King Von’s 20 Tattoos & Their Meanings

King Von was an American rapper and songwriter who died at the age of 26. He was involved in an altercation outside an Atlanta nightclub on November 06, 2020, which lead to gunfire that resulted in the death of the rising star. He had got several tattoos on his body. Let’s have a look!King Von-Tattoos

1. ‘LA’ tattoo on his left arm

King Von-LA-Tattoo

2. ‘OTF’ Tattoo

king von right hand-tattoo

Tattoo: ‘OTF’ tattoo on his right hand.

Meaning: ‘OTF’ refers to ‘Only the Family’, a group of rappers formed by an American rapper, Lil Durk, in 2010. After Lil Durk signed King Von to his ‘Only the Family’ label, he got the tattoo ‘OTF’ inked on his right hand.

3. ’64’ Tattoo

king von tattoo shoulder

Tattoo: ’64’ tattoo on his shoulders.

Meaning: The number 64 refers to the corner number 64 of ‘O Block’ on the South Side of Chicago. King Von spent most of his life in this area.

4. Tattoo on his left arm

king von-tattoo-left arm


right forearm of king von

Tattoo: ‘LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS’ tattoo on his right forearm.

Meaning: This phrase ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’ was first used in World War II by the United States Office of War Information. It was used as a Campaign in public places. It means careless talks can cause major troubles or pass useful information to the enemies.

6. ‘O Block’ Tattoo

king von chest tattoo

Tattoo: ‘O Block’ tattoo on his chest.

Meaning: King Von spent most of his life in ‘O Block’ located at the corner 64 of South Side of Chicago.

7. Tattoo on his left arm

king von left arm tattoo

8. Tattoo on his left pec

king von left pec tattoo

9. Tattoo on the center of his chest

king von chest tattoo

10. Tattoo on his chest

King von chest

11. Tattoo on his left hand

king von hand tattoo

12. Anchor Tattoo

anchor tattoo king von

Tattoo: ‘Anchor’ tattoo on his right forearm.

Meaning: An anchor tattoo symbolizes stability, calmness, hope, direction, and salvation.

13. Tattoo on his right pec

king von pec tattoo

14. Tattoo on his chest

chest tat of king von

15. Tattoo on his neck

king von neck tattoo-tat

16. Tattoo on his neck

neck tattoo king von

17. Tattoo on his left forearm

left forearm ing von

18. Tattoo on his right wrist

king von wrist tattoo

19. Tattoo on his left arm

left arm of king von

20. ‘LIFE IS A GAMBLE’ tattoo on his left shoulder

Life is a gamble-tattoo-king von

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