Randy Orton’s 11 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Randal Keith Orton, professionally known as Randy Orton, is an American professional wrestler and occasional actor, who holds nine-time WWE Championship, four-time WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship, and two-time OVW Hardcore Championship. Randy Orton is one of the most famous wrestlers because of his deceitful character change. He opted the nicknames like ‘The Viper’ and ‘The Apex Predator’ due to his unstable personality. Just like his personality, his tattoos collection is also very unique. He got the number of tattoos inked on his body which have different meanings. Let’s scroll further to know more details regarding his tattoos along with their meanings.  Randy Orton

1. ‘Alanna’ Tattoo

daughter name tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Alanna’ Tattoo on his left forearm.

Meaning: Alanna Marie Orton is the name of Randy Orton’s first daughter who was born from his former wife, Samantha Speno, on July 12, 2008. Randy got his daughter’s name ‘Alanna’ along with her ‘birthdate in Roman numerals’ inked on his left forearm.

2. ‘Kim’ Tattoo

kim tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Kim’ Tattoo on the middle finger of his left hand.

Meaning: Randy Orton got his current wife Kimberly Kessler’s name ‘Kim’ with a tiny heart inked on the middle finger of his left hand. Randy is deeply in love with Kim, which is quite evident from this tattoo and his social media profiles full of Kim’s pictures.

3. ‘Tribal Art’ Tattoo

tribal art 1

tribal art 2

Tattoo: ‘Tribal Art’ Tattoo on both of his arms.

Meaning: The tribal art tattoos are prevalent among celebrities. The tribal art tattoos represent the protection from the evil forces and demons. But, these tattoos have several meanings according to the respective cultures of the people. Randy Orton got the tribal art tattoo on both forearms and his back. Later, he added some other patterns near to these tribal art tattoos.

4. ‘Bible Verse’ Tattoo

bible verse 1

Tattoo: ‘Bible Verse’ Tattoo on the backside of his right arm.

Meaning: ‘Bible Verse 1 Peter 5:8 stating’,

“Be Sober, Be Vigilant, Because Your Adversary The Devil, As A Roaring Lion, Walketh About Seeking Whom He May Devour.”

is inked on the backside of the right arm of Randy Orton.

5. ‘Skulls Sleeves’ Tattoo

skulls tattoo

skulls sleeves

Tattoo: ‘Skulls Sleeves’ Tattoo on his both arms.

Meaning: Randy got his both arms covered with skulls sleeves. The skulls are exactly near his tribal tattoos. Earlier, Randy had a ‘United States Marine Corps’ tattoo on his left arm but, covered it up after receiving his bad conduct discharge. So, to cover that tattoo, Randy got inked the tribal patterns and skulls all over his arms. In an interview, Randy said,

“It probably took 40-50 hours. I do have a lot of meaning behind it, and that’s the reason I got it done. The tribal work I had before had no meaning behind it. No meaning, whatsoever, and I kind of wanted to put something on my body that had some meaning and it does, and that’s for me, my wife and my family. As far as the meaning, I don’t want to tell everyone what it means. They can look, they can enjoy them, but the meaning is for me.”

6. ‘United States Marine Corps’ Tattoo

No picture is available.

Tattoo: ‘United States Marine Corps’ Tattoo on his left arm.

Meaning: Earlier, Randy had ‘United States Marine Corps’ Tattoo inked on his left arm but, got that tattoo-covered after receiving his bad conduct discharge. So, to cover it up, he got inked the tribal patters and skull sleeves inked on his both arms. In an interview, Randy said,

“I had a tattoo on my left arm that read ‘USMC’ for United States Marine Corps. When I got my bad conduct discharge and got sent home I got rid of that tattoo by getting it covered up. It was covered up once in San Diego while I was still in the Marines and they did an awful job so I had to go to another guy-the guy who eventually did work on my shoulder- and have him fix it for me.”

7. ‘Red Rose’ Tattoo

red rose tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Red Rose’ Tattoo on his left forearm.

Meaning: Just above her first daughter’s name Alanna, Randu got inked a beautiful red rose. He got this tattoo inked only for her daughter Alanna. In an interview, he said,

“I have a rose here, the only color on any of my pieces is for my daughter Alanna, and her birthday there in Roma Numerals, and that’s the centerpiece, that’s what they all culminate to is that the rose right there on my arm for my daughter.”

8. ‘Tribal Pattern’ Tattoo

tribal pattern tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Tribal Pattern’ Tattoo on his back.

Meaning: Randy got a ‘Tribal Pattern’ inked on his back. Randy got this tattoo when he was training in Ohio Valley Wrestling. In an interview with WWE.com, Randy said,

“The thing is I was wrestling all the time and it had no time to heal, so it became this big, bloody scab. It was horrible, every two weeks I’d go in to have it retouched because I kept ruining it.”

9. ‘Flying White Pigeon’ Tattoo

flying pigeon tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Flying White Pigeon’ Tattoo on his left arm.

Meaning:  The white color is a symbol of peace and love. Getting a tattoo of a flying white pigeon symbolizes the love, hope, good luck, harmony, and intimacy. Randy Orton got this tattoo inked on his left arm.

10. ‘Roses’ Tattoo

roses tattoo 1

Tattoo: ‘Roses’ Tattoo on all over his arms.

Meaning: Along with the skulls, Randy got many roses inked on both of his arms. Roses tattoos symbolize mature love, affection, peaceful relationships, emotions, and harmony. In an interview, Randy expressed his views regarding his tattoos and said,

“I think people who get tattoos should be ready because they’re forever. I would like to see what I look like without them sometimes.”

11. ‘Matching Couple’ Tattoo

matching couple tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Matching Couple’ Tattoo on his left rib.

Meaning: Randy and his wife Kimberly got a matching couple tattoo inked on their respective bodies. Randy got it on his left rib while his wife Kimberly got it on her right collarbone. This matching tattoo is still a mystery as no clear information regarding this is available.

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