170 Awesome Arrow Tattoo Designs with Meanings and Ideas

Bows and arrows were important weapons used by Native Americans for hunting, fighting, and self-defense. Since it has such a strong and resilient symbolism, it has been a powerful source of inspiration for a wide variety of types of body art. For instance, someone searching for a tattoo that symbolizes their success after overcoming hardship will probably gravitate towards a semicolon arrow. Also, you may enjoy a compass that provides you with guidance and direction; in this case, an arrow compass would be the right choice. As important as the design itself is the platform you place it in. The ideal platform should be large enough to accommodate details, such as the arm. Hence, whether tiny ink is on the finger or wrist makes no difference. This offers you some interesting inspiration for your next work!

Thus in this article, we have accumulated 170 best arrow tattoo designs that you can get inspiration from and select for your next tattoo!

Meaning Of Arrow Tattoo Designs

The self-expression afforded by arrow tattoos is remarkable and can convey a wide range of meanings based on the wearer’s purpose. A tattooed arrow represents many different things, and we will discuss just a few of them below.

Aside from representing several values and ideas, the arrow also symbolizes:

  • Protection – People used bows and arrows as a means of protection among the first animals. This is why arrows have become symbolic of protection against harm.
  • Friendship – The crossed arrows are symbolic of intimacy, friendship, and alignment with one another, as represented by two crossed arrows. It is symbolic of interracial harmony in Native American culture to have crossed arrows.
  • Positivity – Positive meanings are associated with the arrow in cultural terms. Arrows are commonly incorporated into tattoo designs to symbolize positive attitudes. Depending on how it is used, the arrow can either stand-alone or be combined with other elements.
  • Moving forward – Common knowledge is that an arrow stands for direction; arrows point in the right direction. Using a single arrow represents being persistent, never giving up, progressing, or just continuing moving forward – for example, through continuous self-improvement. When it comes to expressing courage, an arrow piercing a diamond is commonly used in visual and verbal languages alike.
  • Achievement – You can use an arrow to represent success much like you would a direction sign – you use it to represent your progress toward your goals, for instance.
  • Masculinity – Hunting was a practice primarily associated with men during humanity’s early stages. Considering how the arrow has been viewed as a symbol of masculinity throughout history, it is no wonder it remains so.
  • Love – In short, the arrow represents love and embodies the popular image of a cupid whose arrow entices people to fall in love, in stark contrast to the other arrow’s symbolic significance.


In relation to getting an arrow tattoo, it is often associated with taking the path that is true to you instead of following the most common or easiest path. It is common for people to get arrow tattoos as a symbol of their individuality, especially in relation to the belief that they should “follow their own arrow” or take the path that is right for them. In her song “Follow Your Arrow,” Kacey Musgraves directly relates to the idea, singing, “So, make lots of noise / Kiss lots of boys / Or kiss lots of girls / If that’s something you’re into / When the straight and narrow / Gets a little too straight / Roll up a joint, or don’t / Just follow your arrow / Wherever it points.”


In their nature as symbols of movement and direction, arrow tattoos are often associated with ambition, commitment, and direction. As well as motivation and dedication, arrow tattoos may also represent planning and scheduling. Arrow tattoos are often used to refer to specific goals or the idea of doing something worthwhile.


Native American culture has been influenced by tattooing for centuries. It is seen as a part of rituals and carries a variety of meanings, such as identifying family lineage, clan crests, social rank, hunting and fishing rights, and affiliation with the territory. Native American tribal tattooing is most commonly associated with the arrow, which symbolized different things for each tribe.

It is said that the Lakota tribe sees the arrow as a metaphor for life, especially when combined with the bow. An arrow represents the masculine, solar energy, while the bow represents the feminine, lunar energy. Together with each other, the bow and arrow function as powerful instruments as gifts from the sun and moon. One can consider this as a metaphor for life, in which a person must merge the masculine and feminine energies within themselves to succeed.

An arrow tattoo’s meaning can be derived from the detail of how it is rendered, according to Native American tradition. Historically, an arrow tattoo facing left was intended to ward off evil, while an arrow tattoo facing right was intended to guard against it. It was said that an arrow tattooed facing down or a broken arrow meant peace or settling disputes. Similar to crossed arrow tattoos, two crossed arrows signify allegiance. In addition, an arrowhead tattoo emphasizes being alert and focused.

  • Single arrow – When tattooed, a single arrow will appear elegant and minimalistic. Native American symbols typically represent power and direction – through the direction in which it points is of significant significance as well. When painted as a single arrow, the left arrow stands for warding off evil, the right arrow stands for protection, and the bottom arrow stands for peace.
  • Double arrows – Friendship is symbolized by two crossed arrows, as mentioned above. The idea of war and conflict is represented by parallel arrows facing opposite directions.
  • Multiple arrows –Unity and strength in numbers are symbolized by a bundle of arrows. This notion comes from the simple fact that together, several arrows are more difficult to break than one alone.
  • Broken arrow – The broken arrow doesn’t necessarily represent something negative. There is a tradition in Native American culture to use it as a symbol of peace – a literal sign that conflicts or wars are over.


