30 Celebrities with Hebrew Tattoos to Watch Out

Since tattoos are essentially permanent, getting one is a major commitment. Yes, you can technically have them removed by a laser, but the procedure is painful and time-consuming. Because of this, most people think twice before choosing what they would permanently tattoo on their bodies. The famous people have decided to get themselves tattooed in Hebrew, a language they almost certainly do not know. While some of them have succeeded, others have produced regrettable nonsense as a result. Here are some Hebrew tattoos on famous people along with their meanings.

List of Celebrities with Hebrew Tattoos

  • Gape Kapler’s Star of David

Gape Kapler's Star of David

Gabe Kapler, a Jewish baseball player, has a Hebrew tattoo on each of his legs. Hebrew letters purportedly spell out “strong-willed, strong-headed” around a massive Star of David. Although there aren’t enough images to back this up, it is evident that Kapler is incredibly proud of his roots.

  • Adam Paller’s Hebrew Tattoo for His Grandfather

Adam Paller's Hebrew Tattoo for His Grandfather

On the right side of his breast, actor Adam Pally, who is most known for his work on Happy Endings, has a Hebrew tattoo. Asher is his own Hebrew name, and it also happens to be the name of his paternal grandfather. He said about the tattoo, “It’s not the best tattoo. It was given to me when I was 19 and now makes me appear to have been a prisoner in Tel Aviv and to be someone’s property.

  • Génesis Rodríguez’s Hamsa Tattoo

Génesis Rodríguez's Hamsa Tattoo

The actress Génesis Rodriguez has a tattoo of a Hamsa, a sign of protection from the evil eye that is formed like a hand. While Hamsas are widespread throughout the Middle East, hers makes use of Jewish emblems like the Star of David and the Hebrew word for life, “Chai.” She is not Jewish, but a trip to Israel gave her the idea for the tattoo.

  • Lights Poxleitner’s Elaborate Hebrew Tattoo

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Musician Lights Poxleitner has a big tattoo on her body that includes numerous elements, including the initials EPVP, which stand for her parents’ names, Eric and Virginia Poxleitner, and Jesus’ name in Hebrew. The tattoo has a lot going on, but it is a lovely ode to all she cherishes.

  • Ariana Grande’s Hebrew Writing Tattoo on Finger

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Ariana Grande, a popular singer, has what appears to be the Hebrew characters “eled,” “Eli,” or “eler” tattooed on her finger. Although the meaning of the tattoo is unclear, we assume it is intended to read “Eli,” which means “my God.” Ariana Grande has had tattoos in various languages before; she famously received a Japanese tattoo that did not say what she had thought it said.

  • Harry Styles’s Hebrew Tattoo

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

One Direction singer Harry Styles gets a tattoo of his sister Gemma’s name in Hebrew. Although he is not Jewish, he “loves the Jewish community and wears a Magen David,” according to the Daily Mail. The boys from [One Direction] all cherish Judaism. They find it fascinating and relish the familial feel.

  • Madonna’s Hebrew Tattoo on Arm

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

The Hebrew characters lamed, alef, and vav are tattooed on Madonna’s shoulder, as shown in the music video for “Die Another Day.” Yehuda Berg, her Kabbalah teacher, claims that it symbolizes one of God’s names in Kabbalah. This tattoo was simply a temporary one, it turns out.

  • Ayesha Curry’s Hebrew Tattoo on Arm

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry, is an NBA player. In addition, she founded a lifestyle and food business that is rapidly expanding into an empire. She has the Hebrew phrase “love never fails” tattooed on her body. How adorable is that?

  • Naya Rivera’s Hebrew Tattoo on Wrist

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

On Naya Rivera’s right wrist, she had a tattoo that said “Ahava,” the Hebrew word for love. She also had other tattoos, including a giant cross on her back and numerous smaller ones scattered around. Her most well-known role was as Santana Lopez on Glee.

  • Britney Spears’s Hebrew Tattoo on Back

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Another famous person who found tattoo inspiration from her Kabbalah lectures was a pop icon and legend Britney Spears. She has a tattoo of one of the 72 names for “God” in the Kabbalah, which she acquired back in 2004. She decided to take Kabbalah studies after being inspired by Madonna.

  • Jess Glynne’s Hebrew Tattoo on Thigh

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Jess Glynne, an English singer, and songwriter has a Hebrew tattoo. Although it is not completely visible, it is obvious that it is in Hebrew and that she most likely completed it because she is Jewish. Glynne was listed among the Most Influential People Under 30 in 2019 by Forbes magazine.

  • Nicola Peltz’s Hebrew Tattoo on Ribs

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Nicole Peltz has the Yiddish phrase, which translates to “family first,” inked on her ribs. Although this tattoo is technically not in Hebrew, Yiddish and Hebrew have similar alphabet and cultural traditions. In July 2016, Dr. Woo, a tattoo artist, inked Nicola.

  • Chantel Jeffries’s Hebrew Tattoo on Back

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

“With me is God” is written on Chantel Jeffries’ body in Hebrew. “I got my tattoo in Hebrew because of the meaning of what it says,” she tweeted about the ink. And everyone speaks Arabic… I won’t take that. She may be aware that other people also have Hebrew tattoos, we wonder!

  • Jordan Hinson’s Hebrew Tattoo on Body

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Jordan Hinson, an actress, also has a Hebrew tattoo. The inscription, which says “bless your body, blesses your soul,” is on her right side. Make peace and restraint your intentions. Hinson is best known for playing Zoe Carter in the television program Eureka. She currently has a total of roughly 13 tattoos.

