Rick Genest’s 41 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Rick Genest was a Canadian model, actor, and musician who was famous as ‘Zombie Boy’. He had got several tattoos of human bones and organs on his body. Let’s have a look!Rick Genest-Tattoos

1. ‘Puking One-Eyed Zombie with Crossed Bones’ Tattoo

Rick Genest-One Eyed Zombie with Crossed Bones-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Puking One-Eyed Zombie with Crossed Bones’ tattoo on his upper left arm.

Meaning: This was the first tattoo which Rick got inked when he was just 16. The tattoo was of a ‘puking one-eyed zombie skull with crossed bones’. In an interview with BME, Rick said,

I got my first tattoo when I was sixteen — a puking one eyed zombie with cross bones on my upper arm. And after that I got the word zombie underneath it, in tribute to all that horror movie shit… and that’s how it started.”

2. ‘ZOMBiE’ Tattoo

Rick Genest-ZOMBiE-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘ZOMBiE’ tattoo on his left arm.

Meaning: ‘ZOMBiE’ was the second tattoo which Rick got inked. Rick was popularly known as the ‘Zombie Boy’ because of his number of human bones tattoos all over his body.

3. ‘Centipede’ Tattoo

Rick Fest-Centipede-Tattoo

Tattoo: Centipede tattoo on the left side of his head.

Meaning: The centipede tattoo is a symbol of protection, strength, direction, warrior, and spiritual guidance.

4. ‘DEAD EVIL’ tattoo on his knuckles

Rick Genest-DEAD EVIL-Tattoo

5. ‘THE SAW IS FAMILY’ tattoo on his right forearm

Rick Fest-THE SAW IS FAMILY-Tattoo

6. ‘THE DEAD WALK’ tattoo on his left forearm

Rick Genest-THE DEAD WALK-Tattoo

7. ‘Four Suits of Playing Cards’ Tattoo

Rick Genest-Four suits of Playing Cards-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Four Suits of Playing Cards’ tattoo on his left palm.

Meaning: Rich had got the tattoo of four suits of playing cards; Spade, Heart, Club, and Diamond inked on his left palm. These four suits represent the four elements of the universe; earth, water, fire, and wind.

8. Tattoo on his right palm

Rick Genest-Right Palm-Tattoo

9. ‘Graveyard Scene’ Tattoo

Rick Genest-Graveyard Scene-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Graveyard Scene’ tattoo on his right arm.

Meaning: Graveyard scene tattoo is a symbol of death, evil forces, memory, and deceased someone.

10. ‘Spinal Cord’ tattoo on his back

Rick Genest-Spinal Cord-Tattoo

11. ‘RIP’ tattoo on his abdomen

Rick Genest-RIP-Tattoo

12. Spider Web Tattoo

Rick Genest-Spider Web-Tattoo

Tattoo: Spider Web tattoo on his elbows.

Meaning: Spider web tattoo is a symbol of destruction, evil, fear, magic, and feeling of being trapped.

13. Dices Tattoo

Rick Genes-Dices-Tattoo

Tattoo: Dices tattoo on his right palm.

Meaning: Dices tattoo is a symbol of good times and good fortune.

14. Spider Web tattoo on his right ear

Rick Genest-Spider Web-Tattoo-Ear

15. Tattoo on his left ear

Rick Genest-Left Ear-Tattoo

16. ‘Barbed Wire’ Tattoo

Rick Genest-Barbed Wire-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Barbed Wire’ tattoo on his right forearm.

Meaning: Barbed wire tattoo symbolizes the struggles of the wearer to overcome the various obstacles of life.

17. ‘Bones of Hands’ tattoo on his hands

Rick Genest-Bones of Hands-Tattoo

18. ‘Zombie Skull Pattern’ Tattoo

Rick Jenest-Zombie Skull Pattern-Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Zombie Skull Pattern’ tattoo on his face.

Meaning: Rick had got the tattoos of human bones all over his body and for that, he even held the ‘Guinness World Record’. He was also known as ‘Zombie Boy’ and to match his name, he had got the tattoo of a zombie skull pattern inked on his face.

19. Cupcake Tattoo

Rick Genest-Cupcake-Tattoo

Tattoo: Cupcake tattoo on his right hip.

Meaning: There is no specific meaning behind the cupcake tattoo but generally it means that a wearer is a sweet person. This was the only colored tattoo which Rick got inked on his body.

20. Grim Reaper Tattoo

Rick Genest-Grim Reaper-Tattoo

Tattoo: Grim Reaper tattoo on his upper right arm.

Meaning: Grim reaper tattoo has several meanings like death, evil forces, cycles of life, courage, bravery, and good luck. It also means the memory of deceased someone.

21. Hip Bone tattoo on his lower back

Rick Genest-Hip Bone-Tattoo

22. Neck Bones tattoo on his neck

Rick Genest-Neck Bones-Tattoo

23. Tattoo on his chest

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Chest

24. Tiny Skulls Tattoo

Rick Genest-Tiny Skulls-Tattoo

Tattoo: Tiny Skulls tattoo near his right elbow.

Meaning: Skulls tattoos are the symbols of death, mortality, evil forces, and cycles of life. It also specifies the way to overcome the various obstacles of life.

25. ‘GAME OVER’ tattoo on his fingers

Rick Genest-Letters-Tattoo

26. Tattoo on his left arm

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Left-Arm

27. Tattoo on his left palm

Rick Jenest-Tattoo-Left Hand

28. Tattoo on his abdomen

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Abdomen

29. Tattoo on his right forearm

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Right-Arm

30. Tattoo on his right thigh

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Thigh

31. Ribcage Tattoo

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Ribcage

32. Tattoo on his neck

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Neck

33. Tattoo on his right leg

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Leg-Tattoo

34. ‘Wildstyle’ tattoo on his left hip

Rick Genest-Wildstyle-Tattoo

35. Tattoo on the right side of his head

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Head

36. Tattoo on his left leg

Rick Genest-Tattoo on Leg

37. Tattoo on his right knee

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Right-Knee

38. Tattoo on his feet

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Feet

39. Tattoo on his left knee

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Left-Knee

40. Tattoo on his left leg

Rick Genest-Tattoo-Left-Leg

41. ‘Insects’ Tattoo

Rick Genest-Insects-Tattoo

Rick Genest

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