20 Amazing Cross Tattoo Ideas with Meanings and Celebrities

Crosses have forever been among the most prevalent designs because of the infinite distinct meanings that they hold. The popular delusion about crosses is that they have individual religious connotations, but they endure many different meanings to the particular bearer. Some of the most widely known definitions include; resolution, commitment, honesty, mortality, piousness, harmony, and fairness, to name a few.

There are innumerable possibilities and designs by which you can alter your cross tattoo according to your likings. You can add elements that are related to Christian beliefs or probably something else which is totally personal. However, the plain cross is also pretty much in vogue with just bold black lines. After all, it is all about the meanings that they carry.

Hence, we have created a list of some of the best tattoo vogues that you can try:

  • Celtic Cross

small cross tattoo10

Celtic Crosses are by far the most beloved and most traditional tattoo design. It dates back to the 5th century depicting Irish and Scottish Celtics and their opinions, goals, and culture. Its design work comprises of knots, loops, and mazes, expressing distinctive paths we take in life and a spiritual connection between religious and real life.

  • Gothic Cross

small cross tattoo5

A gothic cross is another hot one but has diverse connotations and is normally correlated with pain or anger, which serves to be representative of the Gothic culture. These crosses tend to have spiked wire and snakes weaved into the design.

  • Winged Cross

small cross tattoo20

Small winged crosses tend to be celebrated with both sexes and usually carry an essence of a loss of a loved one or a near-death encounter. Typically placed on the top of the back, designs hugely differ in their size and complexity.

  • Girly Tattoo

Small Cross Tattoo 3

Women, on the other hand, lead towards something more refined and not quite so flashy or fierce. A simplistic tattoo, just two crossed lines on the inside of a finger or the back of the neck is the most attractive choice. Crosses on a rosary beaded string coiled around a wrist or an ankle grew massively en vogue after Nichole Richie showed hers off.

  • American Traditional Cross

cross tattoo

The American Traditional tattoo style has its origins in naval traditions. As one might believe, faith and service often go hand in hand. Sailors and other members of the armed forces generally got tattoos that lauded their faith. Early 20th-century American tattoos were plain in design and color.

  • Crucifix Tattoo

cross tattoo

Generally called a crucifix, the Rood cross represents the body of Jesus on the cross. It typically hovers high above the rostrum of a church. The crucifix, in the meantime, attributes to an image of a cross that also incorporates the crucified body of Jesus. The title, “Rood Cross” originates from the Old English word “Rood” and means “rod”. This is what Old English rhetoricians would call the cross. The names “crucifix” and “cross” didn’t come into presence until much later. Protestant religions use the crucifix or Rood as a method of keeping the locus on Jesus. Other uses of the symbol within the Christian religion, such as the Papal Cross (which attaches two more arms to the cross), put an importance on the cross itself. Some protestant sects believe this use weakens the meaning of the symbol.

  • Full Body Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo

This full-body tattoo tells a tale that most of us are aware of! Only by a look of it, you will get the nuances of this design. It is a crucifixion tattoo that depicts Jesus paying for the sins of humanity.

  • Jesus Carrying Sins

cross tattoo

In the Bible, it is said that Jesus lost his life for all of his followers’ sins. He supported his cross to the place where he was to be crucified, just as represented at the bottom of this tattoo.

  • Folded Hands

cross tattoo

With the importance of the cross tattoo being increased, it is not too surprising for the cross tattoo design to be supplemented with elements such as doves and rosary beads. Cross tattoos like this one are mostly preferred by men as compared to women.

  • Biblical Verse

cross tattoo

This tattoo looks like it has been painted by an amateur painter with black ink. The placement ideas, that is, the top of the left shoulder, is perfect for such an elongated design. You can add any Christian element that you look like t is done in this design.It definitely increases the significance of the design.

  • Words Included

cross tattoo

Adding some words definitely makes your intention of the tattoo more clear. You can add some quotes or sayings from the bible or for that matter, any religious book. You can also add some other quotes which enhance the significance of the design.

  • White Ink

cross tattoo

A one-of-a-kind tattoo cherished by many, this cross is drawn at the wrist with white ink! It looks cool much like a trademark and is almost scarcely pronounced, but once it does get seen, the beautiful white cross never disappoints to leave a permanent impression to anyone who gets a glimpse of it.

  • Finger Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo

This tiny symbol tattoo is perfect for those who want to hide and display the tattoo at the same time. Itis easy to hide because it is quite tiny, although, it is in a prominent position that it might get some looks! These kinds of designs are better suited to women than men, who like something bolder.

  • Infinity Cross

cross tattoo

This tattoo is very neatly done on the wrist, which is a great placement idea for such a design. The meaning of the tattoo is very apparent. This means an infinite belief in the mercy of good. Probably the person is very religious by heart and their religion is their biggest strength. You can personalize this tattoo by getting some other word inked instead of ‘Believe’.

  • Birds Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo

Tattoos on the back, no matter what kind, looks really amazing. Back or top of the shoulder is the best place and one of the most common places you can get inked on. The tattoo incorporates a cross with three doves soaring high in the sky. Doves are a part of Christianity and represent peace.

  • Behind The Ear

cross tattoo

Behind the ear tattoos have become quite popular these days and that is because of two main reasons. First of all, they look super cute because they are tiny. Second, they are not only in a discreet position that makes them easier to hide, but they are quite small too. Hence, it is easier to hide them when you want.

  • For a Loved One

cross tattoo

It is also normal to ink a cross tattoo on the back or anyplace around the body to memorialize the loss of a loved one. Usually, a tattoo having this much significance and importance will also have the date of the day when the loved ones departed the earth.

  • Rosary Finger Tattoo

cross tattoo

This tattoo is undoubtedly girly and will not be preferred much by men unless some masculine or bold elements are added to it. This one is exclusive for the ladies. The tattoo looks very attractive because of the cute rosary that seems as if they have clung the fingers. It almost resembles a real ring!

  • Brush Stroke 

cross tattoo

Some people like to have a small and neat tattoo with black outlines to give them a restricted look. However, as seen in the picture, there are others who like to have nothing fixated, but rather let the creativity work its own magic.

  • Inverted Cross Tattoo

cross tattoo

Well, this is a very simple looking cross, but doesn’t it look a bit odd? That’s because it is upside down. Who knows what might be the intention behind it.


  • Molly Brazy

cross tattoo

Molly Brazy got herself a rose tattoo with a cross embedded in it on her thigh.

  • Bernice Burgos

cross tattoo

Bernice Burgos has a cross tattoo on her back that descends down her spine.

  • Stefanie Knight

cross tattoo

Stefanie Knight got a tiny little cross tat right across her index finger.

  • Brenda Song

cross tattoo

Brenda Song has a cross tattoo on her ribs. Quite a trendy placement choice, isn’t it?

  • Pauley Perrette

cross tattoo

Pauley Perrette got herself inked with a tiny cross tattoo underneath her ankle.

  • Brittany Furlan

cross tattoo

Getting a tattoo on the wrist is quite a popular trend and so Brittany Furlan got herself a cross tattoo on her right wrist.

  • Gloria Govan

cross tattoo

Gloria Govan has a tribal looking cross tattoo on her foot.

  • Kimberley Loaiza

kimberly loaiza cross flowers arm tattoo

Kimberly Loaiza has a different kind of cross design with a flowering vine entwined on it.

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