninsula during the 7th century. Ever since the boom in cosmetic surgeries, the number of treatments has increased.

Kinds of Lip Tattoo

In cosmetic surgeries, lip tattoos are known to be one of the most popular kinds of trends. Even though any kind of tattoo can be considered risky, getting inked inside or outside your lips has specific kinds of risks involved. Thus here are some important tips and pros and cons of getting lip blushing done on your inner or outer lips.

Inner-Lip Tattoos

Most people who want to get a tattoo on their lips usually want something small and tiny on their lips because of less space and extreme pain that can be felt on this sensitive part. However, there are many reasons why you should not think of getting inked inserted into your lips:

  • Lips are one of the most sensitive regions to have tattooed.
  • The customer has to retain their lower lip open and hold it perfectly still throughout the tattooing process.
  • Lip tattoos may remain for only weeks or months because of the fast cell turnover in the oral conditions.
  • Regular touch-ups are needed.

No matter how advanced the technology has become and no matter how many safety protocols that you follow after a lip procedure, there are some kinds of problems that come shandy with lip blushing:

  • It’s normal to endure bundles of pain and swelling after the idea.
  • The chance of contamination is high because the mouth shelters hundreds of species of bacteria.
  • Each touch-up delivers the computed chance of infection.
  • Consuming foods with a large acid content, like vinegar, tomatoes, and citrus fruits can create inflammation for a time after the lip blushing.
  • An allergic response to the tattoo ink can create swelling or painful lumps of scar tissue to develop beneath the skin, which is hard to eliminate and can approximate oral cancer.

Lip-Liner Tattoos

It has not been long when it was pretty common for people to get their eyebrows, eyelids, and lips lined with various inks. However, these inks look pretty unnatural and the focus shifted from ink to pigments. When the border of the lips is lined with a few shades darker than the original color of the lips, the lips appear to be fuller without giving in to other kinds of fillers like botox, etc. Here are some pros and cons of lip liner tattoos too:

  • Pigments give a rustic, powdery polish, but since lips typically peel themselves, the results only remain for about 12 to 18 months.
  • Lips are vascular and delicate, producing this as a painful method—but there is the possibility of an anodyne to prevent the pain.
  • Curing time is approximately10 days, and the lips will possibly seem dry and chapped throughout that time.
  • People who are sensitive to cold sores should take precautionary medicine since the needle stimulation can create an eruption and influence outcomes.
  • Not every skin color reacts great; for instance, some darker skin tones can experience hyperpigmentation and grow too dark.
  • While lip tattoos last for a longer period of time than short fillers, they are usually more costly.

Lip Blush Tattoo vs. Permanent Lip Color

Permanent and semi-permanent tattoo or cosmetic surgeries is not a new concept but today’s lip blushing is not like the traditional makeup procedure we had in the 90s. It has improved with technology. The trends and colors that were liked before have been changed ever since. The dark-lined lips which were liked before are now being changed with the soft washed color of natural lips.

In antiquity, permanent lipstick artists used ink placed deep inside the skin to achieve bright pigmentation and effected results. In contrast to this, lip blushing uses natural pigments which are placed superficially in the skin to produce semipermanent and detailed improvement of the lips.

There are so many titles for cosmetic tattooing procedures— and lip tattooing is now generally known beneath both the two names suggested and also recognized as “candy lips,” “contoured lips,” and “kissable lips,” among several other modifications. Cosmetic lip tattooing actually comes down to the technician’s way, and the shades and kind of color used to produce various effects.

The method and color selections that are made by the professional produce a natural, blush, candy, or “just bitten” resemblance to the lips. The procedure utilizes a small needle and acts softly on the lips to very lightly insert the color without producing too abundant of a lip-liner/border display. Colors are determined for the client’s fancied effects and skin tones, but the overall aim of the professional should be to provide lips life and a natural glow without being too over the top. Most clients prefer to use pigments with a slight opacity and sheerness which allows them to create a little blush appearance.

What Happens During A Lip Tattoo?

When you go for a lip blushing session, the artist will first draw the design you want. They will then be able to trace it onto the skin of your lips. A good professional will always use sterile needles which he will insert the desired color with. The ink is added to the skin using slow methodical punctures. Once the puncturing is complete, your lips will be covered using a sterile bandage to heal.

