Vladimir Shmondenko’s (Anatoly Powerlifter) 2 Tattoos and their Meanings

Vladimir Shmondenko

Vladimir Shmondenko, also known as Anatoly Powerlifter, is not only famous for his incredible workout techniques but also for his distinctive collection of tattoos. Because tattoos are usually inspired by personal lives, the tattoos that he got inked might also point to a unique story too, representing various aspects of his life, passion for fitness, and personal journey. As an exceptional athlete in the fitness community, Vladimir’s tattoos have become a style statement for many fans and so, here is a list of all his tattoos!

List of Vladimir Shmondenko Tattoos

Rose Tattoo Covering the Sleeve

Vladimir Shmondenko's rose tattoo

Vladimir Shmondenko's arm tattoo

Vladimir Shmondenko has a bunch of roses done in black and grey ink on his left arm. While he has not revealed the meaning of the tattoo, getting roses tattooed is usually associated with metaphors like life and vitality, resilience and endurance, and even spirituality.

Latin Phrase on Chest


Vladimir Shmondenko's latin phrase tattoo

Vladimir has a Latin phrase on his chest that says, ‘Per aspera ad astra’ which literally translates to “to the stars through difficulty.” It is a motivational and inspirational expression that signifies the idea of achieving greatness, success, or personal growth through challenges and difficulties.

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