Rihanna’s 20 Tattoos and Their Meanings

Being immensely talented, Rihanna is one of the most popular and cherished singers in Hollywood. The number of awards she has won for her music is stirring as well as worth an appreciation. But music is not the ONLY thing Rihanna is crazy about. She is crazy about tattoos just the same. Check out Rihanna’s 20 tattoos right below.


1. First Tattoo

musical notes

This Rihanna tattoo is her first tattoo and it marks her fresh singing career. She has recently got it covered with a falcon tattoo.

2. Pisces


She has a pieces sign behind her right ear. It was done by an ever-so-busy Brazilian tattoo artist who was luckily in Tokyo at the same time as Rihanna.

3. Sanskrit

sanskrit prayer

She has a Sanskrit prayer rolling down her hip which says “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression and Control.”

4. Star


She has a star inside her left ear. She got it in NYC.

5. Arabic


She has an Arabic phrase down her ribs which says, ‘Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh’. This translates to ‘Freedom in God’.

6. Stars on Her Back


Her popular star tattoo on her back was started in LA when it was just on her neck. She had added more which went down her back, later on in New York.

7. Skulls and Crossbones

soloured skull

While her stay in Miami, she got a skull and crossbones, topped with a cute pink hair bow, on her left ankle.

8. Love


She has “Love” tattooed on her middle finger. Now what’s up with that one?

9. Shhh..


One of the most inspiring tattoos of Rihanna, her “Shh” tattoo on her index finger inspired Lindsay Lohan and Lilly Allen. And of course, her fans!

10. 4.11.1986

birth date

Rihanna has the birth date of her best friend, Melissa, tattooed on her left shoulder. Melissa did a very same tattoo just after her. BFFs?

11. Tribal Tattoo


Rihanna has a tribal inspired tattoo on her hands which she updated while she was in New Zealand.

12. Handgun


During her LA getaway, Rihanna had flew her tattooist, Bang Bang, from NYC to her home in the Hills. She had decided to give a tattoo as a birthday gift to her friend and at the same time she has decided to get one for herself!

13. Lessons to Learn

always a lesson

“Never a failure, always a lesson”, is a tattoo that is written backwards near her right shoulder. That way she can read it in the mirror. Clever, eh?

14. Rebelle!

rebelle fleur

After Rihanna’s famous “Rebelle Fleur” tattoo, Internet pedants claimed that it was “gibberish” because she got the French phrasing wrong. Well, she was annoyed for sure.

15. Cross


She got a cross sign right on her collar bone.

16. Lover

love in tibetean

She has “Lover” written in Tibetan language on her butt.

17. Falcon


She got a falcon and covered the musical notes on her left foot. She said, “Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep.”

18. Tribute to Grandma


Rihanna paid tribute to her late grandmother with a tattoo of Egyptian goddess, Isis. Isis is said to be ‘the ideal mother and wife’ as well as friend to slaves, sinners and the downtrodden.

19. Egyptian Queen


Rihanna has a tattoo of Nefertiti on her. Nefertiti was the Great Royal Wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten. Nefertiti had many titles including Hereditary Princess, Great of Praises, Lady of Grace, Sweet of Love.

20. 1988

birth year

She has “1988” tattooed on her ankle. It is the year of her birth.