You will have to expect a bit of pain as well as bleeding during the puncturing process. The lip is prone to more pain as compared to other areas of the body like arms, legs, ribs, etc. It will take at least 2 weeks for your new tattoo to heal so make sure you comply with all the aftercare procedures during your assigned healing time. Unlike other traditional body parts, since you cant use soap inside your mouth to clean, you will need an anti-bacterial rinse.

Benefits of Lip Blushing

Lip blushing provides the lips with a beautiful, barely-there glow without the continuance assurance of a conventional tattoo. The pros of lip blushing involve:

  • Long-lasting lip color.
  • Improved pigmentation for pale and decaying lips.
  • The capability to customize your lip shade according to your own needs.
  • Fuller-looking lips without the need for injectables or cosmetic operation.
  • Improved lip balance.
  • Color improvement for blemishes and irregular pigmentation.
Thanks to all these pros of lip blushing and other cosmetic procedures like micro-blading, micro shading which we popularize before lip blushing, the lip blushing procedure has become more in demand. Lip Blushing is very similar to many procedures in brow artistry where the goal mostly is to not look fake or made up but to look completely natural so that the features can be enhanced.
Lip blushing is also effective for several skin tones. It can work for all kinds of skin tones when it is done by an experienced professional. Proper care must be taken by the professional when you are working on lips that are rich in melanin. Thus there is a higher chance of hyperpigmentation with the lips (darkening of the skin) when the area is rubbed too much.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Lip Blushing?

It is needed that the clients who are keen on lip blushing either consult with their physician or doctor before taking, altering, stopping any kind of medicine or supplements and even go in for cosmetic procedures like lip blushing. Not everyone is a good fit for lip blushing and might not be able to get their lips done that makes the procedure unsuitable for them. This is a list of the contradictions for people who can’t get lip blushing done:

  • Under 18 years of age

  • Diabetes

  • Pregnant or lactating women

  • Glaucoma

  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and undiagnosed blemishes or blisters on the place that is yet to be administered

  • History of cold sores (if so, discuss with your doctor.) Many patients withdraw from cold sore breakouts by using a Valtrex cycle before their approval.

  • Sensitivities to makeup or colors

  • Effortlessly triggered post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

  • Transmittable blood diseases like HIV or Hepatitis

  • Effective skin cancer in the spot to be inked

  • Hemophiliac

  • Healing ailments

  • Blood thinners (take advice from your physician)

  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure or mitral valve disorder

  • Accutane or steroids (take advice from your physician)

How to Prepare for a Lip Tattoo

The first step is to select exactly what kind of tattoo you are looking for and what you want on which part of the skin- inside or outside. Do not brush your teeth or drink anything right before your rendezvous with the professional. You must expect some form of pain and bleed with your lip blushing procedure. Tattoo artists will not use anesthetics as it might interfere with their procedure.

Most important than pre-care is the aftercare of the lip blushing procedure. Make sure you take all the aftercare instructions from your artist including how you can keep your lips dry and how to clean them properly. This will help you prevent infections from developing. You might want to prepare for your lip blushing some weeks in advance and then talk to your doctor before you even plan anything out.

You must not think of getting a lip blushing if you are :

  • are pregnant or nursing
  • take Accutane (isotretinoin), steroids, or blood-thinning medication
  • suffer from cold sores, or
  • are prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation

If none of the above apply to you make sure that you are healthy and hydrated enough before your rendezvous, especially if you are prone to seasonal dryness. If you have chapped lips in the winter or too sweaty lips in the summer, it is good to wait till the perfect season before you go in for lip blushing so that it can recover fast.

Make sure you prepare your lips a few days before you have your appointment with scrubbing and blaming your lips daily. The skin of the list should be smooth, soft, and hydrated before you follow the procedure to allow for the pigment to go in properly and proper healing of the lip blushing.

The professionals also recommend against the use and consumption of alcohol for at least 24 hours before your appointment. If you’re still unsure that you are the ideal candidate for lip blushing, then you can schedule some time to talk to your tattoo artist before you go in for the procedure. Many professionals even offer free consultations too. You can go inf for your consultations and even a patch test if you are not convinced or are uncertain.

