Shawn Mendes’ 12 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, popularly known as Shawn Mendes is a Singer, a Songwriter, and a model. The artist has been a huge success and a teenage sensation. But the Canadian singer is no stranger to body art and has the cutest of tattoos. Let’s explore his tattoos and their meanings.

Shawn Mendes

1. ‘The Guitar’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Shawn has a tattoo of a guitar on his right arm below the elbow. The guitar looks normal from the distance but if you get a closer look at it, the body of the guitar is made up of trees at a riverbank whose reflection is falling on the river thus giving the appearance of a guitar’s body. The handle of the guitar is actually divided into two where the upper part is an outline of the Toronto skyline and the lower part represents the wavelength of his parents saying,” I love you “.

Meaning: This tattoo is a complete compilation of Shawn’s love for his guitar, music, his birthplace Toronto, and his parents. Thus, the skyline which forms the guitar’s handle represents his birthplace, Toronto’s skyline, the soundwave of his parents saying, “I love you”, forms the top of the guitar, and all of these things coming together and making a guitar.

2. ‘The Sparrow’ Tattoo

Shawn Mendes Sparrow Tattoo

Tattoo: Shawn has a small sparrow inked on his right hand.

Meaning: Shawn got this sparrow inked to remind him always that being on his tours always wouldn’t make him any difference, as, ultimately he is supposed to be back to his home just like the sailors do. The Sparrow is one of the birds who no matter how far it goes, returns to its original home every year. Just like the sailors who get the sparrows inked symbolizing love for Family and Home, Shawn got it too.

3. ‘The Number 8’ Tattoo


Tattoo: The number 8 is inked on the left side of the singer’s right middle finger.

Meaning: Shawn Mendes says that the number 8 has been very important to him always. The 8 represents 08/08/1998 which is Shawn’s birthdate, moreover, 8 is his lucky number.

4. ‘The Light Bulb’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Shawn has a very intricate light bulb tattooed on his right arm which contains blue Orchids and Lilies along with leaves and three little birds in the distance.

Meaning: This is the largest ink on Shawn’s body which represents the title of the singer’s album, “Illuminate” and the blue orchids and lilies are his mother’s favorite.

5. ‘The Elephant’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Shawn has another tattoo concealed between his fingers which is an elephant inked on the right side of his left hand’s middle finger. He got it done by his loving friend Tattoo artist, Livia.

6. ‘The Meditating Man’ Tattoo

Shawn Mendes Meditating Man Tattoo

Tattoo: The singer has another ink on his right wrist which depicts a man meditating, sitting with his legs crossed.

Meaning: Shawn revealed this ink in his music video, Lost in Japan. The reason behind Mendes getting this tattoo is because he himself has been into meditation to cope with his stress and anxiety issues.

7. ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo

Shawn Mendes Left Arm Butterfly Tattoo

Tattoo: On Jul 23, 2019 Singer Shawn Mendes got a tattoo of a butterfly on his left bicep.

Meaning: A big black monarch butterfly that has a half wing, half flowers is actually designed by one of his fans who had posted it on Twitter suggesting that Shawn should get it inked on his arm. Shawn himself went out of his way to DM the fan who made the edit asking “Can u send me a real photo of butterfly tattoo??”. And after getting impressed Shawn booked the very next appointment to get the ink done. The tattoo was done by Toronto-based tattoo artist Livia Tsang.

8. ‘Aaliyah Maria’ Tattoo

SHawn Mendes-Aaliyah Maria-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Aaliyah Maria’ tattoo on his left pec.

Meaning: On July 26, 2020, Shawn got the tattoo of the name of his sister ‘Aaliyah Maria’ inked on his body by the tattoo artist, Kane Navasard. The tattoo artist uploaded the picture of this tattoo on the Instagram handle on July 26, 2020, with the caption,

A sweet dedication, on the man @shawnmendes. Bookings currently closed.”

9. ‘Wonder’ tattoo on his right arm

Shawn mendes-wonder-tattoo

Meaning: This tattoo refers to the name of his studio album ‘wonder’ which was released on December 4, 2020.

10. ‘A’ Tattoo

Shawn Mendes-A-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘A’ tattoo behind his right ear.

Meaning: In November 2019, Shawn got the tattoo of the letter ‘A’ for her sister, Aaliyah. He got this tattoo inked by the tattoo artist, Kane Navasard.

11. ‘little sunflower’ tattoo on his right pec

Little sunflower-tattoo shawn mendes

Meaning: Shawn got this tattoo inked by the tattoo artist, Kane Navasard.

12. ‘Good Luck’ tattoo on his left arm

shawn mendes-good luck tattoo


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