A symbol of the arrow also had special significance in ancient Greek culture, particularly in relation to the many gods and goddesses associated with it. In the first place, it could be a reference to Cupid, the winged agent of love who affects the hearts of people by striking them with his arrows. An arrow tattoo can be interpreted in this way; as a symbol of love, lust, and desire.

In ancient Greece, arrows were also associated with Artemis, the goddess of hunting, as well as with Apollo, Artemis’ twin brother, who is described as carrying a golden bow and a quiver of silver arrows, and who is known for many abilities, such as warding off evil, being exceptionally handsome, healing, protecting the young, and presiding over music, dance, song, and poetry.


Among other religions, Hinduism also relates significant significance to the symbol of the arrow. Known for his expertise as an archer, Rudra is connected to health and disease as well as the wind and the storm. Rudra is the incredibly powerful personification of destruction, and not for those who are weak of heart.


The arrow tattoo, which is part of the symbol of the Sagittarius zodiac sign, may have special meaning for those born between November 23 and December 21. A symbol of heaven and earth indicating directness and quickness, the arrow depicts a link between heaven and earth. In general, Sagittarians are thought to deliver straightforward, honest messages. Taylor Swift recorded her song “The Archer” in 2019, a song that references the Sagittarius zodiac sign and the kind of power embodied by the bow and arrow as a symbol of the sign.


Among the many meanings of an arrow, strength, fight, protection, and safety can be attributed to it as part of the bow and arrow. Because the arrow is one of the oldest forms of weaponry, it can also be considered a way to call back to tradition and the land.


Often depicted broken into two or many pieces, the arrow symbolizes peace, reconciliation, and a new beginning, as though a time of conflict is drawing to a close, and a person is laying down their weapon in an attempt to enter more peaceful times.


However, a bundle of arrows usually indicates readiness for battle as opposed to being grouped together in a bundle. The symbol can also be associated with one of the five founding tribes of the Iroquois League, as well as with the idea of strength and unity.


Tattoos that depict an arrow pointing in opposite directions are usually associated with war or conflict. A tattoo that shows two arrows crossed, however, likely represents friendship and truce. Often two crossed arrows are tattooed on people as a dedication to someone they love or have a close relationship with, sometimes even in the same place.


Arrow on a Bow: If pulled back on a bowstring with an arrow nailed on it, it could symbolize potent readiness, a high point of tension, or intense focus or aim. When it is just released from the bow, its release marks the end of waiting and stillness, and the beginning of motion and forward momentum. Because an arrow can only shoot forward after being drawn back by the bow, it could also represent a temporary setback before a sudden blast of activity. In addition, nocked arrows might additionally represent Sagittarius, the zodiac sign. When you wear a bow on your bow arm, you are always within reach of a permanent weapon or defense.


As the business end of the arrow, the tip is its most dangerous part. In addition, it tends to be the most durable.

Arrow-Stabbed Heart: It is obvious that the bloody, painful, violent end of love is symbolized by this symbol, but it could also be viewed as Cupid’s arrow, as Cupid was the Roman god of erotic love and desire (aka Eros in Greek mythology), and those who were struck by his arrow fell in love immediately. Any tattoo depicting an arrow being pierced through a body part could indicate that the tattooed subject is in love.

Broken Arrow: Pacifism or peace may be represented by a snapped shaft. It is possible that a marksman intentionally breaks an arrow as a sign of the end of the battle, or that they have decided to stop fighting. A broken arrow could also mean impotence or a desire that is thwarted. This design might be acquired by someone who wants to show that they are breaking away from old patterns.

Bundle or Quiver of Arrows: If you’re prepared for any battle, this could be an indication you’re armed. A tattoo of an arsenal might be placed in an accessible area (such as on the arm, leg, or back). Five arrows represent the five nations that comprised the Iroquois League; it symbolizes strength, unity, and shared goals.

Compass Arrow: In a compass, an arrow bisecting one point could denote a plan, plot, or scheme, or possibly even to indicate a new direction. When the arrow is equipped with a compass, it becomes a guided missile that can travel across long distances and still hit its target.

Ideas for Arrow Tattoo Design

1. Bow and Arrow Tattoo

If you are thinking of getting inked, a bow and arrow is an excellent option. In addition to being visually appealing, and looking great in several placement options, this is a tattoo that has meaning attached to it. Power and strength are associated with weapons. As an added benefit, you can focus your energy on the future, leaving your past and any negativity behind.