What to Expect From Lip Blushing

For your artist will create your own unique shade for you which you want. Each shade is customized to match the needs and looks of the clients and what you need. As a professional make-up artist, it is the duty of the person to give you the desired look that you have in mind taking in the inputs of the clients.

If you are looking for subtle and plumed effects, you can go in for lighter shades. This includes subtle pinks, mauve shade, nude, and coral effects. If you have a medium or dark skin color with cooler undertones, the artist May first like to apply a vibrant orangish pigment so that the shade of your lips can be neutralized. If you want to go for bolder colors, you will have to lower down your expectations because the lip tattoo can copy the same effects which are given by your favorite shade of lipstick. The color would be generally enhanced by one or two other shades.

After you have selected your lip color, your artist will give you a lip chart with a lip liner or lipstick to make sure that they could reach your desired shape. After this step, they will apply a numbing cream to your lips to alter the effects. After the numbing cream starts t take action, the artist will begin inking the pigment on the lips using a gun. You might feel a light sensation on the lips as the gun punches holes in your skin.

Right from the beginning to the end, the whole procedure will take about an hour and a half. After you have made your appointment, your lips will seem to be darker than they will look in a healed state. The restored color is approximately 30 to 50 percent lighter than the initial color. Most professionals would also recommend that you go for a touch-up after you first get it done and after 8 weeks of the procedure. You might also want multiple sessions if the client would want to neutralize or lighten the overall effect or tone of the lips.

Now that you know about the procedure of lip blushing, you might want to consider some of the things before:

  • As stated above, lip blushing can be customized to get any color you need. So make certain you have a decent person to deal with your aesthetician as to what kind of color or shade will best suit your requirements. Most women go for a lighter shade than their regular lip color to make their dark lipsticks and lip liners look more outspoken.
  • Just like any other kind of color procedure, the process of lip blushing is done by first using topical numbing cream on the surface of the skin after which you might just feel a slight tingling sensation, and when if it is done by someone very experienced, it comes out to be without any side effects. Make certain that you are selecting post-treatment care instructions and not neglecting them.
  • Lip blushing is a rather quick procedure that can be done by professionals under 30 minutes to an hour. This depends on person to person and the time required for the numbing cream to work which varies from person to person again.

What does the Healing Process and Aftercare Consist Of?

Day 1 (Day of the Procedure)

You must remove the lymph fluid from the top of the skin to evade any kind of scabbing. Before you go to sleep, if the lips are too dry, you will have to rinse them with lukewarm water and gently scrub off the dry lymph, pat dry and then apply some ointment or balm for healing. Sometimes you will find that the lips also bruise even after the lip blushing procedure. However, it will go away after 24 hours post the procedure.

Day 2 – 7

The lips may be enlarged the second day as well so make sure you keep a tab on the changing shape and size of the lips. Keep the skin moist at all times and do not let the lips dry out. You must continue to use a balm or ointment every 30 minutes so that they do not dry out completely.

During Day 1 to Day 7 (or until the scabs are gone)

Please Avoid:

  • Water (on the PMU area) aside from cleaning them

  • Makeup

  • Excessive sweating

  • Sauna

  • Pools

  • Sunbathing

  • Spicy food

  • Kissing

Do not try to pick the dry skin off from your lips.

Do not utilize anything other than Aquaphor ointment (no Vaseline, antibiotic creams, Polysporin, etc). After the procedure, do not apply lotions that include acids or ingredients that will lighten or peel the skin. Touchups (if required) can be arranged no earlier than 8 weeks after the initial employment.

The healing method of lip blushing is comparable to that of a design. You’ll see inflammation and swelling, which you can manage to handle with ice or cold compresses. While it may be fascinating to swathe your lips, you must let them air-dry for the most trustworthy outcomes. After the healing process has begun, your lips will start to scab for a few weeks. Do not remove the skin from these scabs which might cause scarring or uneven tone during the process of healing.

You can use petroleum jelly to soothe your lips. You might also want to avoid intense workouts as the lips heal and so avoid direct sunlight during this time too. One common side effect that people get scared if the lip gets a darker shade. However, it will wear off as the lips heal. You can expect to see the complete results from the lip blushing in 30 days. If you have a good professional working with you, he might invite you to come in for a follow-up to access your results.