  • Jordin Sparks’s Hebrew Tattoo Along the Spine

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Singer Jordin Sparks has the Hebrew phrase “If I am not myself, then who will be me” inked on her back. She revealed: “Spine tattoo… I would have a tattoo on my spine if I could have any tattoo at all. I adore it! It appears as though she realized her desire!

  • Christina Aguilera’s Hebrew Tattoo on Lower Back

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

One of Christina Aguilera’s many tattoos, which reads “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,” appears on her lower back. Another tattoo of her now-ex-initials, her husband’s JB, is located directly beneath it. Although Aguilera herself is not Jewish, her ex-boyfriend Jordan Bratman is. Liron, which is a Hebrew name that means “my delight” or “my singing,” is their son’s middle name.

  • Jourdan Dunn’s Hamsa Tattoo on Arm

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Model Jourdan Dunn chose to get the Middle Eastern Hamsa tattoo as Kyrie Irving did. It is on the inside of her right arm. It appears that hers also features henna patterns, which is typical of Hamsa designs.

  • Regina King’s Subtle Hebrew Tattoo

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Aramaic is another Semitic language like Hebrew that actress Regina King has a tattoo of that matches the one on her kid. She said in an appearance on The View that she and her kid had been attending Kabbalah classes. We both decided on the tattoo of “unconditional love” when he suggested that we each choose three tattoo designs, without telling the other which ones they are. “Unconditional love” is the meaning.

  • Christina Aguilera’s Tiny Hebrew Tattoo

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Another Hebrew tattoo that Christina Aguilera has is a representation of her ex-initials. husband’s She also has the Spanish phrase “te amo sempre,” which translates to “I love you always,” tattooed around it. It makes sense that she is supposedly having it removed since the two are no longer together.

  • Justin Beiber’s Hebrew Tattoo on Ribs

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Popular singer Justin Bieber has the Hebrew name of Jesus tattooed on his left rib. He got matching tattoos with his father. On his left leg, Justin has a similar tattoo of Jesus’ face.

  • Rita Ora’s Hebrew Tattoo on Wrist

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Rita Ora, a singer, has numerous tattoos, one of which is inscribed in Hebrew and uses white ink. The meaning of the tattoo is unclear, even though it is obvious that it contains Hebrew characters. She also has various other tattoos, including ones in Japanese.

  • Danielle Lloyd’s Hebrew Tattoo on Neck

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

On the back of her neck, Danielle Llyod has a really large Hebrew tattoo that is fairly noticeable. She had a tattoo done in 2008 that was probably intended to convey the message, “Only God can judge me, only God can judge me.” Unfortunately, the tattoo is only the English text transliterated into Hebrew letters. Only God Ken Jodg M, Only God Ken Jodg M is what it says. Proofreading always pays off!

  • Kay Cola’s Hebrew Tattoo Body

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

The Hebrew tattoo that the Grammy-nominated singer Kay Cola has may represent different things. “Shalom” is the first word and it implies peace, hello, and goodbye. The second word is a “God” reference. She said, “God gives me serenity. my provider. She most certainly wanted her tattoo to read “God is my peace,” therefore that’s what it probably meant.

  • Steph Curry’s Hebrew Love Tattoo

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Steph Curry, a star for the Golden State Warriors, has a Hebrew tattoo that precisely complements the design on his wife. It also says, “Love never fails,” and it’s from the New Testament’s 1 Corinthians 13:8. They have matching tattoos, which is very cute.

  • David Beckham’s Hebrew Tattoo on Arm

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Nearly identical to the one that Victoria Beckham had, David Beckham has a Hebrew tattoo that reads, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine, who browses among the flowers.” The word “Dodi” in his sentence is in the male form rather than the feminine, but that’s good because it’s the thinking that counts, not the grammar.

  • Kyrie Irving’s Hamsa Tattoo on Bicep

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

While the basketball player Kyrie Irving does not have a Hebrew tattoo, he does have a Hamsa. Along with Jewish tradition, several Middle Eastern cultures use the Hamsa, often known as the “eye of Fatima.” It is designed to ward against bad karma.

  • Victoria Beckham’s Hebrew Tattoo on Neck

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

The back of Victoria Beckham is covered in a Hebrew tattoo. “I am my lover’s and my beloved is mine,” it says. She got the tattoo in celebration of her and David Beckham’s sixth wedding anniversary. She has been working to get the tattoo removed since 2015 though. She claimed that her lack of interest in body art does not reflect on her romantic relationship.

  • Fabien Gilot’s Hebrew Tattoo on Arm

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

The French Olympic swimmer Fabien Gilot has the tattoo “I am nothing without them” on his body. His grandmother’s spouse, Max Goldschmidt, a Holocaust survivor, is honored by this tattoo. He tragically passed away in 2012, just before Gilot took home the gold.

  • Yandi Smith Harris’s Hebrew Tattoo on Shoulder

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

Entrepreneur and entertainment manager Yandy Smith-Harris has a Hebrew tattoo on her shoulder. “I got this tattoo roughly 7 years ago in Israel with @missymisdemeanorelliott,” she wrote in a post. I truly feel lucky to share my life with such an icon. Years later, I’m still fortunate and am traveling the globe with my children for my businesses.

  • India Westwood’s Hebrew Tattoo on Body

Celebs Hebrew Tattoo

The star of the reality TV program Westbrooks is India Westbrooks. Currently, she has roughly 27 tattoos, one of which is written in Hebrew. “Do not be worried about everything, but in every circumstance, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, submit your requests to God,” Philippians 4:6 is quoted in the verse.

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