Kelly Osbourne’s 16 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Kelly Osbourne, you might know her if you saw MTV’s ‘The Osbournes‘ or E!’s Fashion Police. Remember now? Even if you don’t, she is a song writer, singer, fashion designer, actress and TV presenter. This multi-talented girl has a thing for tattoos ever since she was a child and is not afraid to brave the needles. Here we go about her tattoos.

kelly osbourne1


1. Stories

stories tattoo

She has a tattoo ‘Stories‘, on the shaved side of her head since 2014.

2. Daddy’s Girl


She got a tattoo for her father, who was recovering from a bike accident. The tattoo consists of  “Daddy,” a pink and gold heart-shaped lock, a golden key, and a pink banner which reads “This Too Shall Pass.” Now, isn’t that very thoughtful?

3. Sailor

kelly osbourne

It has nothing to do with being a sailor! Kelly, though, has a nautical anchor on the back of her left forearm.

4. Regrets and Mistakes


Kelly got this tattoo while she was absolutely sloshed. The tattoo is a keyboard. Kelly said, “I think tattoos can look good but when you get some big f–king keyboard on your arm, that’s when they’re ugly.”

5. Lovely

lovely tattoo

She has the word “lovely” tattooed inside her left wrist.

6. Bros For Life

jack tattoo

Bro and Sis for life, actually. But, anyway, Kelly and her brother, Jack, have each other’s name tattooed on their wrists. Aww, that’s pretty cute.

7. Hearts and Bones

Kelly Osbourne tattoos Hearts and Bones


This tattoo can be found on the outside of her right wrist. The heart is blue in color.

8. Clover


A green clover can be seen on her left wrist, just below ‘Lovely’.

9. Butterfly

butterfly tattoo

She has a tiny butterfly inked just below her right collarbone.

10. Skulls and Crossbones

skull tattoo

This is interesting. Kelly Osbourne has a pair of blue skull and crossbones tattoos on the top of each of her foot. They are a male and a female — the left male skull has a yellow lightning bolt on the forehead while the right female one has a red bow. Her mother, Sharon Osbourne, was reportedly angry when Kelly got the ink: “I was just like, ‘No, no more tattoos. And skull and crossbones – like, what does it mean… you’re a pirate? What is this indicating? What message does this send out?’ She says, ‘Nothing.’”

11. Heart

red heart tattoo

She has a red heart on her pinky finger.

12. Angels Forever

wing tattoo

Kelly has a wing tattoo in pink ink on her back which holds the line ‘Je Vous Aime la Maman‘, in French. This translates to ‘I love my mother’ in English.

13. Star

This star has a star tattoo on the nape of her neck.

14. Tribute


Kelly has the word ‘solidarity‘ inked on the right side of her head as a tribute to the victims of the tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida that killed 49 men and women and injured dozens more.

15. Teardrop NOT on My Guitar

tear drop tattoo

Kelly Osbourne has a teardrop tattoo on the side of her right index finger. The finger teardrop is a funny one. It is placed so that she can hold her finger up to her face and can pretend as if its her tear.

16. Again a Dedication

bumblebee tattoo

Kelly recently got a very special shoulder tattoo dedicated to the late Joan Rivers. Kelly’s tattoo is inked on her right shoulder, next to her pre-existing butterfly tattoo, and features a cute little bumblebee done in white ink.


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