Chase Hudson’s 13 Tattoos with their Meanings

Are you a fan of TikTok heartthrob Chase Hudson, aka Lil Huddy? Well, hold on tight because we’re about to dive into a topic that’s sure to make your heart race faster than one of his dance videos: Chase Hudson’s tattoos! From his first ink to his most recent additions, we’re going to explore all the tattoo art that adorns this social media sensation’s body. So get ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Lil Huddy’s tattoos and maybe even get inspired for your next piece of body art. Let’s go!

Chase Hudson Profile

List of Chase Hudson Tattoos

  • Four Bats on his Arms

Chase Hudson's bat tattoos

Hudson has four bats on his arms which are done with black ink.

  • A Sword on his Arms

Chase Hudson's sword tattoo

Hudson has a sword done in the American Traditional style of tattooing. The meaning of a sword tattoo can vary depending on the context, cultural background, and personal interpretation of the individual who has the tattoo. In general, a sword is often associated with courage, strength, and honor. It can symbolize the warrior spirit, the ability to overcome challenges, and the willingness to defend oneself or others

  • A Castle on Upper Arm

Chase Hudson's castle tattoo

During an interaction with Hollywood Fix, Chase Hudson displayed his latest tattoo, featuring a castle motif covering his entire left forearm. The design appears to be related to fantasy, and while Chase mentioned that it reminded him of Harry Potter, he didn’t explicitly confirm whether the tattoo was inspired by Hogwarts or not.

  • A Skull Wearing a Crown

Chase Hudson's skull tattoo

He has a skull inked on his arm who is wearing a crown.

  • Ghost Tattoo on Upper Arm

Chase Hudson's ghost tattoo

Adding to his very gothic collection of tattoos, he also has a small ghost tattoo done with a black ink outline.

  • Portrait on Arm

Chase Hudson's portrait tattoo

Chas also has a portrait tattoo on his arm.

  • A Rose Flower on Arm

Chase Hudson's Rose Tattoo

Chase Hudson has a rose tattoo on his arm but has kept it simple and traditional.

  • Spiked Iron Ball on Arms

Chase Hudson's spiked iron ball

The meaning behind this is still unknown, but the spiked iron ball is indeed a very dark and gore-y image.

  • ‘Hudson’ on his Side Hand

Chase Hudson's 'Hudson' tattoo

Chase Hudson has his own last name inked on his arm near his wrist.

  • Crest Tattoo on Lower Abdomen

Chase Hudson's Lion crest tattoo

Although the meaning is unclear, the lion crest can symbolize bravery.

  • Foothold Trap with Spikes on Upper Arm

Hudsons Foot hold spike Trap

Similar to the spiked iron ball, this is also a weapon tattoo and can signify bravery and courage.

  • A Pair of Cherubs on Arm

Chase Hudson's Cherub tattoo

Hudson has a pair of cherubs on his side arm that can represent various things. He has not been open about the significance of the tattoo but cherubs are often associated with Christian and Judeo-Christian traditions, where they are portrayed as angelic beings with wings, often depicted as young children or infants. For some, a cherub tattoo may represent protection, guidance, or the idea of being watched over by a higher power. It may also symbolize innocence, purity, or the idea of a guardian angel.

  • Harry Potter Inspired Golden Snitch Ball

Golden snitch tattoo

While this tattoo is one of the most unclear tattoos of Chase Hudson, it looks like a Golden Snitch ball from the Harry Potter series or an owl. However, assuming Hudson’s love for Harry Potter, we are more inclined toward the golden snitch.

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