Vasyl Lomachenko’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Vasyl Lomachenko is a Ukrainian professional boxer who is a three-weight world champion, mostly known for his exceptional hand speed, accuracy, timings, athleticism, creativity, defense, and footwork. His body is adorned with some beautiful tattoos, each holding a specific meaning for him. Let’s take a look at each of them along with their meanings. vasyl lomachenko tattoos

1. ‘Heart and Crucifix’ Tattoo

vasyl lomachenko-heart and crucifix tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Heart and Crucifix’ Tattoo on the left side of his chest.

Meaning: Vasyl has got the tattoo of skin ripped heart and crucifix on the left side of his chest. Generally, a cross or crucifix tattoo is a symbol of the event of the crucifixion of Jesus. A heart tattoo with a crucifix is a symbol of dedication, belief, and faith in God and Christianity.

2. ‘Victory’ Tattoo

vasyl lomachenko-victory tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Victory’ Tattoo on his ribcage.

Meaning: In an interview, Vasyl revealed that this ‘Victory’ tattoo is related to his daughter, Victoria Lomachenko, who was born on July 23, 2013. The exact date on which Vasyl and his wife, Elena, got married is not known as the star has always been very secretive regarding his personal life.

vasyl lomachenko and his family

(left to right) Elena Liomechenko (wife of Vasyl), Victoria Lomachenko (daughter), Anatoly Lomachenko (son), and Vasyl Lomachenko

3. ‘Portrait of Father’ Tattoo

vasyl lomachenko-father portriat tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Portrait of Father’ Tattoo on the left side of his torso.

Meaning: Vasyl considers his father, Anatoly Lomachenko, as the real inspiration behind his successful career as his father was his first coach who had trained him from his young age. His father did not let him train for boxing until he attended traditional Ukrainian dance classes. In an interview, Vasyl said,

What you see today is what my father created. My father is still in the old school. He doesn’t like tattoos. We young people live a different life, so I felt I needed to do it. I wanted to show my appreciation to my father. I did it and now it’s going to be with me forever. Sometimes, of course, we have problems and arguments. But we will always stay as a family.”

In another interview, Vasyl was asked about the script written under the portrait of his father, but the star denied revealing the meaning behind the script as he considers it very personal and secretive. He only said that the script is written in the Russian language.

4. ‘Olympic Achievement 2012’ Tattoo

vasyl lomachenko-olympic achievement 2012-tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Olympic Achievement 2012’ Tattoo on his right biceps.

Meaning: In the Olympics 2012, London, Vasyl had won his second gold medal to become a rare two-weight Olympic Champion. After his tremendous victory, Vasyl got the tattoo of his achievement inked on his right biceps.

5. ‘Olympic Achievement 2008’ Tattoo

vasyl lomachenko-olympic achievement 2008-tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Olympic Achievement 2008’ Tattoo on his left biceps.

Meaning: In the Olympics 2008, Beijing, Vasyl had won his first gold medal at the senior level by beating his five opponents. Subsequently, he was also named as the outstanding boxer of the tournament. To make his huge success memorable, he got the tattoo of ‘Olympic Achievement 2008’ inked on his left biceps.

6. ‘Shoulder’ Tattoo

vasyl lomachenko-shoulder-tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Shoulder’ Tattoo on his right shoulder.

Meaning: It is believed that Vasyl got the tattoo of ‘shield’ on his left shoulder. However, in an interview in 2017, when Vasyl was asked about his shoulder tattoo, he said,

It’s a mistake because it’s not look like I wanted. [It’s gone] Because I didn’t like it.”

There were media reports that Vasyl soon will be going under the laser treatment to get this tattoo removed and some even said that he has already got it removed, but as per his latest Instagram posts, this tattoo is still there on his shoulder. Maybe the star has got it modified still, no clear piece of information regarding this is available.

vasyl lomachenko-shoulder tattoo

Vasyl Lomachenko still has his shoulder tattoo (picture of February 9, 2019, taken from his Instagram account).

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