Leo Tattoos: 50+ Designs with Meanings, Ideas

Many get inked as a way to define themselves – who they are as an individual and their disposition. These sorts of tattoo practitioners make certain that the designs they pick would do all the talking. Most designs tend to have an application and so it is used in order to tell others who they are. Amongst these tattoo designs are Leo tattoos.

Leo tattoos are normally adorned by souls who are born under those stars. They have their own idiosyncrasies that, according to the astrology and horoscopes, are overseen by some celestial bodies. While each of us is our own individual self, these can be eerily accurate or probably close to being accurate– almost each Leo you will come across will have the same or similar traits. This is the reason why Leo tattoos have grown into a rather popular design.


Leo is portrayed through the lion, and these vivacious fire signs are the kings and queens of the astral jungle. They are captivated to encompass their royal status: Animated, dramatic, and vehement, Leos love to wallow in the limelight and celebrate themselves. These lions are innate leaders, and they enjoy nurturing friendships and romances that are artistically and creatively spurred.

Leo is governed by the great ball of fire that is the core of our cosmos, the Sun. Typically, the Sun embodies the ego and the potent life force found in humans. In Ancient Greek and Roman times, it was believed that Apollo was the Sun god who drove his chariot of flaming horses throughout the Earth during the day time, setting the heavens ablaze with bright light. It’s no wonder that Leo has such intense and ardent fervency!

They can become diminished by their own ego, narcissism, and suspicion when they start to fear their star power will be overshadowed. Eventually, Leos’ own hubris is the highest peril to their peace.

This fixed sign is known for its enthusiasm and resolution, but beyond everything, Leos are glorified for their exceptional intrepidity. In tarot, Leo is exemplified by the “strength” card, which portrays the supreme eloquence of physical, mental, and emotional grit. As daring optimists who decline to allow failure to creep into their lives, Leos will discover their deep wells of defiance grow as they mature.


The research for horoscopes and astrology is for more than just fortune predictors and palm readers.   If you are formidable and charitable, but at the same time perhaps a little stubborn, you may be a Leo.  The stars are aligned just right to make you who you are.  All of the twelve signs of the zodiac has its own ruling body and element.  Leos are often sagacious, fearless and faithful people. Ruled by the sun and the component of fire, it is undeniable that Leos are a feisty bunch.  It is not a matter of sensation that the stalwart lion, the King of the Jungle is the image aligned with Leo.  Who wouldn’t want to have a freaking cool lion tattoo, right?  Here are some of the most fashionable ink designs to show the “pride” you have in your Leo-ness.


Of course, there is far more to these tattoos than simply the text ‘Leo’ or a number. Choosing a distinct variety of font to use for that small group of letters and numbers is of the ultimate importance. Luckily, there is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to getting inked. There is also the concern of where on the body you want to get such a tattoo. Should it be someplace where everybody can instantly have a look at it or should it be a little clandestine. To show you all of the possibilities when it comes to Leo tattoo designs, here are a few dozen instances of people who want the world to know when they came into existence.

Different Types & Designs

  • Minimalistic Tribal Design

Leo tattoo designs

Especially for the minimalists out there, these are not-so-complex broad line Leo tattoos.  This is a typical lion symbol for any Leo. The mane of the lion represents fire, the element of this sun sign.  It is a simple design and endures Leo’s outspoken attitude.  It is a great aspect for the forearm, calf, or perhaps down the rib cage.

  • Lion and Constellation

Leo tattoo designs

This is yet another take on the plain Leo symbol.  This one has a bit of embellishment with the fine lines and dots. It is actually connected as a constellation. It has a kind of disjointed feel to it that flows magnificently with the trajectories of the symbol itself. Although it is beautiful for placement anywhere, it looks remarkably pretty when placed on the forearm.

  • Typical Leo Symbol

Leo tattoo designs

The tiny Leo symbol can be inked solely or can also be supplemented by other designs.  Here it is incorporated with a symbol of the sun. The sun also resembles a lotus. Tribal art is still very prevalent, with the sun being a valued design. This is an excellent little tribal piece that would look high-grade on anyone.  So, shine bright Leo, let that sun be perceived.

