Deron Williams’ 22 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Deron Michael Williams is an American retired professional basketball player. He played college basketball for the Illinois Fighting Illini before being drafted third overall in the 2005 NBA. Deron has got multiple tattoos on his body. Let us see what meanings do they have to Deron.

Deron Williams

1. ‘TEXAS MADE’ Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep there is a tattoo of a Basketball which is surrounded by some dark patterns and the words, ‘TEXAS MADE’, inked on its top and bottom, respectively. The dark patterns are shaped in the form of a map.

Meaning: The tattoo represents Deron’s love for Texas and the dark patterns shaped like a map actually represent the STATE OF TEXAS which is inked around the Basketball. Also, Deron claims that this tattoo gives him immense Texas Pride.

2. ‘NO GUTS NO GLORY’ Tattoo

Deron NOGLORY Tattoo

Tattoo: On his bicep, Deron has got a short phrase inked which says, ‘NO GUTS NO GLORY‘.

Meaning: No Guts No Glory is a common way of showing that if we do not have the guts to take the risk, it will be difficult for us to achieve success in life as, it takes a lot of hard work, courage, and confidence to become successful in life.

3. ‘BMW’ Tattoo

Left Shoulder

4. ‘Nickname’ Tattoo

Deron DWILL Tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep there is writing that says, ‘D-WILL’.

Meaning: D-WILL is Deren’s nickname. He says he is known by this name among his friends and followers.

5. ‘DES’ Tattoo

Deron DES Tattoo

Tattoo: Deren has got the acronym ‘DES‘ tattooed on his left bicep.

Meaning: DES stands for the initials of his mother’s name (Denise Elaine Smith). Denise, single-handedly brought up Deren and his younger brother, Kendall, in The Colony, Texas. Deren once said that the tattoo somehow also is a tribute to his late grandfather as the initials are similar to those of his mother’s name. Deren’s grandfather’s name is ‘Delford Earl Smith‘.

6. ‘Daughter’s Birthdate and Footprint’ Tattoo

Deron chest tattoo

 Tattoo: On the left side of his chest, Deren has got a tattoo that he has dedicated to his daughter, Denae Michelle Williams. The tattoo contains his daughters’ footprints and her date of birth. Deren and Denae share a very sweet and close bond, and she has also been seen cheering her dad dressed in an Illinois cheerleading outfit at some of his events.

7. ‘Cross with angel wings’ Tattoo

Deron cross tattoo

Tattoo: Just below his DES tattoo, Deren has got a huge cross with angel wings tattooed.

Meaning: Cross, is the symbol that tells us about Deren’s religious beliefs and values i.e. ‘Christianity’. The cross with angel wings a way of paying tribute to a loved one who is no more. Interestingly, this is Deren’s dedication to his late grandfather, ‘Delford Earl Smith‘ who passed away in 2003.

8. ‘Bible Writing-Bible Rom 5:5′ Tattoo

Deron Bible writing tattoo

Tattoo: On his right forearm there is a bible writing which talks about the lines that have been taken from ‘Bible Rom 5:5‘ The tattoo says “And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”

Meaning: Deren got this tattoo as regard to his deep faith in God and his blessings. Deren said that this tattoo is a reminder for him that he needs to keep going ahead in his life and should shower maximum love towards all.

9. ‘Illini’ Tattoo

Deron bicep writing tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the inner side of his right inner bicep, there is another word tattoo that reads, ‘Illini‘.

Meaning: The tattoo “Illini” symbolizes the time when he played for the basketball team at the University of Illinois.

10. ‘8 and Stars’ Tattoo


Deron 8 and stars tattoo

Tattoo: 8 and shaded diamond and stars inked on his right forearm.

Meaning: 8 is the jersey number that Deron had when he played for Brooklyn Nets, and Utah Jazz.

11. ‘AW’ Tattoo

Deron AW Tattoo

Tattoo: Deron has got the initials inked on his ring finger which can be read as  ‘AW’.

Meaning: AW stands for his wife, Amy Williams‘ name’s initials.

12. ‘Basketball’ Tattoo

Deron basketball tattoo

Tattoo: There is a small basketball tattooed on the inner side of Deron’s right bicep.

13. ‘Black Panther’ Tattoo

Deron bicep tattoo

14. BLACK BEAST Tattoo

Deron animal tattoo

Tattoo: As a cover-up to his black panther tattoo as shown in number 14, Deron got this huge black beast inked.

15. ‘Blue Roses’ Tattoo 

Deron blue roses on shoulder Deron blue roses tattoo

16. ‘Son’s name and Handprints’ Tattoo

Deron hand prints tattoo

Tattoo: On his inner right arm there is a pair of handprints inked along with the name, Desmond under them.

Meaning: Desmond is the name of Deron’s son. He has four children, two sons, and two daughters.

17. ‘Roman Numerals’ Tattoo

Deron roman numerals tattoo

Tattoo: On his forearm, we can read numerals as, ‘MCMLXXXIV‘.

Meaning: Roman numerals represent Deron’s date of birth i.e. 26 June 1984.

18. ‘Roses’ Tattoo

Deron rose ink

Deron rose tattoo

Tattoo: Rose, the symbol of romance, affection, and love is tattooed on both of Deron’s arms. One is inked on his right wrist and the other is inked on his right inner arm.

19. Bicep Tattoo

Deron scenery tattoo

20. Wrist Tattoo

Deron wrist tattoo

21. ‘DMW’ Tattoo

Deron DMW Tattoo

Tattoo: Alongside his black panther tattoo, Deron has got the letters ‘DMW’ inked.

Meaning: DMW stands for his own full name i.e. ‘Deron Michael Williams‘.

22. ‘Snake’ Tattoo

Deron snake tattoo

Tattoo: There is a snake inked on Deron’s right triceps which he has got as a cover up for his ‘No Guts No Glory’.

Meaning: Snakes are the symbol of transformation, wisdom, fertility, and rebirth.

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