Jason David Frank’s 29 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jason David Frank. an American actor and professional mixed martial artist are best known as Tommy Oliver from the Power Rangers franchise.  Jason has got a huge number of tattoos that cover the whole of his body be it his arms, legs, or thighs. Most of his tattoos have been done by his favorite artist i.e. James Clements of Fortune and Glory Tattoos in Bossier City, LA. Let us explore his tattoos and their meanings.

Jason David Frank

1. Abdomen ‘R.S.K.A’ Tattoo

Jason abdomen tattoo

Tattoo: R.S.K.A  inked on Jason’s abdomen.

Meaning: R.S.K.A is the acronym used for Rising Sun Karate Academy. Kyoshi Frank is the president and CEO of the academy which is located in New Jersey. Jason shares a deep bond with Kyoshi Rick Herbster, the owner of the Rising Sun Karate Academy. After meeting Kyoshi, Jason opened his own dojo too in name, Rising Sun Karate where he along with his wife teaches karate and kickboxing. Owing to his good relations with Kyoshi, R.S.K.A CORP was born later.

2. Back Tattoo

Jason abdomen tattoo

Tattoo: Japanese Tiger tattoo covering the major portion of David’s back.

Meaning: Japanese Tiger tattoo is an important symbol in Japanese art and tattoo culture. It is considered to be a symbol of strength and courage. Most importantly, it is believed to be a token of keeping away bad luck and evil spirits.

3. Bicep Tattoo

Jason bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner left bicep, Jason has got a tattoo of a 9mm pointing upwards to make it look like an “L” and an “A”.

Meaning: ‘LA’ represents Los Angeles, which is close to his heart as he is believed to have spent a major time of his life there.

4. ‘TAMMIE’ Tattoo

Jason bicep writing tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his right bicep, there is a writing that says, ‘TAMMIE‘.

Meaning: TAMMIE is the first name of his wife, Tammie Frank.

5. Daughter’s Tattoo

Jason daughter portrait tattoo

Tattoo: Portrait of baby girl tattooed on Jason’s left pec.

Meaning: The portrait represents Jason and his second wife, Tammie’s daughter, Jenna Frank.

6. Shoulder Tattoo

Jason daughters portrait tattoo

7. Hand Tattoo

Jason hand tattoo

Jason left hand tattoo

Tattoo: On the corner of his right hand, David has got the word, ‘MUAY’ inked whereas on the corner of his left hand there is ‘THAI’ inked.

Meaning: MUAY THAI is referred to as the ‘Thai Boxing’ which is the form of Martial Art cum combat sport that uses stand-up striking combined with clinching techniques. Jason was well trained in Judo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Taekwondo.

8. Thigh Tattoo

Jason inner thigh tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep, Jason has got the tattoo of a bug turtle.

Meaning: The tattoo is Jason’s representation of Mutan Ninja Turtles. Jason played the role of Green Ranger and this tattoo is another way of supporting Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

9. ‘JESUS DIDN’T tAP’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The whole of his left forearm is covered in colorful inked text that says, ‘JESUS DIDN’T tAP’.

Meaning: The tattoo speaks of the phrase which represents Jason’s MMA Centric Clothing brand that reflects his religious beliefs. Jason has multiple times claimed to have strong religious faith in God and also that, he is a highly religious person who shares a personal relationship with God.

“I’m not religious, I have a personal relationship with God” and he feels that, “You’re empty if you don’t believe in anything.” I hope to make it very clear that we do not, “…mix religion and relationships with training…”.

10. ‘Playing Cards and Covered Bandit’s Face’ Tattoo

Jason left bicep design Jason left bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep, Jason has another colorful piece of tattoo art that contains the deck of playing cards followed by the face of Bandit that is covered.

Meaning: The tattoo includes the draw of a Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Clubs, King of Hearts, and an Ace of Spades that equalizes to the number 31 in the game of Black Jack. Hereby, David wanted to represent the number 31 to remember the age when he moved from LA. Just next to it is the face of Bandit inked which has been covered followed by a roulette table such that the numbers represented on the table include all the dates that are special to him. Just below the Bandit’s face is a slot machine inked that says, “One Arm Bandit”.  The slot machine is the symbol of survival and victory and Jason got it inked as a tribute to his best friend who survived a fatal accident that took his right arm.

11. ‘Fighting Bee Logo’ Tattoo

Jason left foot tattoo

Tattoo: Fighting Bee Logo inked on David’s left foot.

Meaning: The tattoo here represents the Fighting bee logo inspired by Anderson Silva’s UFC 126 walkout tee.