2. Arrow Compass Tattoo

Combined images of the arrow and compass make up a powerful tattoo, as they are both symbols of direction. There is a shift in focus and a new chapter in the wearer’s life being symbolized by this piece. If you choose to wear it, it will make you feel good about yourself. As a result, you will constantly be reminded of the things that are important to you. Given the tattoo’s symbolic value, it’s understandable why people who are trying to stay true to themselves might find it appealing.

3. Arrow Name Tattoo

You can use name tattoos to honor someone you love, and arrow tattoos are a beautiful yet meaningful way to decorate your body. A name engraved on an arrow typically symbolizes strength and direction, and adding someone special to it enhances these ideas. The best thing you can do is give someone a warning before tattooing their name. Getting inked with your partner’s name is not worth it if you end up breaking up weeks later and regretting the decision.

4. Small Arrow Tattoo

Because small tattoos look so elegant and cute, these are popular choices for getting inked. In addition to their adorable size, these tiny designs have the advantage of being suitable for a wide variety of placement options. When you wish, you can have a tattoo behind your ear or on your finger. A small piece of ink doesn’t require as much time commitment as large pieces, and many people find it easy to get started. The second benefit of these types of procedures is that it takes less time than something more extensive, so not only will it be cheaper, but it will also be less painful.

5. Feather Arrow Tattoo

The feathers and arrows symbolism goes together often because Native American warriors often used the feathers to stabilize their weapons. When considered on its own, a feather is often linked to wisdom, power, and honor, while an arrow has a symbolic connection to direction. The combination of these images holds a strong symbolic value, representing freedom and independence. Those who value these qualities in life will definitely appreciate this tattoo design.

6. Heart and Arrow Tattoo

Upon hitting cupid’s bow, you will fall hopelessly in love, but if you already feel that way about someone, then perhaps a heart tattoo and an arrow tattoo is what you should get for them as a sign of love. Passion and desire are associated with this design, so it is the perfect ink for someone who wants something unique yet meaningful. There are ways for you to express your love for someone without getting them tattooed with their name!

7. Broken Arrow Tattoo

It makes no sense to use a weapon that does not work, and a snapped arrow cannot accomplish its purpose. Tattooed on the body, a broken arrow is rich in symbolism, representing victory over an opponent. In some cases, this could be extremely positive for the wearer, as it may mean they have overcome hardships, becoming more resilient and focused on the future. In some instances, this could represent peace.

8. Crossed Arrows Tattoo

Your body art should celebrate your friendship with someone, don’t you think? A crossed arrows tattoo might be an excellent choice. Ink tattoos with the same design are a popular way for friends and family members to commemorate their bonding. This tattoo will undoubtedly be perfect for getting tattooed with your best friend, and the design is simple but adorable. The tattoo also comes in another interpretation. The item is sometimes associated with protection and regarded as an effective way to shield the wearer from negative energies and those who would harm them.

9. Geometric Arrow Tattoo

You can get body art in so many different styles and interpretations, even for things as simple as nails and hair. Think about getting a geometric tattoo instead of a traditional arrow tattoo if you wish to get a slightly different one. Form and lines find their way together to create a visually interesting and sometimes complicated design. Lines and shapes are also used to create balance, symmetry, and harmony in a piece.

10. Indian Arrow Tattoo

When you search for designs and you see an Indian arrow tattoo on the list, that refers to the tribal weapon used by the Native American tribes. Strength, protection, and even endurance are symbolic of this art form, so it is not surprising that someone would find tattooing with these meanings appealing. When it comes to powerful body art, this could be just what you’ve been searching for.

11. Infinity Arrow Tattoo

Infinity symbols refer to something being infinite and unbounded in time, as their name implies. Mathematical elements like the mathematical sign and an arrow are popular choices for tattoo designs because they symbolize everlasting love and eternity, but when you combine them with an arrow, a whole new meaning is revealed. Wearing the piece will serve as a constant reminder to the wearer of its positive message, that no matter what problems they are facing or struggles they are going through, they are only temporary.

12. Semicolon Arrow Tattoo

Those who have struggled with their problems in the past or are still facing them may find semicolon tattoos appealing. In other words, it’s a warning that your life’s struggles will not last forever, and you should put your energy into the future. In addition to being a symbol of solidarity, it is also a symbol of strength and courage when facing mental health issues. This meaningful design will appeal to a person who has overcome hardships or who wishes to remind themselves of the things they have accomplished and the direction they want to pursue. It is a design that demands attention with its symbolic significance. Display it someplace that you can see every day so that you never lose sight of it.

13. Follow Your Arrow Tattoo

Tattoos featuring arrows are popular since they have a variety of meanings associated with them. In addition to being symbols of direction, these weapons also symbolize a commitment to remaining focused and on track, so having a “follow your arrow” tattoo will serve as a beautiful reminder of your commitment. The design is simple, but you can customize it to make it unique by choosing the font you love or even handwriting from a loved one.

