21 Amazing Geisha Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Geishas are one of the most traditional beings in Japanese culture. Unfortunately, they are rapidly decreasing and have now become a thing of the past, except for the ultra-rich who can afford practically anything. Yet, if you have read a lot about geishas and you’re totally hooked, you might want to show your love and affection for it. There’s probably no greater way than to get it tattooed to mark your affection towards something you love. It doesn’t matter if you are Japanese yourself, you can belong to any culture and gather interest in it. And so, we have created a list of well-researched geisha tattoo designs that you can get for yourself.

geisha Designs

Geisha Kimono

Geisha tattoos are very famous in general because they are inspired by the young and powerful fem-gen. Geishas have been the pride of japan since the time being although it is misunderstood in many other cultures. The job of a geisha is to entertain, to sing and dance. Besides this, a Geisha has to go through some rigorous training before she comes all out in the field. She is representative of the ideal woman. She is intelligent, she is smart and she is absolutely very poised. The trend has stretched so far that people from far away are interested to know more about the Geisha culture.


Body placement should be a very important factor when you are planning to get a tattoo done. A lot of research must be put behind it before you select any one. So are some body placement recommendations that we have gathered for your convenience.

  • Tattoo on Shoulders – Shoulders are great locations for this tattoo. In fact, a lot of people in the past preferred having this tattoo on their shoulders.
  • Tattoo on Back– There are some cases that this tattoo will involve bigger designs. This is the main reason why you also need to have a wider body part where you will place it. This is where your back part comes into play.
  • Tattoo on Chest – Chest is also a good location. It is also the perfect placement if you don’t want your tattoos to be very obvious to many people around you.
  • Tattoo on Legs– Legs can also be great for the location of this tattoo. You can decide whether you want to place the tattoo in the right leg, left leg, or in both legs.
  • Geisha Upper Back Tattoo

Geisha back tattoo

This tattoo is big enough to cover the whole upper back area. The design is intricately done and we love the hairdo of the geisha. Her hair is superbly adorned with flowers which makes the whole design quite girly. Overall, this tattoo gives a very delicate look to the geisha.

  • Geisha Color Tattoo

geisha color tattoos e1572845275788

This geisha tattoo looks so subtle because of the tints of pink and purple used in the design. The tattoo is very soft to look at. The rib area suits the best as a placement idea for these kinds of elongated tattoo designs. The fan that the geisha is holding is so intricately done. The floral motif on her fan, her hair and her clothes only enhance the overall design. The back is another great option for such a design.

geisha Designs

Colorful Geisha Pens

  • Geisha Arm Tattoo

upper arm geisha ttatoo

Men are not really keen on getting a geisha tattoo but there are few who are bold enough to do it. And quite honestly, it looks extremely well. In fact, getting the geisha girl on the bicep just enhances the look of the tattoo. It is a perfect blend of feminity and masculinity in the tattoo pattern.

  • For Upper Arm

colored upper arm

This geisha tattoo look quite vibrant because of the various shades of colors that are employed. It is also a very realistic art that has been done by the tattoo artist. The hair and her kimono are very intricately done and it definitely enhances the look of the whole tattoo.

  • Geisha Wrist Tattoo

geisha forearm tattoo

This geisha tattoo definitely represents the feminity that a geisha behold and is usually known for. If you have seen the movie, ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ or probably read the book, you will totally get that where this tattoo idea has been inspired from. The subtle use of colors gives the tattoo a rather soft feel.

  • Classic Black And White

geisha tattoos tattoo pics

Probably many people will go for a colored tattoo when it comes to geishas because that’s what they are known for, that is, to spread happiness and colors wherever they go, right? However, getting a  geisha tattoo in black ink has its own charm. Now for instance, look at this design. It gives a realistic touch and makes the whole look appear as something ancient because, in reality too, geishas are a thing of past.

geisha Designs

Antique Geisha Dolls

  • Contemporary Geisha Design

modern geisha tattoo

This geisha is not really your traditional geisha. She is the contemporary geisha next door. Although geishas are known for traditions and poise, here, the geisha has a modern twist. It seems like she is ready with all her accessories and out and about to do what she does the best!

  • Traditional Geisha Tattoo

traditional geisha

The geisha tattoo design that you can see here is large and would suit perfectly on places like back or chest. In fact, the arm can also be a great option. However, the black and white pattern is great on girls, it would suit well for the guys too.

  • Geisha Doll Tattoo

doll design

This is a definite modification on the geisha. It looks like the hello kitty has taken up a geisha attire. Although whatever might be the situation, it looks extremely cool. The kimono and the red accessories match with each other well.

  • Geisha and Nature

Geisha Amidst Nature

This geisha tattoo is very elaborative. It is made up of numerable elements that are associated with the Japanese culture for ages. The various colors used in the design makes it very vibrant. The scene with the geisha sitting and rejoicing at the cherry blossoms looks really enticing. The floral patterns really make the whole design pop-out.

  • Sophisticated Geisha Tattoo

Sophisticated Geisha Tattoo For Women

This is not just a regular geisha. She is poised and beautiful for sure, but she also represents fierceness as it is reflected in her eyes. Moreover, she is holding a sword, which is also associated with the samurai in the Japanese culture. The sword is really contrastive with the floral kimono that she is wearing and provides for a perfect blend of feminity and masculinity. The geisha herself has a dragon tattoo on her back right below her shoulder. It is representative of strength and courage. So if you consider yourself a warrior, just like this geisha and think that women are not behind in any aspect of life, this tattoo is right for you.

