5 Celebrities with Patriotic Tattoos

One of the best ways to express yourself is through your tattoo, and a large number of Americans have chosen to decorate their bodies with these amazing pieces of art. Within the past two decades, tattoos have become more and more popular. The designs today are so diverse and come in different styles that you will find a wide variety of choices. However, finding the perfect tag for yourself is never straightforward. Tattoo enthusiasts have been provided with quite a lot of tattoos depicting meaningful symbolisms, which has made it quite difficult to choose which tattoos to get.

Flag tattoos aren’t found on many pop stars outside of military men and women, but any celebrity who decides to get one in the future will be in good company. And if famous tattoo artist “Bang Bang” McCurdy has anything to say about it, an American flag will soon be etched onto the most famous American in history – Barrack Obama. During a recent interview with New York magazine, Bang Bang was asked what celebrity he would like tattooed next, and what the artwork would consist of: “Obama, an American Flag on his throat. He’s awesome and I could totally see him getting tattooed.” Would Obama tattoo a flag of the United States sometime in the future?

List of 5 Celebrities with Patriotic Tattoo Designs

  • Danica Patrick Patriotic Tattoo Design On Lower Back

Celebrities with Patriotic Tattoos

In addition to her stellar athletic career, Danica Patrick is a model and NASCAR driver who has an impressive American flag tattoo on the center of her lower back – a true tramp stamp. Apparently, Danica couldn’t decide which she loved more – the American part or being one of the world’s most talented race car drivers. That’s why she incorporated both in her tattoo. The first half of Danica’s back tattoo shows the traditional American flag in red, white, and blue, while the other half displays the iconic race flag design in black and white. Among the additional features adorning her tattoo are angel’s wings on either side of the image, and yellow stars surrounding the image.

  • Sammy Adams Patriotic Tattoo Design On Right Bicep

Celebrities with Patriotic Tattoos

Besides Sammy Adams, the rapper, who is not to be confused with Sam Adams, the beer, there is another celebrity with an American flag tattoo, Sammy Adams. Despite being an American, Sammy Adams is very proud of his citizenship, as you can see from the American flag he has tattooed on the inside of his right bicep. Sammy’s tattoo displays a traditional American flag waving in the breeze and is inked in gray and white. Because Sammy Adams enjoys wearing cut-off tank tops, we can sneak a peek at his patriotic flag tattoo whenever we wish.

  • Teyana Taylor Patriotic Tattoo Design On Butt Cheek

Celebrities with Patriotic Tattoos

The artist tattooed three gummy bears in three different colors on Taylor’s butt cheek, showing off the pan-African colors red, yellow, and green. The flag of Guinea is formed by these two elements.

  • Alexa Chung Patriotic Tattoo Design On Ankle

alexa chung ny flag ankle tattoo

The tattoo is located on Chung’s right ankle and it is directly under a three-column rectangle, which is at first glance the outline of an unfinished tricolor flag.

  • Whitney Duncan Patriotic Tattoo Design On Shoulder Blade

Celebrities with Patriotic Tattoos

In a grayscale American flag tattoo on her left shoulder blade, Whitney Duncan displays her patriotism for her country.  As a singer, Whitney performed for American troops stationed in Iraq and Kuwait in 2010 and was inspired by that trip.

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