Brandon Ingram’s 46 Tattoos & Their Meanings

The 2nd youngest player in NBA, Ingram, is an extremely talented player and his height, 6.9 feet, makes him a nightmare for other players and an advantage to his team. He was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers with the second overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft. He is also one of the most tattooed men in NBA, who has started getting inks at 15 years of age. Let’s understand the meanings behind his tattoos.

Brandon Ingram

1. “Live for Today, Pray for Tomorrow” on his Chest

Live for today pray for tomorrow-brandon ingram tattoo

2. “Celtic Cross with Wings” on his Chest

Winged Cross-brandon ingram tattoo

Tattoo: Celtic Cross with wings

Meaning: Ingram has a massive tattoo of a winged Celtic cross inked on his chest. In an interview, he said that it was to pay tribute to his deceased family members.

3. “Donald and Joann” on his Right and Left Shoulders

Donald and Juanna-Brandon Ingram tattoos

Tattoo: Donald and Joann

Meaning: Ingram got his shoulders inked with the names of his parents. Donald is his father’s name, and Joann is his mother’s name.

4. Numeral “4” on his Chest

4-Brandon ingram tattoos

5. “Spade” on his Chest

Spade on his upper chest

6. Numeral “104” on his Stomach

104-Brandon Ingram tattoo

7.  “Praying Angel” on his Waist

Praying Angel-Brandon Ingram tattoo

8. “Hands Shaking” on his Lower Waist

Two hands tattoo-brandon ingram

9. “Script” on his Left Forearm

Writing on his Right Forearm-Brandon ingram tattoos

10. “Barbed Wire Wrist Band” on Right Wrist

Barbed Wire tattoo-Brandon Ingram tattoos

11. “Basketball” on his Right Forearm

Basketball tattoo-brandon ingram

12. “Dear Angels, Your Memories Are Always In My Heart” with Praying hands on his Right Shoulder

Praying hands-brandon ingram tattoo

Tattoos: Hands Cupped in Prayer and a quote”Dear Angels, Your Memories Are Always In My Heart.”

Meaning: Ingram has Praying hands tattoo inked on his right Shoulder. A quote, Dear Angels, Your Memories Are Always In My Heart, is inked near the cupped hands. This tattoo is inked to pray the tribute to all the deceased members of his family. Ingram has himself drew the blueprint of this tattoo as he has a passion for drawing since childhood.

13. “In Life, all you have is time” with a Pendulum Clock on his Upper Right Arm

pendulum clock-brandon ingram tattoo

14. “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot” on his Right Forearm

serenity -brandon ingram tattoos

15. “Courage to face the days I wanted” on his Right Forearm

Courage-brandon ingram tattoos

16. “Wisdom makes the difference” On his Right Forearm

Wisdom-Brandon Ingram Tattoos

17. “Rose” on his Right Shoulder

Rose on right Shoulder-Brandon Ingram tattoo

18. “Faith” below his Right Elbow

Faith-brandon ingram tattoos

19. “Lips with Tongue” on his Right Elbow

lip with tongue-Brandon Ingram Tattoos

20. “Flying Bird” on his Right Elbow

flying bired-brandon ingram tattoo

21. “7B” on his Right Wrist

7B Brandon Ingram tattoos

22. “Masked Face” on his Right Upper Arm

Masked face-brandon ingram tattoo

23. “Two Dice” on his Right Forearm

two dice-brandon ingram tattoo

24. “Face of a Lion” on his Right Upper Arm

Lion Face-brandon ingram tattoo

25. “LLB” on his Right Forearm

LLB-brandon Ingram tattoos

26. “Believe” on his Right Wrist

Believe tattoo- Brandon ingram

27. “Strong” on his Left Wrist

strong on wrist - brandon Ingram Tattoo

28. Writing on his Right Forearm

Script on his left arm-brandon ingram tattoo

29. “Heart with J” on his Right Ring Finger

Heart on ring finger brandon ingram tattooheart with J-Brandon Ingram tattoo

30. “Nothing’s Promised” on his Both Biceps

Nothing Promised-Brandon Ingram Tattoo

31. “Family” in Heart shaped rope ending to a Celtic cross on his Left Forearm

Family heart shaped-Brandon ingram tattoo

32. “OTF NLMB” on his Left Elbow

OTF NLMB-Brandon ingram tattoo

33. “Fingers emerging from an Eye” on his Left Elbow

Fingers and eye-brandon ingram tattoo

34. “Alienated image” on the Back of his Left Shoulder

Family heart shaped-Brandon ingram tattoo

35. “Small City-252-Big Dreams” on his Upper Left Arm

Small City Big Dreams 252-brandon ingram tattoo

Tattoo: Small city-252-Big Dreams

Meaning: Ingram has inked the phrase Small city, Big Dreams with numeral 252 between them. The number, 252 is the code area of the Kinston in North Carolina which is his Birthplace. He carries the hometown pride with himself everywhere.

36. “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to other” with Rising Sun on his Left Elbow

Vision and rising sun tatto0-Brandon ingram

37. “one-Trey” On his Left Wrist

one trey tattoo-brandon ingram

38. Initials “BXI” on his Left Forearm

BXI-Brandon Ingram Tattoo

Tattoo: “BXI”

Meaning: Ingram has inked the initials BXI on his left forearm. These are the initials of his name, Brandon Xavier Ingram.

39. “Christ the Redeemer- Statue” on his Left Forearm

jesus christ statue-Brandon Ingram tattoos

40. “Family, Love, Honor and Loyalty” in Star Shaped Design on his Left Upper Arm

Family Honor Loyalty-Brandon Ingram tattoos

41. “STRONG Survive” on his Left Forearm

Strong Survive Tattoo- Brandon ingram

42. Rose on his Left Wrist

Rose on his Left Wrist- Brandon Ingram tattoo

43. “The Fear Of Suffering Is Far Worse than the suffering itself” on his Left Biceps

Quote on his left bicep- Brandon Ingram tattoo

Tattoo: The Fear Of Suffering Is Far Worse than the suffering itself

Meaning: Ingram got the quote, “The Fear Of Suffering Is Far Worse than the suffering itself,” inked on the backside of his upper left arm. This quote is from his great aunt, Leatha Smith, who is an inspiration to him. In an interview, he said, “She’s the reason I’m here.”

44. “Money Roll” on his Right Forearm

Role of currency- Brandon Ingram tattoo

45. “Portrait of a Lady” on his Left Calf

Portrait of a lady-Brandon Ingram tattoo

Tattoo: Portrait of his aunt, “Leatha Smith”

Meaning: Ingram got the portrait of his aunt, Leatha Smith, on his left calf. She died before his final season in Duke. In an Interview with USA Today Sports, he told about her importance in his life and said that whatever he is today is all because of his aunt and his family. Ingram’s mother, Joann said,

She helped raise him for five years and they were very close. Sometimes these type of moments brings out what’s underneath all the tattoos and relaxed personality.”

46. “Crown” with a Name written below it behind his Right Ear

Crown behind his ear- Brandon ingram tattoo

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