Darko Stosic’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Darko Stoi is a well-known Serbian MMA fighter who now competes for KSW in the Heavyweight category. Stoi began judo training at the age of seven and continued until 2012 when he began playing professionally. He was also the former heavyweight champion of the Final Fight Championship (FFC). What many of us might not know is his outstanding sport’s history. He was the national judo champion ten times and Balkan champion twice, and thus, has been awarded the greatest athlete in MMA Red Star. This article, however, is something more than what you already know about your favorite Serbian star. It talks about his unique body tattoos and the mysterious stories behind them.

Darko tattooed body

1. Skull on Left Bicep

Darko skull tattoo

Darko skull on arm

Tattoo: On Darko’s left bicep and midarm, there are skulls tattoed.

Meaning: Skull tattoos are epic and the favorite tattoo choice among spooky tattoo lovers. Skull might represent death or the rebellious nature of the tattoo wearer itself. However, many others consider the skull as the means of celebrating life.
There is something more interesting to the skull tattoos.

Many of the guys pick skull as their preference for tattoo as they believe it to be a manly and stylish tone of body art. Skulls represent dying, power, and evil. But, on the positive front, they also reflect the old phase of the person’s life that was hard and painful or mark his current abilities to overcome his present difficulties and hurdles of life with ease.

2. ‘389’ Tattoo-Left Forearm

Darko numbers on arm

Tattoo: On his left elbow, you can clearly see the number ‘389’ inked horizontally if you see from the elbow towards his wrist.

3. Portrait on Left Forearm-‘Augustine of Hippo’

Darko forearm tattoo

Tattoo: On Darko’s left forearm, he has got the portrait of Augustine of Hippo tattooed.

Who exactly is St. Augustine?
St. Augustine, usually known as Saint Augustine of Hippo, was the bishop of Hippo from 396 to 430. Augustine was one of the greatest Latin Fathers of the Church. He is also regarded as the most influential Christian thinker after St. Paul. His application of classical ideas to Christian teaching resulted in a powerful and long-lasting theological framework that is preached to date. He was a key actor in bringing Christianity to supremacy in the previously pagan Roman Empire and is regarded as one of the most significant early leaders in the establishment of Western Christianity.

This tattoo is the biggest proof of the fact that Darko is a Christian and holds a great affinity toward religious beliefs and faith.

4. Writing on Left Bicep

Darko bicep writing tattoo

5. Arm Tattoo

Darko arm tattoo

6. Bicep Tattoo-Samurai

Darco bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his left bicep, there is a samurai tattoo inked.

Meaning: Samurai tattoos can represent royalty and nobility. People all over the world acknowledge Samurai for their prestige and authority as fighters. People typically get these tattoos to show off their own warrior spirit as they face or overcome hardships in their own life. To keep themselves going ahead in the future confidently, this tattoo often becomes people’s choice.

The Samurai were fearless warriors recognized for their ability to confront their enemies with confidence. Now, tattoo lovers get a samurai tattoo that reflects them as the symbol of their own bravery. Some people just it inked to give themselves a boost to endure hardship in times of misfortune and adversity.

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