14. Watercolour Arrow Tattoo

There is nothing wrong with getting black ink tattoos, but why don’t you get a watercolor tattoo if you’re going for impact? It’s impressive to see how in this technique, the bright, bold colors are blended perfectly to look like they’re painted on a canvas. There are many options available, but an arrow is rich in symbolism, making it an excellent option. Tats will bring your skin to life, and none of your friends will be able to miss them.

15. Native American Arrow Tattoo

In Native American culture, the arrow plays an important role. Besides the fact that it served its purpose as a weapon, the arrowhead also served as a symbol of protection. This tattoo option may appeal to those who wish to keep the meaning of the arrow’s origins. Despite this, it is always vital you conduct research to verify that the design is accurate and that you aren’t misappropriating or offending people.

16. Warrior Arrow Tattoo

Native American culture takes advantage of the arrow in many ways, including its use by warriors. The thing represents power and strength, so someone who values these qualities may want to tattoo this symbol on their body. Many different designs of the flower exist, as well as numerous interpretations of its meaning, including endurance and struggle. As a whole, however, we can probably all agree that this kind of body art would be very eye-catching, and it will definitely be a talking point.

17. Arrow Head Tattoo

A simple yet meaningful design is what you’re looking for, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. As a result, the weapon would be useless without the arrowhead, and for this reason, it has a lot of symbolic value. As a sign of courage and protection, it is often associated with this symbol. Native American people believed the weapon protected them and could even absorb their enemy’s power, so they believed that it was crucial in shielding them from harmful energies. An arrowhead was used for both huntings and for carrying as a talisman. Taking this into consideration, you can see why the piece would make a powerful tattoo.

18. Tribal Arrow Tattoo

Tribal tattoo designs often symbolize strength and power, which is one reason why they’re so popular. Prismatic arrows, which Native Americans used for hunting, weapons, and protection, are the inspiration for the piece. The original designs of arrows used feathers and shafts made from reeds or shoots, and the style seeks to recreate that design. To ensure that you don’t choose something culturally or linguistically insensitive when getting inked, you should always do your research beforehand.

19. Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo

Between Nov. 23 and Dec. 21 people are born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius. The constellation is often portrayed as a centaur archer, so the bow and arrow are particularly important to the constellation. A tattoo with this design could provide you with good luck if you were born under this sign. It is also an opportunity to pay homage to the zodiac signs you belong to. Added to that, it makes for an extremely cool and visually appealing tattoo.

20. Three Arrow Tattoo

It’s a good idea to get your friends together and head to the tattoo shop together because a three arrow design symbolizes friendship. A piece like this symbolizes love and ties you together, which is perfect for honoring many close friends and family members. Depending on your interpretation of the ink, you can introduce both meaning and style into the design. If you like the idea, get creative and make it unique to you.

21. Green Arrow Tattoo

Tattoos are often inspired by books, movies, and poems, and if you are a fan of superpowers, then a Green Arrow tattoo might be for you. A fictional character is known as Oliver Queen, he is often associated with Batman and tries to do good for the world. He is also the subject of a television show called Arrow. As a superfan or someone inspired by the superhero skills and vigilantism of the DC Comics character, you would feel at home with such a tattoo.

Where Should You Get Arrow Tattoo Design?

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder blade
  • Behind the ear

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

Wrist Arrow Tattoo

In part because of its visible nature, the wrist is a good place to get a wrist tattoo. When choosing a tattoo for your daily viewing location, it is important to pick something meaningful that you won’t regret in the long run. Furthermore, it’s a spot that you don’t want others to see unless you want them to, so it’s a more personal touch. The pros and cons of getting tattooed here are far outweighed by the cons, but you should be aware that the thin skin and lack of muscle will make the process uncomfortable.

Arrow Finger Tattoo

When it comes to tattoos, finger tattoos are a great choice for anyone looking for something dainty and cute. A simple arrow is among the small, simple types of designs that fit this placement. If you want to show off your body art, this is the right place. However, there are some unfavorable factors. The skin on the hands is thin, and they are filled with nerve endings, so getting inked here can be uncomfortable. As a result of exposure to the elements and frequent use, your tattoo will also deteriorate more quickly. The good news is that finger tattoos usually take very little time to complete and are not too expensive.

Arrow Tattoo on the Arm

Body art is great on a number of body parts depending on your preference or lifestyle, but without a doubt, the arm is one of the most common. Despite being considered a low-level pain placement, this placement appeals to patients. Depending on your preference, it is large enough to accommodate a detailed tattoo. A tattoo that is meaningful to you, like an arrow, is something that you should consider getting.

Forearm Arrow Tattoo

Choosing your design and its placement is equally important when you’re doing body art. The lifestyle you lead matters; some areas may be too visible for people who are more reserved or for those in corporate jobs. Regardless, if your goal is to get tattooed in a spot that demands attention without causing too much discomfort, then the forearm tattoo is the one. Furthermore, the shape of the arm lends itself well to narrow designs such as arrows.

