Fyodor Kudryashov’s 13 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Fyodor Vasilievich Kudryashov, a Russian Footballer is the part of Russian National Team. He began playing professionally at a very young age and he used to play for FC Sibiryak Bratsk. Before joining Russia’s National Team he is known to have kick-started his senior career in 2005. Fyodor has got some interesting tattoos on his body though, he has never revealed much about them. Let us look at what tattoos he has got and the meanings behind them.


1. ‘MILANA’ Tattoo

Fyodor daughter name Tattoo

Tattoo: On the outer side of his left bicep there is a tattoo of the word, ‘MILANA’ inked vertically.

Meaning: Milana is the first name of Fyodor’s daughter. He is known to share a very lovable bond with her.

2. ‘Roaring Tiger’ Tattoo

Fyodor roaring Tiger Tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his body we can see a faded tattoo of a roaring tiger. Not many pictures have been revealed by him which could help us to analyze the clearer image of it.

Meaning: Roaring tiger is the symbol of courage, power, and strength. People believe in getting such tattoos inked as the way of encouraging themselves and also, to reflect their strongest side of personality.

3. ‘Cross and Jesus Christ’ Tattoo 

Fyodor Jesus Christ and cross tattoo

Tattoo: Fyodor’s right shoulder is covered in the portrait of Jesus Christ and along with that we can see a tiny cross inked over its top. Again, no alternate image of this tattoo has been captured.

Meaning: Cross and Jesus Christ are related to the religion of Christians. These tattoos on Fyodor’s body tell us about his religious beliefs and faith i.e. Christianity.

4. ’13’ Tattoo

Fyodor 13 Tattoo

Tattoo: On the backside of his left we can see a huge number 13 inked. The number is surrounded by patterns all over. The tattoo came into notice on June 30, 2018, during a training session of the World Cup, 2018 in Novogorsk, outside Moscow.

Meaning: Fydor plays as the left-back for Russia’s Nationa Football Team and 13 is Jersey Number.

5. Skull Tattoo

Fyodor skull tattoo

Fyodor left arm tattoo

Tattoo: Fyodor’s left forearm is covered with a huge skull with open mouth tattoo.

Meaning: Skull is the symbol of death and evil however, it can also mean the corage to overcome all the difficulties of life easily and with strong determination.

6. ‘Burning Candles’ Tattoo

Fyodor burning candle tattoo

Fyodor burning candles tattoo

Tattoo: On his left arm we can see some burning candles inked.

Meaning: Candles denote the transition towards positivity and light by overshadowing the darkness in your life. They are considered to be the way of illuminating one’s life. In Christianity, Candlelight is considered to represent Jesus Christ and thus, this is another religious tattoo inked on Fyodor’s body

which tells us about his deep connection with Jesus Christ and his blessings.

7. Left Bicep Tattoo

Fyodor bicep ink

Fyodor roman numerals tattoo

There are few leaves and Roman Nureals inked on Fyodor’s left bicep. Roman numerals relate to some important events in his life as on 21-08-2009, probably his marriage in the year 2009 with the model named Anastasia.

8. Right Bicep Tattoo

Fyodor bicep tattoo

9. Left Forearm design Tattoo

Fyodor left arm pattern

Tattoo: Fyodor’s left forearm is covered in the patterns of clouds.

Meaning: Clouds, are the way of denoting the past, a past which was painful and troublesome.

10. ‘My Family’ Tatoo

Fyodor My Family Tatto

Tattoo: On the center of Fydor’s right arm there is a tattoo wrapped around his mid-arm that can be read as, ‘My Family.

Meaning: Fyodor shares a close bond with his family and is known to be possessive about them especially his daughter. Thus, this tattoo is dedicated to his love for his family.

11. Portrait Tattoo on right forearm

Fyodor right arm portrait

12. Design on Right Arm

Fyodor right arm tattoo

13. Writing on Right Forearm

Fyodor right forearm writing

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