12. ‘Crocodile’ Tattoo


Jason left leg tattoo

Tattoo: Huge Crocodile tattoo adorns Jason’s left leg.

Meaning: Jason calls this to be his favorite body tattoo. The tattoo is the inspiration from Japanese Tattoo art. He described it as the Crocodile Tail Thrash or Spinning Heel Kick which was taught to him by an internationally acclaimed Muay Thai instructor, named Master Toddy. Not only this, since we know Jason to be a religious person, he believes this crocodile to have a religious significance too because Crocodile has been called the fiercest animal in The Bible.

13. ‘Power Rangers’ Tattoo

Jason Wrist tattoo

Jason left wrist tattoo

14. Neck Tattoo

Jason neck tattoo

Tattoo: There is writing across Jason’s neckline that can be read as, ‘FEARLESS FRANK’.

Meaning: The tattoo speaks of his personality as to how strong and courageous Frank considers himself to be.

15. Power Rangers Ball Tattoo

Jason pokemon ball tattoo

16. ‘Virgin Mary with Angel Wings’ Tattoo

Jason portrait with wings tattoo

Tattoo: Sad-looking Virgin Mary along with a pair of Angel wings is tattooed on Jason’s left forearm The tattoo is surrounded by multiple red roses.

Meaning: Virgin Mary itself is the symbol of hope for unconditional love, blessings, and support in the difficult phases of life. It is another tattoo on Jason’s body that represents Jason’s Christian Beliefs and faith.

17. Japanese Design Arm Tattoo

Jason right arm tattoo

18. ‘Mandala Flower’ Tattoo

Jason right bicep tattoo

Tattoo: Mandala tattoo inked inside his right bicep.

Meaning: Mandala flower is the symbol of growth, freshness, and new beginnings in life.

19. Right Foot Tattoo

Jason right foot tattoo

Jason right leg tattoo

Tattoo: On his right leg, Jason has a massive cobra tattoo that goes down and can be seen all wrapped around his ankle too.

Meaning: The tattoo is dedicated to Muay Thai. The Cobra Punch, also known as the Superman Punch has been used by Jason to represent the rigorous training that he underwent with Master Toddy.

20. Leg Tattoos

Jason right leg

21. Right Pec Tattoo

Jason right pec tattoo

22. ‘Japanese Rose’ Tattoo

Jason rose tattoo

Tattoo: Japanese Rose tattoo inked on Jason’s left forearm. Rose is the symbol of love, hope, and new beginnings.

23. Shoulder Tattoo

Jason shoulder tattoo

24. ‘Spider Web’ Tattoo

Jason spider web tattoo

Tattoo: Spider web covered Jason’s right elbow.

“It is being indicative of the age-old aphorism, “Don’t get caught in the web.” He says that it relates to life in general and his training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu which he is a purple belt under Professor Charles Dos Anjos of the Royce Gracie lineage.”

25. ‘Thai Styled Boxer’ Tattoo

Jason stomach tattoo

Tattoo: Thai Style Boxer tattooed on the right side of Jason’s stomach.

26. Kanji Characters on Arm

Jason writing on shoulder tattoo

27. Hand Tattoos

Jason hand tattoos

Tattoo: Jason has got his hands tattooed during the Covid-19 time. In the month of November 2020, he got to meet his old tattoo artists after the span of 12 long years and got this amazing art done on his hands.

I’ve always wanted to get my hands tattooed. My good friend, @jamesclements_tattoos @13_daggers has done almost all the tattoo work on my body. After 12 years, we reunited to do these hand tatts. I also got a chance to tattoo my signature two times in one night 🙏 I made Vlog so stay tuned for it on YouTube JDFFFN Be bold. Be brave. Be Fearless. Be yourself. On one hand is a tiger and the other is a shisa (guardian lion). Which one do you like the most ? A cool thing is Erik Reed my character for the @lotwhitedragon is all tatted up . I match my character for my new movie!!

28. Finger Tattoo

Jason finger tattoos

Tattoo: Across his fingers, Jason has got another word tattoo that says, ‘RSKA CORP’ inked on his right-hand left hand, respectively.

Meaning: RSKA CORP is the name of the academy run by Jason and his wife. The corp came way too long after the original RSKA was established by Kyoshi Rick Herbster in New Jersey. Jason teaches martial arts whereas his wife teaches karate to adult females. RSKA stands for Rising Sun Karate Academy.

29. Right Arm Tattoo

Jason right arm tattoo

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