15 Awesome Love is Love Tattoo Designs

The LGBT community has its own signs and symbols along with color codes and flags to represent each section of its community and differentiate it from other sources. These sources can be historical, cultural, or social.

The symbols that were initially chosen were used for self-identification and showing a  united strength and allegiance amongst themselves and other groups. However, these symbols and signs are more than indications of something. Just like a flag gives a sense of belonging or nationalism, the symbols gave the LGBTQ community a sense of belonging too.

The symbols can have many facets and one of them is the phrase, “Love is Love” which shows that no matter what your religion, sexual orientation, or gender is, one has a right to choose how or whom they love. Love is beyond boundaries and must be accepted the way it is. Thus, here are a few selected “Love is Love” tattoo design which anyone, despite their sexual orientation and outside the LGBTQ community can wear. Take a look!

Where Should You Get Love is Love Tattoo Design?

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder blade
  • Behind the ear

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Love is Love Tattoo Designs

  • Awesome Tattoo Design On Arm

Love is Love

This Love is Love tattoo design is made in a beautiful way on the arms of the wearer. It s also accompanied by a heart. The calligraphy that is used is pretty distinctive from others because it uses more than one font. This is rather a freehand style. The colorful background looks as if it has been made out of pencil crayons.

  • Love Wins Tattoo Design On Arms

Love is Love

This Love is Love tattoo design really brings out the community that it represents in the first place. It is a great design if you want to express the same sentiments without using many words. The theme of the LGBTQ community is the same. I really like the black and bold lines that are used to make the design along with some rainbow colors that make the design look pretty.

  •  Scan Code Tattoo Design On Wrist

Love is Love

This Love is Love tattoo design is pretty creative. Once you begin to make your research, probably you are going to find something as unique and inventive as this design too. Here you can see a colorful barcode that is originally in black color and used on things. Here, this Love is Love tattoo design suggests that the person is all about the freedom to love from the inside out.

  • Watercolor Tattoo Design On Arms

Love is Love

I really think that adding watercolor effects to your simple Love is Love tattoo design would actually make it look 10 times more attractive. In his case, you would want to keep the font simple and bold. The colors of the rainbow flag do add that beautiful and attractive element to this otherwise simple Love is Love tattoo design.

  • Rainbow Color Tattoo Design On Bicep

Love is Love

This design that is made on the bicep of the wearer is based on some similar concepts. It is made on the bicep because it represents strength and courage. Thus this Love is Love tattoo design can be made to show that you should have the freedom and the courage to love whoever you want. I think the placement option is pretty amazing and significant.

  • Beautiful Tattoo Design On Waist

Love is Love

This little Love is Love tattoo design is made on the waist of the wearer. The replacement option in this picture makes this whole design a bit more private. So if you want to keep this Love is Love tattoo design a bit more to yourself and probably not discuss it with anyone but yourself, the waist is the perfect place.

  • Amazing Love is Love Tattoo Design On Arms

Love is Love

Now, you do not have to have the same words repeated. You can go for something similar and that transposes similar emotions. This tattoo does the same. Love is Love can easily be equated with Love Wins. The whole concept is to allow freedom of speech. The watercolor effect does add another kind of depth to it, both culturally and aesthetically.

  • Simple Love Wins Tattoo Design On Wrist

Love is Love

Once again this Love Wins tattoo transmits the same emotions as the Love is Love tattoo design. I think it looks pretty cool made in multi-colored ink. It has all the colors of a rainbow which is the official flag for the umbrella term LGBTQ. It is a great way to put forth your emotions without adding too many elements to your tattoo. Sometimes simplicity like this goes a pretty long way because it is still very significant.

  • Heart Love is Love Tattoo Design On Wrist

Love is Love

I love how the emphasis has been given to the word “Love.” This tattoo seems to be screaming that loving someone should definitely be your own choice and it should be normalized instead of being stigmatized or looked down upon. I really like the amazing concept and if you want your tattoo design to be visible, the wrist would be the perfect place for it.

  • Minimal Love is Love Tattoo Design On Feet

Love is Love

I love the idea of getting a simple yet chic Love is Love tattoo design on the feet. Getting a small tattoo on the feet is a rather great idea because it is a place that is not always visible. Plus, you can add a tiny design that would hold some significance and privacy for you. Besides, I think that a feet tattoo is pretty much in vogue.

  • Calligraphy Love is Love Tattoo Design On Arm

Love is Love

Or if you do not fancy a Love is Love tattoo design on your feet you can get it directly across your arm for better visibility. The design here is rather simple with just the black ink and simple fonts. Nonetheless, the custom that is trending these days is of being minimalistic. However, I would’ve added a tiny rainbow right at the end.

  • Angel Wings Love is Love Tattoo Design On Arms

Love is Love 18

The angel wings and that too in rainbow color ink looks pretty amazing. It is a beautiful design to be made on the arm. The phrase is enclosed inside a pretty cute heart. The colors do add a certain level of aesthetics to the otherwise black ink design. I think it would make a perfect tattoo if you are looking for something sober. The beautiful angelic wings give it very religious and pious undertones.

  •  Beautiful Love Wins Tattoo Design With Heart

Love is Love 17 e1600348348906

This Love Wins tattoo is very poignant and is made on the arm. Other places that you can make this design include legs and neck. It is a great design with nothing too boisterous. I like how the heart has been made in bold lines to emphasize the feeling of love and finally carving a solid platform for the quote, Love is Love. The background in this tattoo design looks like an LGBTQ flag.

  • Humanity Love is Love Tattoo Design On Wrist

Love is Love 15

Love is Love for sure and it should be a human right where one must have the full freedom to who they want to love. It is a great design to be made on the wrist and looks pretty awesome. I really like how the heart has also been connected to a cross sign. It adds a bit of religious touch to the design. It also makes a pretty huge statement by including religion in something that is understood to be condemnable by some people.

  • Quote Love is Love Tattoo Design On Ribs

Love is Love 14

This Love is Love tattoo design literally screams of the LGBTQ community. You can get something as elaborate as this design which has a beautiful background with so many pretty colors. Adding a short poem or extract like this does make your Love is Love tattoo design a bit more significant. It is quite a big design so I feel you can make it on your ribs where it will probably look the best.

  • Bold Love Tattoo Design

Love is Love 13

A simple and bold ‘LOVE’ tattoo filled with all the colors of an LGBTQ flag would look pretty cute. You don’t have your tattoo to be super boisterous to be heard! I think more than how many elements you have in your Love is Love tattoo design, the sentiment and intention behind it counts. And this Love is Love tattoo design tattoo is worth that count! I like how the colorful word which is so simple looks really attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Amazing Tattoo Design With Watercolor Effect

Love is Love 16

In this Love is Love tattoo design, the words have been switch a bit. It says “Love who you love”, which is almost similar to Love is Love. Like I said before, you do not have to dwell on the exact Love is Love quote and can actually choose something else which is probably more elaborative and explains your feelings better, however, at the same time is true to its meaning. This Love is Love tattoo design clearly checks in all the criteria.

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