  • Designs on the Back

Leo tattoo designs

Because the lion is allied with the symbol Leo, lion tattoos are a popular choice for those wanting to go brazen.  This tattoo, although a simple lined design, also includes the lion itself.  It gives the vision of dynamism, with its dark tribal look and thick lines. It also features the qualities written as a text which is typical to any Leo. One can always personalize by including such words which has a profound meaning.

  • Tribal Lion

Leo tattoo designs

This is a tribal lion without any other lion symbol.  Seldom the lion itself is sufficient to showcase your feelings.  This is a striking composition, with an unusual tribal look.  This design is large, mysterious, sagacious and charismatic, just like the traits of the zodiac sign it symbolizes. This is the King of the Jungle looking over his dominion.  He is destructive, teeth displayed, letting everyone know he means business.

  • Half Lion, Half Goddess

Leo tattoo designs

These Leo Tattoos have a lot of Moroccan or Indian quality about it.  What makes this one so unprecedented is that it has a sharp feminine quality to it while still depicting a male lion. This tattoo is an amalgamation of both the male and female aspects. It is quite suitable for the tough and self-sufficient women out to prove they can be just as fierce as the men.  The embellishments and detail on this design are perfect. The tint of blue adds a pacifying quality to the pattern.

  • Colorful Design

Leo tattoo designs

What an appealing piece!  The fusion of the tint of browns and oranges with the popping watercolor effect of the purples, blues, and greens certainly makes this tattoo stand out from the rest.  The supernatural look of the colorful side brings to the intellect a universe of stars.  It also characterizes the dual nature of the Leo with one side powerful and fearless, while the other part visionary and full of whimsy.  Not all people are the same and each one of us may have a part inside that we may have never seen before.  Basically, what you see is not invariably what you get.

  • Flowers and Lions

Leo tattoo designs

Another unusual black and white tattoo.  It has a much more gentle feel. The subject is not really a female lion, but it is the incorporation of the Calla Lily and the smooth shading effect which gives this piece a feeling of sensitivity. Even though this design has a very soft look about the lion, the guys can give it a shot too.

  • Kitty Cat Designs

Leo tattoo designs

Just because you are a Leo does not imply you have to represent that with the rich, efficacious look of the lion. Not all Leo Tattoos got to be that graphic.  This tattoo is a splendid specimen.  It still consolidates the Leo symbol but adopts a cat design instead of a lion. Cats are, after all, the little relatives of the lion, and are, undoubtedly, as severe and feisty as their larger equivalents.  This is a cute little option to the larger feline, while still manifesting the features of the sign.

  • Leo Constellation

Leo tattoo designs

Stars are some of the most popular choices among the Millenials.  From the navigating stars to the shooting stars, these little balls of glitter are employed in a bunch of designs, often as a portion of a larger piece. For the person who is into astrology, besides animals, this pattern is the one for you. A very simple and small tattoo describing the position of the stars in the Leo constellation, it is a unique piece of art with a fairly different placement. This one can be pulled off in an amazing way.

  • Hippie Lion

Leo tattoo designs

Add a little cheer to Leo tattoos with a beanie. The small shading strokes in the attire really make this one attractive.  The detailing in the whole tattoo is unquestionably amazing. This pattern has “hipster” scribbled all over it! Leos come in all shapes and forms, and so does their tattoo ideas, but this tattoo shows that with an extra bit of sass.

  • Tribal Leo Designs

Leo tattoo designs

When it comes to creativity, one must never be afraid to mix styles!  This tattoo couples a low detail lifelike lion head with a tribal surround.  In case you were perplexed about the significance of this one, the word ‘Leo’ is inked in tribal letters just underneath the lion’s head.  No chance of ambiguity here.

  • Tribal Lion with Symbol

Leo tattoo designs

You can make this one pop with some vigorous colors in an authentic fashion.  The unique lining skills on the lion’s face gives it an astounding depth.  The eyes seem graphic. This one has an intoxicating characteristic about it. It is laborious to look away from it.  The directional stints of the mane are also attractive and wild like the animal is in itself.