List of  Arrow Tattoo Designs

  • Wonderful Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This is quite a cool arrow tattoo with the watercolor effect that has been given to it. This design also comprises a compass where it is mostly related to a sense of direction.

  • Dotted Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This is a bow and arrow tattoo design that has been made on the wrist of the wearer. It looks pretty cool with black ink and dot work pattern.

  • Directional Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This is a beautiful design with black ink that looks pretty cool on the shoulder of the wearer. It is made of black ink that shows that it is a serious touch on the meaning.

  • Amazing Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This arrow tattoo is made with black ink which is intersecting each other. It is also added with roman numerals which can represent many things for the wearer.

  • Nice Tattoo Design On Chest

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This black ink tattoo design is made right on the chest. It looks quite nice as it represents a lot of extensive designs.

  • Extensive Tattoo Design On Thigh

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This tattoo shows a tattoo piercing a hand. It might have some personal significance for the wearer but it can most commonly mean a feeling of hurt.

  • Tribal Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

I like the idea of adding a geometrical pattern to your arrow designs. It looks quite nice and mostly like a tribal tattoo.

  • Wavy Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This is a great area tattoo that has been made on the arms of the wearer. It has many designs on it.

  • Symbolic Tattoo Design On Leg

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This design has loads of symbols that can have personal significance for the wearer. The arrows are also intersecting which can have many meanings.

  • Artistic Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This arrow tattoo is pretty nice. It is made with black ink and shading effect along with a dot work pattern that looks very artsy.

  • Warrior Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

If you want something simple, then this tattoo looks quite perfect. The word “warrior” is written on it which shows that the person could be a warrior and the arrows represent just that.

  • Perfect Tattoo Design On Leg

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This is a broken arrow tattoo design that has been made on the leg of the wearer. This is done with black ink and some shading effect has been given to it which looks pretty nice.

  • Small Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Arrow Tattoo Designs

I like this tattoo which has been made on the upper part of the chest. It looks quite amazing because it is piercing the heart. It means that one could be hurt in love.

  • Sleek Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This arrow tattoo is rather minimalistic which is pretty awesome if you want something small.

  • Pretty Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is done with black ink that looks pretty awesome. It is a great design made on the arm and can be made on the length of the body.

  • Miniature Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This is an exceptionally small bow and arrow tattoo which is made on the shoulder of the wearer.

  • Dotted Tattoo Design On Thigh

Arrow Tattoo Designs

It is a broken arrow which is quite simplistic and very minimal.

  • Elegant Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This arrow tattoo with tribal marks is made with black ink on the backside of the arm. It looks quite simple and elegant.

  • Super Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Many people just get the front part of the arrow which looks superb!

  • Crossed Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

I like how the wearer has added some shading and dot work pattern right in the middle of the intersecting part of the arrows.

  • Patterened Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This bold arrow pattern looks quite nice on the arm. It is done with black ink and has some awesome geometrical shapes made on it.

  • Figurative Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This tattoo represents three arrows which are also added with some geometrical shapes done in dot work.

  • Threesome Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Arrow Tattoo Designs

These three arrows are made in different styles which looks quite cool. I like the blackwork design which has been done here. It is super nice.

  • Targeted Tattoo Design On Body

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This bow and arrow pattern looks quite modernistic with a very natural approach done with black ink.

  • Little Tattoo Design On Ankle

Arrow Tattoo Designs

If you are looking for a minimalistic arrow design then this is a perfect one for you.

  • Colorful Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This broken arrow can represent a ton of things for you. I like this design which has been made here along with other designs. You can add it to your cluster of designs so that it could represent some things.

  • Smart Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This arrow tattoo design has been made on the arms of the wearer which looks quite amazing. It is done with amazing black ink that makes the whole design quite serious.

  • Thin Tattoo Design On Hand

Arrow Tattoo Designs

It is a small arrow tattoo design that is made on the hand. It looks very visible from this placement idea and can represent a lot of things for the wearer.

  • Awesome Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Tattoos usually represent direction towards something and this tattoo can represent the same thing. You can also look at this tattoo as three people moving forward in life.

  • Excellent Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is very minimalistic and elegant because it is not too extensive. It has amazing shading effects and dot work patterns.

  • Friendly Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This design on the side of the arm looks quite amazing.

  • Cute Tattoo Design On Foot

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Making a tattoo on the feet looks pretty amazing. It is made with simple black ink that looks minimal.

  • Pretty Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This arrow has many other elements right in the middle where it looks pretty decent.

  • Elegant Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

The back of the arm is one of the most preferred places for people to get a design like this.

