Kate Upton’s 2 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Katherine Elizabeth Upton is an American model and actress. She appeared as a model for the first time in her life when she was 15 years old and her rise to glory was in 2011 when she appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was named Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year. Upton has very few tattoos, let us explore them.

Kate Upton

1. ‘Horseshoe’ Tattoo

Kate Upton Horseshoe

Tattoo: Kate Upton has a horseshoe tattoo on the side of her left wrist in a very small and simple way.

“You have to think hard with a tattoo,” she said of her ink choices. “What will I love for the rest of my life?” Horses and Jesus seem like safe bets,” she said in an interview.

2. ‘Cross’ Tattoo

Jane Upton Cross Tattoo

Tattoo: Kate Upton has a tiny cross tattoo on the side of her right middle finger. It is the symbol of her faith.

In an interview with Elle magazine, she said “I was at a photo shoot, and I was wearing a cross necklace that my mom bought me, and somebody made a joke like ‘Why are you wearing a cross? “And then they took (my necklace) away. I was really affected by that. The whole thing made me realize that I do want (a cross) with me, at all times.”

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