You might need that touch-up session after a couple of months as the lip color tends to fade faster than any other kind of tattoo design. The healing procedure with taking at least 10 days for complete healing. Within 24 hours of your lip blush procedure, you can reduce inflammation and softness or sensitivity by utilizing ice packs covered in clean paper towels.

You can also keep the area clean and apply a healing balm which will make the healing process easy. You must always use fragrance-free wipes of soaps and then use a similar and recommended ointment as suggested by your physician. Your professional will recommend the kind of cream that will seal in hydration.

Avoid touching your lips too often as it can cause complications. Other t things that you can avoid after lip blushing are sweating, swimming, kissing, eating anything with too much spice, and applying any chemical substance. Sauna and sunbathing should also be refrained from during the healing process.

Even if your lips start to peel, you might want to resist the urge to pick or scrub these peeling spots because it may alter your final product. It can cause premature pigment loss and create unwanted patches. If you feel that your lip color has vanished after the healing process, do not panic because it is quite natural. It is a part of the healing process and will surface again quickly within some days.

How To Choose A Person for Lip Blushing

If you want to get lip blushing done, you might want to find an apt artist or a permanent makeup aesthetician to minimize any bad side-effects. Normally you must be able to get the procedure done at a studio locally with a licensed professional. To find a person who is trained enough, you might want to ask him important questions and not base your decisions on anything else.

Ask your technician about the length of time that they have been doing semi-permanent makeup. If they have their profiles with customer reviews, you might want to check that especially the history for the last 6 months. Some states also mandate the technicians to get a blood-borne pathogen certificate or a piercing and tattoo license but it depends on state to state. Thus check from your board and learn about the qualifications that your desired technician needs.

In some places, the parlors must be registered by the state too and so check for a valid certificate for their shop on their website. It is not necessary or obligatory for every state though. Besides this, you will also have to check for the kind of ink the artist will use and if it suits your skin type. Moreover, look at the cleaning and sterilizing practices of the artist too. A professional artist will always use gloves and one uses needles, inks, trays, etc.

It might also be noted that some artists might be more experienced in tattooing on the lip area more than other kinds of body parts. Thus before you undergo the surgery, ask your artist about their total experience with lip tattoo specifically. They must also have their portfolio available for work so that you can determine if you are interested in their techniques and artistic capabilities. Thus, if said simply, not all professionals who work with ink are adept at making a tattoo on the lip.

The Cost of Lip Blushing

The cost of lip tattooing changes based on the area of the tattoo, the complexities of the art, and the ink pigment used. It may also differ among each artist. As usual, the price of permanent makeup ink varies between $400 and $800, which includes the whole outer part of your lips.

Little tattoos inside and outside of your lips may cost as limited as $50. Keep in memory that lip tattoos need constant touch-ups, which may eventually mean more spending in the long term.

Potential Side Effects and Precautions for Lip Blushing

The lip blushing technique has almost the same kind of side effects and risks involved as traditional tattoos. Minor side effects of lip tattoo include the following:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • pain

If you neglect the aftercare and taking care of your tattoo design, you might want to call your doctor in case you notice:

  • excessive swelling
  • worsening pain
  • pus oozing from your lips

A severe infection or problem can also cause fever and headaches.

Other potential side effects comprise of:

  • itchiness
  • rash
  • scars
  • skin bumps
  • uneven coloring
  • blood-borne illnesses from shared equipment

No matter how much lip blushing is popular and how advanced the technology has become, the side effects are a part and parcel of this procedure. Here are the most common ones explained:

Swelling. Tattoo needles produce micro-injuries in your epidermis. It’s fundamental for your skin to plump up as a response to such damages, but this should loosen up within a few days. Cold compresses can help relieve the inflammation.

Infections. Contamination following a tattoo in the lip area can happen for a few causes. It’s essential to make certain that your tattoo artist uses disinfected tools and needles. You need also to comprehend your aftercare directions, including utilizing a mouth rinse. Since the lips come into connection with saliva, food, and drinks, this can also enhance your chance for germs manifestation. Inner-lip tattoos are rather more responsive because of dampness and bacteria inside the mouth.

Scarring. If you do not allow your lip blushing procedure to heal properly, it may scar. You can notice some allergic reactions and infections after you get your lip blushing done. It might also be possible that you develop scar tissues on site.