  • Inspirational Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Whatever your reason for getting an arrow tattoo, it’s sure to carry both personal and historical significance. If you’re unsure of what kind of arrow tattoo would best represent you, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

  • Lovely Tattoo Design On Finger

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Despite being a weapon of war, arrows are also a symbol of peace. A broken arrow symbolizes burying the hatchet or putting aside a quarrel for the greater good, whether internally or externally. An arrow by itself can also signify protection from harm or peace, but more in an individual, personal sense.

  • Amicable Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Since a traditional relationship involves two people, a design with more than one arrow usually represents something relationship-based. If the arrows are crossed in the tattoo design, it can represent two very contrasting concepts: complicated love or friendship. A cupid’s arrow, which is either an arrow placed on a cherub’s bow or an arrow piercing through a heart, symbolizes romance and desire since being hit by Cupid’s arrow means you’ve fallen in love.

  • Circular Tattoo Design On Upper Back

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Due to the fact that an arrow can only go forward when it’s shot, its design is often a representation of moving forward, whether physically or mentally. Similarly, when an arrow is released from a bow, it is literally “moving” forward, but it also represents positive changes in life. A compass arrow tattoo signifies moving forward in a new direction or beginning a new chapter in one’s life. Diamond arrows are another common design, which symbolizes strength and courage because the gem is regarded as one of the toughest materials in the world.

  • Liberal Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

The arrow tattoo with a feather, on the other hand, represents victory over a struggle or conflict in life, as well as liberation and independence. The idea of struggle and victory is often represented by arrow tattoos, whether they are relaxed or poised.

  • Triumphant Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Since arrows are used as tools and weapons, they represent the ideas of struggle and triumph. In this design, an arrow is being pulled back on a bow to represent tension, conflict, or life struggle. The achievement of peace and calm may also be represented by an arrow resting on a bow. A second design idea that symbolizes struggle is two arrows pointing away from each other – a representation of conflict or war.

  • Thriving Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

One of the most recognizable designs in this style is the heart with an arrow through it, which is another strong contender for the popularizer behind arrow tattoos. As a way to keep loved ones close when traveling for deployment, sailors (and later all soldiers) received arrow-and-heart designs. As this is a stereotypical tattoo design, even someone who knows nothing about tattoos would probably be able to recognize it-so even if it didn’t originate from American Traditional artists, it still helped popularize it in some way.

  • Popular Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Even certain designs correspond to tribal traditions. For example, a bundle of arrows originally represented one of the five founding tribes of the Canadian Iroquois League-and along with it, strength and unity. Another culture may see downward arrows as a symbol of peace.

  • Prevalent Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

One of the strongest and longest-lasting associations exists among Native Americans, according to Trent Aitken-Smith’s Tattoo Dictionary, which documents the meaning of common tattoos. “For these peoples, the arrow was a symbol that meant life quite literally. It was a tool for hunting food for their families, and it was a weapon for protecting them. This made it both a weapon of war and a weapon of peace. “Two crossed arrows signify an alliance in Native American cultures, while a broken arrow signifies peace.”

  • Cultural Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Due to the fact that the arrow has cultural associations with many different cultures, the origin of the arrow tattoo can be found in many different places. American Indigenous people are considered by many tattoo artists to be the most likely originators, as the arrow was an integral part of their lives. A common association with the arrow is its use for hunting and protection. The arrow was naturally considered a tool of war because it was a weapon, but it was also a symbol of peace and other philosophical ideas.

  • Impressive Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

With meanings ranging from friendship to war, arrow tattoos make an impact, regardless of whether they have personal significance to you.

  • Lettered Tattoo Design On Body

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Getting an arrow tattoo is a popular choice, and with good reason: They’re highly customizable. In addition to the fact that an arrow tattoo can be inked on just about anywhere on the body, the possibilities for making it unique are endless. A lot of the meaning of arrow tattoos extends beyond the design itself; they have a lot of underlying significance. With tattoos, one can permanently memorialize important elements of their lives with meaningful symbols, and the arrow has become a popular design choice. 

  • Historical Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Arrows are very much part of our everyday lives. While its historical significance and meaning may have changed in recent decades, they are by no means gone. As we continue to use arrows in new and innovative ways, we are carrying forward the cultures of ancient civilizations and religions.

