30 Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine can be said to be a kind of neurotransmitter which means that this hormone is produced by the body which is used by the nervous system to send messages between the nerve cells through their nerveĀ ending. This is the reason why they are also called the chemical messenger of the body!

But what effects it has on our body and mind is the reason people choose dopamine as their choice of tattoo design. It plays a major role in how we feel and process the feeling of pleasure. Thinking and planning is a huge part of the human mind that helps us process these feelings. This hormone also helps us to focus better and find things more interesting than usual. Probably that’s why it is a favorite among people.

Interestingly, our brain has four main pathways which we are not usually aware of until unless we face some major issues. Dopamine spreads in all the four parts of the brain making it supercharged. However, taking in too much dopamine can lead to a lot of health problems that might be difficult to overcome. One such problem is Parkinson’s disease.

Anyway, this has still not let the dopamine lovers show their love for dopamine by the means of getting a tattoo. Here are some beautiful dopamine tattoo designs that will let you have some inspiration for your favorite ones.

  • Colorful Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

This colorful watercolor effect looks absolutely stunning on this dopamine chemical structure of the tattoo. I think that even though the tattoo might be pretty simple, it can be applied in its look by leaps and bounds when some vibrant colors are added to it.

  • Small Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

This is a very simple structure of the dopamine tattoo and can be placed almost anywhere on the body because of its adjustable size and proportions. Dopamine tattoo is preferred by people because it helps them feel more joy and happiness for life and anything that they do.

  • Dopamine Chemical Structure Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

This chemical structure tattoo is suitable for people who have an immense love for dopamine and is not afraid to show their love either. The structure is made on hand, which means that it is quite visible for everyone to see. Many people like to make it on the hidden parts of their body because of its controversial nature but some people are just daredevils.

  • Dopamine Tattoo Designs on Arm

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

The arm is a great placement idea for structures like dopamine which are not too it or collaborative. Such plain designs can be made on visible parts of the body so that it is noticed by more people. Otherwise, you can also make it on the more hidden parts of your body as it is a great way to keep it secretive.

  • The Pursuit of Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

I don’t know if it is just me or this tattoo reminds me of the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness. It is very apparent, isn’t is? It is also very much possible that the inspiration behind this design is the movie itself. As for such coincidence, dopamine here can be said to parallel the happiness quotient fo the wearer.

  • Little Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

We have larger chemical structures like that of oxytocin and we have smaller ones like this dopamine one. The small chemical structure looks pretty cute and simple when done in the tattoo form on the body. The best part of the small tattoos is that it can be very well adjusted with other tattoo designs if you have any.

  • Dopamine Tattoo Designs With DNA Structure

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

One of the best elements that you can add with your chemical structure tattoo design is the DNA structure of a human being because isn’t this what the drugs help to mutate? Even if this is not the case, dopamine and DNA are a very significant part of what constitutes a human being and would look amazing in a tattoo form together. The colorful background is a beautiful addition that adds vibrancy to the whole design.

  • Paired Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

You can pair up more than one chemical compound together that would fit in with each other pretty well. For example, this wearer has selected two such chemical structures and added a little ampersand. This tattoo also focuses on the importance of the symbols in a tattoo design.

  • Dopamine Tattoo Designs on Feet

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

The feet have always been one of the best options for chemical compound tattoos because of the size of the chemical structures. The feet constitute a small and unique position that is totally fit for such small designs. Besides, not many choose their feet to showcase their tattoo because it is usually hidden when we wear shoe.

  • Dopamine Tattoo Designs on Wrist

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

A simple tattoo on the wrist is pretty classy and one of the most traditional and common way to get a tattoo done. The best part is that you do to have to worry about a small tattoo is not visible because the wrist is always almost never hidden. All you need is some black ink.

  • Colored Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

While black and white tattoos have always bene timeless and classy, to amp up your tattoo game, you can add some colors. Colors do not just make the tattoo look more vibrant but also adds aesthetic value to it. Because of advancements in technology, it is now possible to add a variety of colors in a tattoo.

  • Simple Dopamine Tattoo Designs on Wrist

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

While a tattoo with a lot of embellishment is everyone’s favorite because it catches a lot of attention, a simple black and white tattoo is timeless and classy and goes for far! You might get bored of all those colors and pomp that you decided to embellish your tattoo with, but a simple black tattoo would always be open for modifications.

  • Bold Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

You don’t always have to go for sleek and simple designs. In fact, simplicity does not lie in adding colors or throwing in a lot of extra elements in a tattoo design. Beauty can also be added just by making the lines a bit bolder than before. Not only would it be more impactful, but would also have a profound significance over its meaning.

  • Elongated Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Quite an unusual place to get quite an unusual tattoo, I must say. However, this place is perfect if you want a bigger tattoo and yet want to keep it a bit personal. The idea behind choosing this placement option is the fact that you do not want to expose your tattoo at all times. So if you want to keep something private too, try considering this placement option.