  • Quite an Ethnic Design

Ethnic Geisha Tattoo

The geisha tattoos can mean many things besides their posied behavior and excellent manners. Here, the geisha seems to be quite the experienced one and not the younger geisha. She is a bit mature, yet the way she is holding the two beautiful Japanese fans is so sophisticated. Therefore, it represents that manners and poise is something which will be a permanent feature in you. The floral designs done in pink and blue are really contrasting and make the whole design stand out. The fans that geisha is holding have cherry blossoms on it which is quite a part of the Japanese culture.

geisha Designs

Beautiful Geisha Combs

  • Blue Geisha Designs

The sober blue geisha

Here, in this patter, the geisha looks very radiant. This geisha tattoo is very realistic looking as well. The rib cage is a perfect placement option for a design like this. The blue tint of the tattoo is quite unique and this whole design is done in a monotone. You can select any other color if you like, for instance, pink! The blue color gives the design a  delicate look. The blue is representative of calmness and tranquility.

  • Full Geisha Tattoo Designs

Geisha full compressed

The geishas have a very vibrant personality which is a prerequisite for their profession. Here, the geisha seems like she is dancing in her traditional kimono, holding her fans. She looks super posied and sophisticated. The butterfly that is added to the design adds a pinch of feminity to the already delicate design. The kimono of the geisha is also pretty, adorned with flowers and yes, more butterflies. All the colors employed to make the tattoos are very vibrant and make the tattoo far from dull. It definitely one of the most attractive geisha tattoos on this list.

  • The Warrior

The geisha warrior

This geisha is a warrior. Every geisha is supposed to be doll-like and is even presumed so all over the world. There are many connotations that are fixed for geishas. But this tattoo represents the fact that there is much more to them than this. This geisha looks strong and powerful. She seems like she has faced some difficulties and have had courage to face every challenge with utmost confidence. The background, if you take a look, is of the cherry blossoms which are considered very significant in the Japanese culture. She is therefore, a true woman of Japan. She might be delicate and fragile as she is often assumed to be, but she is super strong from the inside. If you are also someone who resembles her personality,m this tattoo is definitely yours to choose.

  • Dancing On Her Own

Dancing Geisha Tattoo

This is a geisha but she has been altered to the modern ways. As you can see, she is not even wearing the traditional kimono which is a significant part of their attire. It seems like she is wearing a western gown instead, which is totally okay if you want to give your geisha a western look. So if you are from the west and add some of your own cultures to the Japanese one, it is perfectly alright. For that matter, you can dress her up in anything you like. However, in the present design, she still looks quite beautiful with her flowing gown. It is undoubtedly very elegant. Geishas are well-known for singing, dancing and playing musical instruments to entertain their guests. This geisha too is holding a musical instrument and the curves of her body portray that she is also swooning to the beats of her music.

  • Red Geisha Tattoo

Red in lust geisha

This geisha tattoo is very attractive because of the dominant red color. The red color is associated with energy and vigor and that is something that a geisha needs constantly for her profession. This tattoo is an emblem of intricate design work and that’s pretty clear from her headgear and her kimono. It is beautifully adorned with cherry blossom flowers which are the traditional Japanese flowers. Her shyness and delicate feature makes her the epitome of the girls in her profession. Her looks are totally enticing. Geisha tattoos are a great way to behold the attention of others.

  • Feminine Geisha Tattoo

Geisha Representing Femininity tattoo

This geisha design, if you look carefully, is quite different from the other geisha tattoos. The geisha is representative of politeness and feminity and here, she represents it quite well. However, it seems like there is another side to the story. That is very apparent from the half-skull look that she has. In fact, you might also notice the fish skull right next to her. It seems a little icky, right? The black and white ink, moreover, add to the mystery. Probably that is why for the people who are not quite familiar with the geisha culture, they are still so mysterious. Like everyone, they also hold some deep dark secrets. And if it is true for you too, if you hide some deep darks secrets within you, your personality definitely resonates with this geisha. You know the drill.

  • The Anime

The anime geisha

Realistic looking geishas are quite common and undoubtedly they look quite amazing, no matter it is done in black and white ink or by using various other inks. However, if you are aware, anime is a great part of japan too. You can see it everywhere on television, online or in the famous comic books called manga. People all over the world are influenced by them. Therefore, it is actually quite great if you would also like to get your geisha done in an animated way. IT would not only be quite different from the rest of the geisha tattoos but rather instrumental in showing your interest in anime or manga if you have it. But nonetheless, this design looks extremely well.

  • The Shy Geisha

The shy geisha

All that this geisha intends to mean, is shown in her eyes which is very deep. The feature of this geisha is very soft and delicate. This piece is great on the upper arm especially if you are a little buff because it will then provide a larger surface area. The colors used are primary and makes the tattoo pop out even more. This design is very intricately done right from her headgear to her kimono. The minute details are worth the applause. You need to get a good tattoo artist for something like this.

geisha Designs

Wooden Geisha Dolls

  • Hand Geisha Tattoo

Geisha Tattoo

This again looks like a geisha who is fierce and courageous. She screams of strength and has a vibe on not letting herself down in any adversity. She is young and beautiful but also very fierce. Many times, the personality of a geisha is misinterpreted. She is considered very fragile and doll-like but it is often not the case. A geisha can be anything and so she can be a warrior too. This realistic looking design suits best on the arm but it can also be done on the thigh.

The most important part of getting a geisha tattoo that the designs are very complicated in addition to being elaborative and intricate. Therefore, proper research about the design, the placement idea and even in fact, your tattoo artist, is quite indispensable. This tattoo is going to be on your body forever and so extensive research is very important. In the end, how the design comes out is an amalgamation of these factors. Let us know how did you like the designs. You can alter these designs too to personalize it for yourself.

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