  • Fabulous Tattoo Design On Arm

Arrow Tattoo Designs

There are arrows on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, tattoos, t-shirts, dresses, and other clothing and accessories. It depends on how the arrow is represented how it represents the symbolism of the arrow. Some of the common ways arrows are portrayed and the meanings attached to them can be found here.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Using the symbol of arrows, the Buddha tells a story to one of his disciples. These arrows represent obstacles and problems in the Buddha’s story. The Buddha asks his disciple whether he would be hurt if he were struck by an arrow. It is answered in the affirmative. After being struck a second time, the Buddha asks if it will hurt again. A disciple replies that the pain would be worse this time. In response, Buddha says we have a choice to react differently the second time.  Buddha uses the symbol of the arrow to teach that our reactions are more important than obstacles themselves.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

A beautiful queen named Sita is captured by the king of Lanka, and Rama defeats her with bows and arrows. Additionally, Arjuna, who was known as the world’s greatest archer, won the hand of Princess Draupadi in an archery contest in the Mahabharatha. Using his bow and arrows, he also contributed to the victory of his family during the Kurukshetra War. Despite its ancient significance, Hindus still view the arrow as a symbol of courage and strength.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Ancient Hindu epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharatha use bows and arrows as a symbol of strength and endurance. A bow and arrow wielder represents physical strength as well as psychological prowess, courage, concentration, and a sharp mind.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

The mythology of the Greeks and Romans has also been traced to arrows. Arrows were used for warfare and conquest in ancient Greece and Rome, but in Cupid’s hands, also known as the god of love and desire, they held a special meaning. As a result of the arrows of Cupid striking deeply in love, the arrows have long been considered powerful. It is still very popular today, from cartoons to Valentine’s day posters, to depict a heart struck by an arrow.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

It is believed that arrows were originally given a symbolic significance by the Native Americans, who were the original inhabitants of the United States.  Native Americans venerated the arrow as a sign of life, not only because it was a tool for hunting, but also because it protected the people from wild animals and harsh natural conditions.  A significant role has also been played by arrows in Native American culture and aesthetic sensibilities.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Since then, these triangular shapes have been used to denote directions. The first use of these simplified forms was made by artist Paul Klee and cartographer Emil Reich. Arrows are used around the world today to indicate directions.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

During the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the arrow lost its meaning as a weapon and acquired a new symbolic meaning. The shaft and point of the arrow were discarded, leaving only the arrowhead.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Archers were said to have first appeared in Eurasia 48,000 years ago and were found in South Africa 70,000 years ago. Ancient cultures primarily used them as weapons, either to hunt animals or to defend themselves against warring tribes. Many early cave paintings and manuscripts are etched with images of warriors armed with bows and arrows.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Most people do not pay much attention to their meaning and significance because they see them so often. It is surprising, however, that even the simplest of arrow designs carry with them a symbolic meaning carried from ancient cultures.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

A graphic symbol such as an arrow is used to point or indicate a particular direction. You can find arrow symbols all over the place. As a matter of fact, if we look closely, we can find them almost anywhere, including shopping malls, street signs, and even clothes and jewelry.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Mithraism was a religion dedicated to Mithras. Early Christianity was a rival to it; Roman Christians were influenced by it. Early Christianity was eventually suppressed by the 4th century.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

The Roman god Mithras was known as Mithras. His responsibilities included being the god of contracts, a judge, a protector of Truth, and guardian of cattle, the harvest, and the Waters. There is an arrow depicted on a Roman coin of him.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

The arrow was also a symbol of war in Roman mythology. During the ancient world, Apollo (god of the sun) and Artemis (goddess of wild animals and hunting) hunted with arrows. Even though the majority of people no longer hunt with arrows, war remains associated with arrows.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Arrows can indicate having children when used with Cupid. Torches indicate life, while love birds indicate marriage.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

During the 19th century, Cupid often acted as the catalyst for love. The golden arrow he used to strike the heart fueled love. It is interesting to note that his other arrow, which was made of lead, inspired hate.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

In Roman mythology, Cupid pierced hearts with arrows. In this way, arrows pierce the heart as symbols of love. Today, this is a common motif associated with Valentine’s Day.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

arrows are associated with Rudra, the Hindu god of the wind or storm. Rudra’s weapons include an arrow and a bow. Also known as the archer, he carries an arrow and a bow.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs often incorporate Native American arrow symbolism. An Indian-inspired foot tattoo might be right for you if you’re interested in a Native American tattoo. You should consider its appropriateness, of course.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

A bundle of five arrows was also used to represent the five founding tribes of the Iroquois League. Their unified strength was symbolized by the arrow bundle. Unlike a single arrow, a bundle of arrows remains strong even when broken.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

The arrows of Native Americans were symbolic of life. They were tools for hunting food to feed their families and weapons for protecting themselves. Arrows are therefore symbols of both war and peace in Native American culture.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Native American culture places a great deal of significance on the arrow. The importance of hunting and gathering in this culture gave arrows strong symbolic and philosophical significance.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

The arrow symbol is used in some corporate logos to convey a specific message. Many of these messages are related to the products and services offered.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

The line with an arrow symbolizing movement is a common symbol in many cultures today. For example, this symbol indicates patterns in the weather and flight paths.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

In the 1930s, the English cartographer Emil Reich pioneered the use of arrow symbolism as a teaching and analytical tool. A New Student’s Atlas of English History depicts solid triangular arrows on curving lines showing the movements of English military campaigns across Europe.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

The simplified arrow was developed in the mid-1800s. During that time, the tail ornament was removed, leaving the triangular head or diagonal lines convergent at one point. In essence, this simplified the arrow depiction to its most basic form.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Throughout history, arrows have been used as symbols of direction. They indicate what direction things should be going in. In this context, arrows are generally quite straightforward. The purpose of these documents is primarily functional, so they tend to be short and plain (no pun intended).