  • Cute Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

This is a super tiny structure of dopamine tattoo which looks pretty cute. It is a tattoo that would mostly be preferred by girls because guys usually go in for bolder and bigger tattoo options. However, this tattoo is adorable and the arm or wrist is a perfect placement option for such tiny tattoos because it helps them make visible.

  • Dopamine Tattoo Designs on Back Shoulder

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

The upper back is also a great tattoo option for boys if they are planning to go shirtless on the beach and for girls if they are wearing halter or sleeveless tops. The main idea behind making this tattoo is to reveal it on certain occasions and not at all times. Quite an imagination, we must agree.

  • Flowery Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Adding flowers to any tattoo makes it brighter and more attractive all of a sudden. And when you have a chemical structure of a drug as a tattoo design, adding tattoos would bring in great contrast to the whole look. It would be science versus nature in one design and would attract a lot of attention too.

  • Dopamine Tattoo Designs on Both Wrists

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

You can get one chemical structure tattoo and one of your wrists and the second one on the other. It does not have to be the same tattoos all the time but can be the structure of different drugs too. The wearer here has also added some vibrant colors to the design so that it looks more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Clubbed Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Getting a single chemical structure or multiple structures can be pretty rewarding when inked on the top of the back. It is easier to hide this way because getting a drug tattoo can get controversial sometimes especially when you live in a traditional society. It is simplistic and does not have many fancy embellishments to it.

  • Double Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

You can have a set of two dopamine chemical structures on any part of your body or even two different chemical structures to form a pair. You can either get them inked together at a single part or differently at two different parts. The benefit of getting tattoos like this is that you do not need many elements to make them look attractive.

  • Dopamine Tattoo Designs With Arabic Design

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

You do not have to add colors to make your chemical or molecular structure look pretty and attractive. You can use this wearer’s design and add some Arabic pattern to the molecular structure. Although it will be more suitable for girls for the flowery patterns, men too can give this design a go for a unique look.

  • Dopamine Tattoo Designs on Side Wrist

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

This side part of the wrist is a pretty great choice for a tiny chemical structure like dopamine design. I lie the fact that because it is a very small structure, it has been added with a DNA structure on the opposite hand so that they can go in pairs with a similar theme. That is a pretty creative idea!

  • Dopamine Tattoo Designs on the Nape of the Neck

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

The nape of the neck is a quite sensual part to get a tattoo. And if the tattoo is a dopamine tattoo, you know it has a lot of significance fo the wearer, of course, a personal significance though. This is a tiny tattoo si if a girl plans to get it, she needs to make sure to tie her hair up so that it is visible at all times.

  • Bold Dopamine Tattoo Designs on Back

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Back is a great placement option if the tattoo is larger in size and has bold patterns on it. However, the only downfall is that it will be visible only when the guy is shirtless. As for girls donning such tattoos on the back, a simple spaghetti top of bikini top would make it visible enough.

  • Dopamine Tattoo Designs With Flowers Patterns

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

This design is very creative and resembles the same design that we have seen before on this list. This tattoo would look great on a girl because of the feminine qualities it holds. However, the big bold black dots that have been added in these designs balance the femininity of the whole design pretty well.

  • Don’t Panic Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

This dopamine structure is very straightforward and one reason that makes it pretty straightforward is the fact that it got a text written just below the chemical structure. The text says, ‘don’t panic’, which means that dopamine probably helps the wearer to stay calm and is therefore significant for their life journey!

  • Purple Flower Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Adding these purple flowers with bright green leaves in this otherwise plain chemical structure of dopamine adds aesthetic value to the design. The bonds have been used as branches of flowers where the leaves are growing. It does add a sense of delicateness and femininity to the design which is in deep contrast with the otherwise masculine chemical structure.

  • Double Dopamine Tattoo Designs on Wrist

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Who says that one can not add two dopamine structures back to back like this wearer has chosen to do so? If you like the idea, you can try the same or there are no limits innovation. You can try and create a new symmetrical design with other chemical compounds that you like and maybe even add a little color.

  • Minimal Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

This minimal dopamine tattoo looks very cool on the wrist., However, as you can notice this wearer has probably suffered from some hard time in life, and dopamine might have helped them through their journey. If getting this tattoo has a similar significance for you in your life, you must get the same tattoo on your wrist!

  • Colored Dopamine Tattoo Designs on Leg

Dopamine Tattoo Designs

Colors never really go out fashion and you can totally slay any tattoo design by just adding some watercolor effect in it. Colors make the tattoo look vibrant and adds to the aesthetic value of the tattoo design. Even if the tattoo is pretty simple, colors would break the monotony of the black ink designs. You can take some inspiration or this tattoo design and recreate your own version.

That is all about the different varieties of dopamine tattoos and you can select your own inspiration for dopamine tattoo design. Modifications are pretty easy to do and you can modify it later when your research game becomes strong! Till then, start easy and go slow because tattoos are a permanent feature of your skin!

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