Avani Gregg’s 13 Tattoos and Their Meanings

Tattoos are a classic way to express yourself and show off your personality, and one celeb who’s been killin’ the game lately is Avani Gregg. You might know her as a makeup artist and social media influencer, but have you seen her dope ink? Avani’s tats are like a roadmap of her life, and each one has a deep meaning that’s super special to her. In this article, we’re gonna get into all the juicy deets about Avani Gregg’s ink, from the nods to her cultural roots to the little reminders of her favorite memories. So whether you’re a fan of Avani or just curious about tattoos and what they represent, this article is gonna be a wild ride through the world of body art and self-expression.

List of Avani Gregg’s Tattoos

Smiley Face on Finger

Avani Gregg's Smiley Tattoo
Olivia Rodrigo, Charli D’Amelio, Iris Apatow, and Avani Gregg, who are all best friends, surprised their followers on social media by getting matching tattoos as a symbol of their lifelong friendship. The new ink includes hearts on the pointer fingers for Olivia and Iris, and classic smiley faces in the same location for Charli and Avani.

Cherry Tattoo on Wrist

Avani Gregg's Cherry Tattoo
Avani Gregg has a cherry tattoo on her wrist with two initials inside them. Probably it is a dedication tattoo.

Dedication to her Pet Dog

Avani Gregg's Pet Dedication Tattoo
This tattoo is not clear but it seems like it is a dedication tattoo for her pet. The structure looks like a dog’s paw.

Floral Tattoo on Left Thumb

Avani Gregg's Flower Tattoo
Avani Gregg has a floral tattoo on her thumb.

Self Portrait on her Arm

Avani Gregg's Portrait tattoo
It seems like a self-portrait but Avani Gregg has not yet revealed much of it. The tattoo is made on her arm.

Butterfly Tattoo on Right Arm

Avani Gregg's Butterfly Tattoo
Avani Gregg has a butterfly tattoo on her right arm.

Devanagari Characters on Left Arm

Avani Gregg's Hindi Script Tattoo
Avani Gregg has some characters on her upper left arm which look like the word “Om.” These are different variations of the character in Devnagri.

Suitcase Tattoo on Left Arm

Avani Gregg's Suitcase tattoo

Avani Gregg has a small suitcase tattoo on her arm which probably represents her love for traveling. She has not revealed much about it.

Tattoo on the Right Wrist

Avani Gregg's tattoo on right wrist
Avani Gregg has an unknown design on her right wrist.

Floral Tattoo Near Left Elbow

Avani Gregg's Elbow Floral tattoo
Avani Gregg has a minimalistic floral tattoo under her Devnagri tattoo. It is a small flower outline.

Chinese Script on Right Arm

Avani Gregg's Chinese Script Tattoo
Avani Gregg has something written in Chinese on her arm however she hasn’t revealed a lot about this.

Crying Eye Tattoo on Right Thigh

Avani Gregg's eye tattoo
There is a tattoo of a crying eye on her thigh. The meaning behind this tattoo isn’t revealed yet.

Numeral on the Right Thigh

Avani Gregg's numeral tattoo
Avani Gregg has some numerals inked on her thigh. The tattoo is not clear enough and Avani has not yet revealed much about it either.

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