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

How do you feel about these arrow tattoo designs? Please make sure that you like what you hear since if you change your mind (maybe that name tattooed beneath the arrow-pierced heart wasn’t your forever love after all? ), it will be a costly, painful mistake to fix.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

A bundle of arrows represents strength and unity, while an arrow in the shape of a diamond represents toughness and courage – “hard as a diamond.” A pair of crossed arrows signify friendship, while a heart pierced by an arrow depicts love (in this case, the arrow is that of Cupid). This favorite military tattoo may have been around for a while, but it’s still considered a classic design, so you shouldn’t be ashamed to request it from your tattoo artist (via Bustle).

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Even though arrows are weapons, many tattoos depicting arrows have a less warlike appeal. Arrows in flight, released from a bow, represent new directions, as do arrows that penetrate one of four points on a compass. A broken arrow can serve as a symbol of peace, just as an arrow pointing downwards may symbolize burying the hatchet. 

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Some of the ways that arrows can be depicted in tattoos indicate the bearer may be in the middle of or wishing to ward off, some type of adverse situation. Struggle or tension is symbolized by a tattoo of an arrow being dragged back on a bow. An arrow that points left may be a message of protection, as it indicates a desire to chase something negative away from the bearer. Single arrow tattoos may also serve as a form of protection. Tattoos that depict two arrows pointing in opposite directions are symbolic of conflict or even war. 

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

However, what exactly does it symbolize? The symbolism lies mostly in how the arrow is positioned or situated. Arrow designs and shapes can symbolize many different things, including challenges endured or overcome, or challenges still in progress at the time of tattooing. Still, other arrow designs can convey a more positive message.

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Arrow Tattoo Designs

Although an arrow tattoo could be a symbol of your love for Oliver Queen, most of these tattoos are associated with Native American culture’s use of the tool in hunting and warfare. A tattoo with an arrow design can be as simple as a single element or as complex as a multi-part design, but either way, it is a powerful symbol.

Arrow Tattoos Preparation Tips

You should always inform the tattoo artist before getting a tattoo if you are allergic to skin or hair products, or if you suffer from other illnesses such as hemophilia, hemorrhaging, allergies to metal, iodine, creams, diabetes, pregnancy, or high/low blood pressure. We strongly recommend that women planning on getting tattoos during pregnancy seek the advice of their physician first. An individual should not feel tired or hungry after setting foot inside a tattoo parlor.

It is not advised to apply chemical peels, lotions, or ointments to tattooed areas after they have been completed. You should also avoid going to the tanning salon, getting fake tans, or getting cuts or scrapes near the area where you will be getting the tattoo, especially in the vicinity of the part of the body where the tattoo will go.

The healing process of a foot arrow tattoo could take quite a while, so you should seriously contemplate whether you want to get one before you proceed. During the winter season, you may need to stay at home for up to three weeks after receiving a foot tattoo. If you plan to wear socks or closed shoes three days before your appointment, make sure you have an open toe. Make sure to avoid soaking your feet in water since it can ruin the pigmentation of the ink. In order to be safe, you should never combine water and fresh tattoos.

Average Service Cost & Standard Price for Getting Arrow Tattoos

The idea of getting an arrow tattoo designed for a first tattoo is appealing to a large number of people. Moreover, the simple design makes the tattoo cheap, so you won’t have to spend too much on it. Additionally, tattoo artists won’t have to charge you as much, as the design of an arrow isn’t that complicated and engravers won’t encounter too many difficulties. To summarize, the arrow is considered an excellent choice for a first tattoo.

Tattoo shops generally charge by the hour for their services. In general, tattoo artists charge at least $250 per hour, if not more, and no less than $100 in the minimum amount. Getting a tattoo isn’t cheap, and even the simplest design and the shortest time for it to be done will be costly.

Maintenance Tips After Getting Arrow Tattoos

It is the artist’s responsibility to advise you on how to take care of your tattoo. You should take certain precautions before going to sleep, especially when you are about to go to sleep. In the first few hours after you get your tattoo, you may notice clear plasma oozing out with some ink mixed in. The body is only doing this as a precaution against certain types of infection, so don’t be alarmed. The problem is that this can also cause your bed sheets or clothing to get ruined. Wear old, worn-out pajamas or shirts before you go to sleep – Otherwise, you could wake up to several ink blots on your clothes and plasma stains on your sheets. As your tattoo heals, keep it away from abrasion by wearing non-abrasive clothes and bedding.

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