Anne Marie’s 19 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson better known by her stage name, Anne-Marie is an English singer and a Songwriter. She has recorded many charted singles such as, “Rockabye” with Clean Bandits and Sean Paul, including Friends, Ciao Adios, and, Alarm. But besides being a huge sensation among teenagers,  Anne-Marie is also a huge fan of getting inked and all of her tattoos show the story of her life. Let’s explore her Tattoos and their meanings.Anne Marie

1. ‘The Rose’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Anne’s first tattoo was a rose on her left hip.

Meaning: Anne’s middle name is Rose and this tattoo is a hint to that.

2. ‘The Four Finger’ tattoos

Anne Marie Four Fingers Tattoo-

Tattoo: Anne got 4 tattoos inked all at once on her knuckles. It includes A crescent moon on her left index finger,  Three horizontal lines on the side of her left ring finger, A vertical line on her right ring finger, and Two dots on her right middle finger.

Meaning: The tattoos were done by the Tattoo Artist, Lily Gloria. Anne Marie spoke in an interview that one of the tattoos on her fingers is for her parents.

3. ‘Forgiveness’ Tattoo

Anne Marie Forgiveness Tattoo

Tattoo: The singer has the word, “Forgiveness “ inked on her left shoulder.

Meaning: Anne always says that most of her tattoos tell the story of her life. Forgiveness is one of the singers virtues may be. This tattoo is the continuous reminder to her about forgiving others, inked in the handwriting of her friend.

She said to BANG Showbiz, “All of my tattoos are written by the people who have taught me what the thing is. My best friend taught me a lot about forgiveness so this is his handwriting. I do forget to forgive sometimes so its good to have it on my shoulder to remind me. The tattoos will go on and on.”

4. ‘LOVE’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Anne has another tattoo on her chest which includes the word, “Love “ written in uneven letters.

5. ‘Confidence’ Tattoo

Anne-Marie Confidence Tattoo-

Tattoo: “Confidence” is inked right below Anne’s left knee.

Meaning: Confidence represents confidence and symbolizes the unity of strength, purpose and hard work to reach your goals. This tattoo is another source of encouragement for Anne.

6. ‘Speak your mind’ Tattoo

Anne-Marie-Speak Your-Mind-tattoo

Tattoo: Anne has the words, “Speak your mind” inked on her right arm just above the elbow.

Meaning: Anne is known to be a free-spirited person. This tattoo is a complete symbolization of her personality and is also a tribute to her debut studio album which was named, Speak Your Mind.

7. ‘The Yin and Yang’ Tattoo

Anne Marie Yin and Yang Tattoo

Tattoo: Marie got the Yin-Yang symbol inked on the inside of her left elbow in 2018.

Meaning: Anne has a small Yin and Yang inked, which is the representation of two opposites, the dark swirl, is linked with shadows, and femininity, whereas the yang, i.e the light swirl, represents brightness, and growth.

8. ‘The Mysterious Writings’ Tattoo

Tattoo: Anne has a faded, hardly visible tattoos, on her both thighs. Marie had uploaded photos on Instagram flaunting her body.

9. ‘The Dots of friendship’ Tattoo

Anne Marie Dots of Friendship Tattoo

Tattoo: Anne has two tiny dots inked on the underside of her left wrist.

Meaning: Anne Marie and her friend Nikkola had decided to visit their favorite tattoo artist, Lily Gloria and got matching dots on their wrists inked in honor of their friendship.

10. ‘Family is everything’ Tattoo

Anne-Marie-Family is Everything-tattoo

Tattoo: The singer has another tattoo on her back that says, “Family is everything”.

Meaning:  Anne loves her family a lot. This tattoo is a clear representation of her love connection with them.

Anne is very close to her family and has called her father Wayne Nicholson, the best dad in the world,” mother Sue “so special and kind and perfect,” and sister Samantha “the most beautiful, amazing human in the universe.” Marie also tweeted, “Also I’m the luckiest human to have the best, most supporting family ever. “

11. ‘Trust’ Tattoo

Anne-Marie-Trust Tattoo

Tattoo: Anne Marie has “Trust” inked behind her right knee.

“I’ve got ‘trust’ tattooed on me and I have a tattoo on my finger that’s for my parents. I just love to get stuff that’s really meaningful. I want my tattoos to be a story of my life”

12. ‘Think Twice’ Tattoo

Anne Marie Think Twice Tattoo

Tattoo: Marie has the words, “Think Twice” inked on her right leg just above the ankle.

Meaning: Just like other writings on her body, this tattoo is another addition to her motivational inks.

Marie tweeted, “Think twice before you say something horrible or unnecessary today. Think of the consequence.” And also, ”Think about how the other person is feeling.”

 13. ‘Mug’ Tattoo

Anne Marie Mug Tattoo

Tattoo: A little below her shoulder, Anne Marie has “Mug” tattooed on her left arm.

Meaning: Anne-Marie and her friend, Ed Sheeran got matching “Mug” tattoos while on tour together in mid-2018. ”Mug” is a nickname that they call each other. Anne got the tattoo in Ed Sheeran’s handwriting.

14. ‘The cup of tea’ Tattoo

Anne Marie Cup Tattoo-

Tattoo: Marie has a small cup of tea with the letter, “C” written on the cup.

Meaning: Marie said in an interview that she got this tattoo for her grandfather who apparently is very fond of tea.

What can I do for him? He drinks, like, 80 cups of teas a day”, she said, which is why she got a small cup of tea penned on to her right shoulder blade.

15. ‘Curved Line with two dots’ Tattoo

Anne Marie Curved Line with Two Dots Tattoo-

Tattoo: Anne has another tattoo that shows a curved line with two dots on her left wrist. She did reveal this tattoo in her tattoo revelation interview however never opened up about its relevance.

16. ‘go to sleep’ Tattoo

goto sleep Anne tattoo

Meaning: Anne got this tattoo inked on her arm in 2020.

17. Pinky Promise Tattoo

Annie Marie-Pinky Promise Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Pinky Promise’ tattoo on her arm.

Meaning: A pinky promise tattoo signifies the promise of keeping a friendship, relationship, bond, and marriage. Anne got this tattoo inked in July 2020.

18. ‘BREAK THE RULES’ Tattoo


Tattoo: ‘BREAL THE RULES’ tattoo on her ribcage.

Meaning: She got this tattoo inked in July 2020.

19. ‘DON’T PANIC’ Tattoo

DONT PANIC- Annie Marie

Tattoo: ‘DON’T PANIC’ tattoo on her body but the exact location of the tattoo is not known.

Meaning: Anne got this tattoo inked in July 2020.

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