Allergic reactions. If you already have a history of sensitivity and allergic reactions, chances are that you might react with the kinds of needles too. You can talk to your artist about using allergenic ink. The signs might include itchiness, rashes, and hives.

Anaphylaxis. While comparatively less in number, this critical allergic reaction has been earlier described in some people within hours of getting tattooed. Swelling of the lips is common after receiving a lip tattoo. But if you also see swelling about your neck and cheeks and sense breathing challenges, contact your physician right away. If left unnoticed or neglected, anaphylaxis can be threatening for your life.

Blood-borne illnesses. Not using disinfected needles can point to the transportation of blood-borne diseases, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.

However, of all the side effects that have been mentioned there, only 0.2 percent of them are severe to treat or handle. It is however important that you prevent any of these side effects so that you do not water your time and energy.

Are Lip Tattoos Riskier Than Other Tattoos?

All tattoos have risks associated with them. The risks that are most commonly associated with tattoos include infections, allergic reactions to the ink, swelling, rashes, and even scarring.

Inner lip tattoos might be especially inclined to infection because of the large amounts of bacteria that make a place in your mouth, as noted by a survey. You might also feel irritated in those parts of the lip especially if you eat acidic food such as citrus foods, vinegar, tomatoes, etc r if you consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes or tobacco.

You must also note that a lip tattoo, no matter the position of the design also tends to fade away quicker than other kinds of tattoos. Inner lip tattoos are most likely to fade because they do not heal quite easily as there is a lot of moisture involved. For most people, the tattoo on the inner lip will only last for a couple of years and in some cases, the tattoo might even fade away after a few months too.

Lipstick (lip blushing) or lip liner tattoos do not fade away completely like inner lip tattoos but their color starts to fade away with time as the lips produce more skin cells and shed off the old ones. Permanent makeup tattoos use pigmentation and not tattoo ink that produces a more natural look but also decreases the sustainability factor of the color.

Some Important Facts About Lip Blushing

  • Lip tattoos are meant to heighten lips, not build concrete fullness.

The lip blushing is designed to define lips and not to make them plump up. It will give you the resemblance that you have fuller lips because a part of the procedure involves outlining the border of lips and will just “appear” to be full and not be fuller in the real sense. It is an illusion.

  • The tattoo doesn’t just go about your lip like conventional lip-liner applications.

The border of the lips is done with an outline but also shaded in the middle in a circular motion to give it more of a bland look. The interior part of the lips is sometimes kept without color to give it a shaded look.

  • It’s likely to get a color that’s close to your natural lip color — but that suggests it won’t last as prolonged.

The frequency of touch-ups is based on the natural color is. If someone comes in and wants a darker shade, they will have to come in again for a touch-up so that the color can be refreshed and have a new look.

  • Most salons or clinics utilize pigment rather than conventional tattoo ink (which is why it disappears quickly).

Some years ago, permanent makeup was applied with regular ink and that’s why it looks so unnatural. When you get a body tattoo, it is done with the kind of ink that has a watery consistency. The pigment is thicker so it will give a more natural and powdery finish. However, it does exfoliate and lighten from your skin after 12 to 18 months of application. Because we also eat and drink, it will happen faster than regular tattoos.

  • Yes, it’s unpleasant.

Lisp is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and if you thinking to get it done, you might want to pay extra for the anesthetic to block the pain. They are vascular and thus it might be possible that you will get more pain at this body part. The anesthetic allows them to have the procedure to be done and dusted way faster.

  • The healing method takes approximately 10 days.

The professional artist would advise you to get lip blushing near a weekend, so for example, you can get yourself a lip blushing on a Thursday so that the swelling and dryness can die down over the weekend. They will appear chapped during the healing process and the color will also get lighter which will come back later on. You will see the full color after two weeks.

  • If you’re inclined to cold sores, make sure you’re using medicine to stop an explosion.

The stimulation from the needles can bring cold sores to the surface which can ruin the procedure of lip blushing and make the healing process worse.

  • It doesn’t perfect itself on each skin tone.

The procedure of lip blushing is not common for all people especially people who have darker skin because they are hyperpigmented. The needle that goes through the skin heal and the pigment that is produced in the lips could make it darker.

  • Lip-liner tattoos last longer than short lip fillers but cost higher.

