Jason Momoa’s 9 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa is an American actor. He became famous through his memorable role as Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe. Jason Momoa’s body is covered in tattoo scales in clever designs which are known to be interesting ones. Let us explore his body inks along with their meanings.

Jason Momoa


1. Children’s Signatures’ Tattoo

Jason Mamoa Chest Tattoo

Tattoo: The left pec of Jason has an amateur tattoo that shows the signatures of his kids inked in red-black color.

Meaning: The tattoo on Jason’s chest has the sweetest backstory among all of his other electric tattoos. He is known to be too close and possessive about his kids, and interestingly he had asked his both kids — Lola, 9, and Wolf, 8, to draw their signatures, which he decided to get permanently marked on himself.

2. ‘Hawaiian family crest’ Tattoo


Jason Mamoa Left Forearm Tattoo

Tattoo: The left forearm of Jason Momoa features a distinctive tattoo from his Hawaiian culture.

Meaning: The tattoo is actually a Hawaiian family crest. Jason was born in Hawaii and as a tribute to his Hawaiian Culture, he got this tattoo done. Hawaiians worshipʻAumakua who they consider to be their Ancestral Guardian Spirit. They believe that he comes to help them in disguise during their difficult times in different forms as their guardian. Thus in Momoa’s family shark is considered to be their guardian spirit. This ink is dedicated to it as the small triangles represent the shark teeth.

“It’s supposed to take the darkness out of your heart and bring the light in,” Momoa told in an interview.

3. ‘Linear Line’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The back of Jason Mamoa’s left hand is tattooed with a simple line. He got it done on June 7, 2014, from L A based tattoo artist Mahalo Tobias.

Meaning: The tattoo relates to traditional shark teeth.

4. ‘Compass’ Tattoo

Jason Mamoa Right Forearm Compass Tattoo

Tattoo: The upper part of Jason Mamoa’s right arm has a tattoo of a compass inked on it.

Meaning: Jason claims to have received this tattoo as the source of his guidance and direction in life and while making decisions.

5. ‘Best Friend’s Name’ Tattoo


Tattoo: On June 17, 2014, Jason Mamoa got a tattoo of his deceased best friend’s name on the middle finger of his right hand. The tattoo reads, ‘Diablo‘ inked vertically on the middle finger of his right hand.

Meaning: Through his Instagram post-Jason had revealed that this tattoo is his dedication to his best friend who was no more.

6. ‘Pride of Gypsies’ On His Arm

Jason Mamoa Right Arm Inside Tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Jason Mamoa’s right arm consists of a tattoo that reads, ‘Pride of Gypsies‘.

Meaning: Jason’s production company is also called Pride of Gypsies, which was founded by Jason Momoa in 2010. It is focused on creating unique and inventive content. Gypsy is an individual who is free-minded whereas Pride refers to the group of Lions, thus Jason’s company’s name was inspired by their own belief that they are a group of enthusiastic artists keen on creating and producing attractive content.

7. ‘Etre toujours ivre’ On His Arm


Jason Mamoa Right Arm Text Tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of Jason Mamo’s right forearm has a tattoo inked in a cursive black font that reads, ‘Etre toujours ivre’.

Meaning: The french phrase inked on Jason’s forearm that not-so-simple reads “etre toujours ivre.” means “to always be drunk.” He got this tattoo during the filming of Games of Throne.

8. ‘Skull’ Tattoo

Jason Mamoa Right hand Tattoo

Tattoo: A close look shows us that there lies a small light shaded Skull inked under his right thumb.

Meaning: He claims to love skulls and own many skull accessories too.

9. ‘Landscape’ Tattoo


Tattoo: On June 7, 2014, Jason Mamoa got a tattoo of a landscape on his body with the text that reads, ‘min engel‘ along with a half crescent moon and a five-pointed star inked on it.

Meaning: The tattoo inked on the star’s body is in the Norwegian language which means ‘my angel’ in English.

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