Ashley Tisdale’s 7 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Ashley Michelle Tisdale popularly known as Ashley Tisdale is an American Actress, Singer, and a Film Producer. She achieved her debut acting success through her role ‘Maddie Fitzpatrick’ in the popular drama series “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”. Besides her acting and singing skills, she is also known for the unique and meaningful inks on her body. Here is the list of her tattoos along with their meanings.

Ashley Tisdale1. “Believe” on her back

Ashley Tisdale Tattoo - Believe Ashley Tisdale Tattoo - Believe Ashley Tisdale Tattoo - Believe

In July 2009, Ashley got “Believe” along with two stars inked, which goes down below on the left side of her upper back. In an interview, she said that the inspiration behind this tattoo has been her mom, who always told her to believe.

2. “Fearless” in an angelwing

Ashley Tisdale Wrist Tattoo - Frearless Ashley Tisdale Wrist Tattoo - Frearless

Ashley had revealed her tattoo during her appearance at The People’s Choice Awards in January 2011. Angel wing surrounding the word “Fearless” is a unique appealing ink on her right wrist.

3. Star on her Wrist

Ashley Tisdale Tattoo - Star

Alongside the existing ‘fearless tattoo’ on her right wrist, Ashley got a star added just next to it which symbolizes the new achievements of her life.

4. Sanskrit writing on her elbow

Ashley Tisdale Sanskrit Tattoo Ashley Tisdale Sanskrit Tattoo

In February 2013, Ashley got herself inked with a beautiful Sanskrit writing on her left forearm, which specifically means, “Everything happens for a reason”. This tattoo was revealed during the premiere of the film ‘Safe Haven’.

5. Infinity on her left wrist

Ashley Tisdale Wrist Tattoo - Infinity

Ashley has “Infinity” symbol inked on her left wrist.

6. ‘Jamais Seule’ alongside her right foot

Ashley Tisdale Tattoo - Foot Ashley Tisdale Tattoo - Foot

In the year 2011, Ashley, along with her best friend Vanessa Hudgens got inked from the celebrity tattoo art studio- Bang Bang, together, where Ashley decided to get inked in the French words, ‘Jamais Seule’ written in gorgeous purple shade, which means- ‘Never Alone’, along the top/side of her right foot in such a perfect shot that is always shining and clearly visible, whereas her friend got ‘OM’ yoga meditation symbol tattooed on her hand.

7. Butterfly on Bicep

Ashley Tisdale Butterfly Tattoo

Ashley’s latest tattoo is a butterfly on her right bicep, which is the result of some transformation phase in her life as per her Instagram tattoo revelation post. She got inked in this ‘shadowed butterfly’ on 12 September 2018 from the “Bang Bang Tattoo NYC.”

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