Lip fillers cost anyplace from $750 to $950, and they stay put for six to nine months. Most professionals who are experienced and experts charge $950 for the full lip-tattoo procedure, which is covered in two or three turns. Then there are also charges for touchups and freshening up.

  • If you don’t relish your tattoo, you can get it discarded with a laser.

If you do not like what you see or if your pigmentation goes bad for any reason, you can easily get it removed using laser procedure. However, this obviously means that you would need more money and it will even cause some more pain.

Lip Blush Before and After

Lip Blush


Lip Blush


Lip Blush


Lip Blush


Lip Blush


Lip Blush


Lip Blush


Lip Blush


Lip Blush


Lip Blush


Lip Blush

The Bottom Line

A lip blushing tattoo can be a pretty tricky deal especially because it is a bit more complicated and difficult to do. However, if your tattoo artist is on point, then it can also be a pretty effective tool for you to save time and energy. With lip blushing, you can try and achieve more toned and shaped lips if you want to. However, this is not the only treatment that is available for you as there are many other available in the market.

You must take with a licensed physician or a dermatologist if you have any kinds of concerns and only work with a licensed or experienced artist so that they can help you understand your options. If you feel that lip blushing is the best option that you have, work with someone who will explain the associated risks to you.

Talk to your doctor right away if you see some side effects developing anytime soon. If you develop any problems, make sure you are also consulting your tattoo artists too and know if it is normal or not. They can give you tips on how to resolve any infection before it can get out of hand and lead to scarring. This can also include any adverse reactions that are done by your tattoo ink to your doctor and the tattoo artist.

5 Celebrities With Lip Blushing

Permanent makeup to emphasize your looks has delivered the planet by storm. To show how natural this permanent makeup can appear and enhance your skin with so many celebs these days using such methods, it has lead to an increased rate of interest.

Various kinds of permanent procedures might include micro-blading (for natural-looking hair with ink), eyebrow tattoo (with ombre shading/powder/intense), lip liner with permanent ink, or, lip blushing (full lip procedure for completely natural outlook), permanent eyeliner, and head tattoo (scalp micro pigmentation)

1. Megan Fox


The internet is full of before and after pictures of Megan Fox and her lip changes. Its shows how much she has changed over the past years. There are some procedures and treatments that have been done on her and one of them is filling lips. If we look at the no-makeup look, we can still notice that she has some work done on her lashes and lips (we are guessing lash extension and lip blushing). However, her looks look great because they look absolutely natural.

2. Pamela Anderson

pamela anderson

The hottest woman of the 90s still looks wonderful. She is working for that no-makeup makeup appearance that presents her look as sophisticated. Her preferred method is a permanent lip liner, which presents her lips as more full and illustrated.

3. Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie is best known for her lips and admits to being a fan of permanent makeup. She also had thin eyebrows which she donned last decade and got herself micro-bladed eyebrows. Even her plump lips are covered with any other kind of makeup or lipstick thus she may have had used permanent lipstick.

4. Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian might never admit other suing permanent makeup or fillers buts he along with her sisters have taken surgical help for their glow-up. If you want you can look at any before after pictures of them and you can notice changes in her nose, lips, and even a botox surgery. She looks great even without makeup so we are guessing she has also gone through some micro-blading specialists to get cosmetic surgery done.

5. Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes

Canadian actress who played a part in the movie, 90210 who first came to prominence as a model for Lipsy, hasn’t fully confirmed she has had permanent makeup, but on intimate examination of her brows, it seems she may have owned natural powder brow tattooing to set her eyebrows more further. She also looks pretty glam up without makeup on and with just some gloss symbolizing that she may have had permanent lip blush.

FAQs About Lip Blushing

  • Does lip blushing hurt?

Yes, lip blushing does hurt but the artist will provide some numbing agent so that you can not feel anything to minimize pain and discomfort. The lower your pain tolerance is the more pain you will feel especially on your lips. However, it is very subjective many people might not feel any pain at all. You may also consider taking any pain killer before your appointments o that you do not feel pain.

Avoid using naproxen, ibuprofen, or aspirin previously, as well as supplements like fish oil, garlic, ginkgo, and vitamin E — these can prolong bleeding and wounding.

  • How permanent is it?