  • The Realistic Effect

 Leo tattoo designs

A humungous and convincing-looking piece of art for a big area, this shoulder piece is astonishingly fierce with its teeth bared, revealing the powerful side of Leo’s disposition.  This is an actual beast. The shading effect gives it depth and the contrasting colors in this one are what really sets it off.  It demonstrates the battle inside each Leo and the necessity to shield what is theirs.

  • Birth Date Tattoo

Leo tattoo designs

If you’ve got a loved one or a kid who is a Leo, there is no better way to show your admiration and affection with a marvelous Leo tattoo.  The lion in the design is shown here to have a proud visage, with a heart-shaped nose raised high.  The date makes it incredibly personal. You can add a name to the design too. The zodiac symbol for Leo is also present. Undoubtedly, this ink design has it all. The lion, besides having a majestic look, is pensive and gives an impression of deep thought.

  • The Lion Queen

Leo tattoo designs

This one is specifically for the ladies or to give a tribute to a woman in your life.  It is a significant expression of your own strength and dignity by blazoning yourself the ‘Queen Leo’.  The idea of the female lion is a different catch on the conventional roaring male. Placing it on the lower back, a favorite place for women’s tattoos, it is yet another idea of imbuing the tattoo with a feminist claim.

  • Geometrical Designs

Leo tattoo designs

Geometric designs are unwaveringly growing in prevalence.  Usually, the design is something abstract but can be employed to characterize almost anything. The crisp and proportional line design creates an absorbing impact. A design like this can be put anyplace but works especially well on the limbs. The lines are plain and precise, leaving all the miracle in the formation. How these lines combine together to produce this astonishing piece is unconditionally alluring.

  • The Lion and Snake

Leo tattoo designs

This is another multi-layer and multi-element design. It consists of the lion and a snake which seems like they are in a battle. This symbolizes the power of truth over evil. This is a different and powerful design.  All compact lines and shading effects make for a decent looking piece. The thin lines used to proffer a nice contoured look, with none of the brute force most lion symbols maintain.

  • The Couple

Leo tattoo designs

BFFs, couples, and even siblings oftentimes get matching or alike tattoos. The one highlighted above could be sweethearts, as one arm appears to be that of a man and the other of a woman, siblings, given that they are both Leos or possibly twins.  The colors and sizes are peculiar to the person with the tattoo, but they are still kind of similar to show the resemblance.

  • Tribal Fashion

Leo tattoo designs

This is another cool tribal lion design. What makes it different is the Samoan style that which is something aboriginal.  Furthermore, the gaping jowls of the lion again point towards the power and intensity of the big feline as well as the persona of the people who fall under that zodiac sign.  The mane is also made to match fire which is another sign of the Leo zodiac, as fire is the element for Leos.  This one has consolidated quite a bit of the symbol correlated with Leos but you really have to examine carefully to be able to visualize them.  Looking discreetly would unfold the fact that one part of the mane echoes the symbol for Leo tattoos. There is so much going on here for such a simplistic piece.

  • Feminine Geometrical Styles

Leo tattoo designs

This lion with flowers instead of its mane is an incredibly detailed example of leo tattoos.  The shading and the linework are extraordinary. Looking at the verisimilitude in the lion’s face and mane is very dazzling. The directness of the look that the lion gives exhibits the fierceness common in many lion tattoos.  It is like being watched at all times. It is quite magnetizing and soporific!  The profundity of this piece makes it so hard to look away from.

  • Feet Tattoo for Leos

Leo tattoo designs

This is a different multi-element piece and this time it is on the foot. It has three major elements of the Leo; the lion, the symbol and the sun along with the framework of a heart. The look of harmony and satisfaction on the lion is a welcoming shift from the usual look of brutality.  It has a delicate feature to it, something apt for the ladies. While it looks really desirable solely in the hues of black, some added color would really make it pop.  This piece definitely stands out from the rest.

  • Colorful Geometrical Design

Leo tattoo designs

Watercolor tattoos and geometric tattoos are on the rise.  The coolest thing would be fusing both the styles into one. There is practically no framework, just the shades of colors arranged to form the shape. The usage of color is the locus here. It is heightened by the runny, translucent look of the ink.  It looks almost as if it was painted on with a brush. With its rise in popularity, designs like these have become quite a talk of the town.

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