The procedure of lip blushing is considered semi-permanent which means that you will be needed to repeat the process every few years to maintain a similar glow-up. You will also need to take care of your lips by exfoliating, not go out in the sun, and smoking which can fade away the pigmentation.

  • Will you need touch-ups?

You will need a touch-up too because it will slowly reduce in color when you first got it. Due to its chances of fading, you must expect to get a touch-up done every few months. It will not mean that you have to go through the whole process again but just the amount of fading of your tattoo. You may need more rounds for specific colors. If you want to change the color of your lips entirely, then you might want to get a touch-up again. This is common with these kinds of cosmetic surgeries.

  • How do I select the appropriate shade?

There are tons of pigmentation options for you to customize your lips color and find the perfect color for your lips. We have a cooler undertone on the lisp and so we must apply a base tone of orange so that it doe into turn into a weird shade. It is also important to know that the lip color will fade a bit so the color you got initially will fade but will remain beautiful and soft. You can trust and talk to your artist about it and find your perfect color.

  • Can I over-line the lips to create fullness?

No, unfortunately. Lip blushing must only be done with the natural line of the lips, The skin contains many pores and if you get a completely different texture on your lips, the healing would turn sour by ending up being uneven. There are, nevertheless, limited situations where remedial work can be performed!

  • How Long Does Lip Blushing Take?

The biggest positive thing about lip blushing is that it is not a very long procedure. If you go to a professional makeup artist, you might be free within half an hour to 60 minutes. After your first consultation, the pigments are mixed and applied which will make your lips glow up. For the best results, you would need multiple sessions that are required to maintain the design. This will allow you to stay the same for a longer period of time. Lip blushing would allow you to look your best.

  • Does It Work on All Skin Tones?

The answer to this question is yet but the results might vary because lighter skin tones will eventually fade into pale pink while darer tones would change to browns or greys. The lips need to be warmed up to eliminate their natural dark brown or grey colors which can also lead to problems such as hyperpigmentation with their skin tissues. Sometimes it is in more brownish tones and if there is a color change, the maybe some areas that are darker or lighter than others.

The whole point is to create balance and enhance or correct the colors of the original skin if lip and even out the skin tone. For darker colors, it is often recommended to go for darker shades like brown or grey which will complement and highlight the texture of the overall face and even tone for the whole area.

  • What are the side effects?

The side effects of lip blush treatment are not much. It is common to experience some inflammation or redness link to any kind of tattoo plan or procedure. However, the amount of swelling or redness would depend on the sensitivity levels of your lips. It will go away in the first week. Right after the treatment, your lips will look their best self which you can then share later on as they fade into their permanent hue.

  • How many treatments do I need?

Only one treatment is sufficient for at least a year but many people need touch-ups if their color fades away or if they want to change color.

  • Should You Get It Before Your Wedding?

To be on the safer side of the spectrum it is important to get this procedure done at least 6 weeks before your wedding so if anything bad occurs, you have time to get it fixed. You can even develop dryness and your lips might start to hap right after your lip blush treatment. It is however necessary that you follow all the post-care protocols and moisturize your lips.

  • What Are Some Maintenance Tips?

A good professional would warn not to drench your lips with things that have emollients, oils, or barrier protection, as any of these will check transferred pigments from accurately falling into the skin. Aftercare contains a salve that might be given to all patients to use religiously. Your professional artist would also advise you from staying away from heavy water on your face and lips, as this can disturb the restorative method as well.

  • But what if I want to wear a different colored lipstick?”

You can definitely go ahead and get yourself a different lipstick. You can even apply some other lipstick after 1 month from healing. You can even get a touch-up if you want to change the hue of your lipstick permanently. You can go ahead and put on some heavy makeup if you want to and have fun with it.

  • Is lip blushing safe for people with particularly sensitive skin or allergies?

No kind of tattoos or inks is advisable for people who have prior allergies or skin sensitivities. Thus you must take advice from your physician or your tattoo artist to go ahead with the procedure. You can also get a patch test done after a free consultation to know about it and see the kind of skin that you have. If the ink reacts with your skin, it might cause bacterial infection.

  • Is Lip Blushing Really Worth It?

Lip blush treatment is worth it if you are someone who is always on the run. It is a great way to eliminate all the trouble to wear makeup and still look fresh and awesome. It is worth investing in if you are into this kind of stuff.

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