Indigo Augustine’s 11 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Indigo Augustine, the famous American model and adult industry entertainer, was born on 3 Sep 1987. She was born and brought up in New York. In an interview, Indigo revealed that besides her interest and the profession in the adult industry, she likes to read, hike, cook, and the foremost love, travel. Her music choices include almost every stuff, including everything from EDM to trap, rap, hip hop. She is also known to be a crazy tattoo lover. Indigo’s body is covered with some interesting inks, randomly spread over her. Let us explore her tattoos and their meanings.

Indigo Augustine

1. ‘GONZO’ Tattoo

Indigo GONZO Tattoo

Tattoo: Towards the right side of her body, Indigo has got the tattoo of the logo of ‘GONZO.’

Meaning: Gonzo is a famous slang that is used to represent something weird, outstanding, comical, unconventional, and bizarre.

The popular GONZO LOGO represented in the form of a fist with two thumbs and a peyote button is inked on Indigo’s body and is the symbol of Gonzo Journalism which is intended in an informal and very personalized manner. The double thumb characterizes diligence and dexterity, whereas the Peyote button in the center expresses extended mind and the psychedelic culture.

“I never have a problem with picking up and moving across the country. But then I’m also kind of naked, a little harder to hold on to what’s important. That’s why I have all my tattoos because they all symbolize something important. “

2. Blue Balloon Tattoo

Indigo blue balloon tattoo

Tattoo: On Indigo’s left upper thigh, cornering her waist from the left, is the tattoo of a single blue balloon.

Meaning: Indigo claims to have got this ink when she was just 18. The tattoo is inspired by the movie Party Monster with Macauley Culkin and Seth Green (2003). Augustine is not an emotional person and claims to not get attached easily to things and people, and thus, she doesn’t need a string or support attached to her to hold onto her. So is the nature of a balloon. If no one holds it, it shall float away.

Indigo also has the picture of her best friend holding the same blue balloon in hand. As per one of the scenes from the movie, Macauley and Seth Green promised never to let go of each other and be there always, whenever needed.

“When I was 18. I got that balloon that’s on my hip. It’s from the movie Party Monster with Macauley Culkin and Seth Green. That movie really amused me when I was younger. At one point, Macauley Culkin asked Seth Green ‘let’s make a pact, if one day one of us needs the other, we’ll be there.’ ‘OK, but why?’ ‘Because I’m like a balloon, if no one holds my string, I’ll float away’ That’s why I got the first one. I don’t get attached to things very easily.”

3. Tattoo on Back

Indigo back tattoo

Tattoo: On her upper back, Indigo has got a few lines inked, which are speculated to be, “Of all the Worlds and all the Worlds of gods / There is only the Law / that all Things are Impermanent.”

“Of all the Worlds and all the Worlds of gods / There is only the Law / that all Things are Impermanent.”

4. Writing on Arm

Indigo arm tattoos

Do you know? She choose her stage name owing to the simple fact that: she likes the name a lot.

“Indigo, I just liked it.”

When I first had to shoot for Burning Angel, I was raised Catholic, ha ha. The quote from St. Augustine, ‘Lord, give me chastity but not yet.’ It was supposed to be a joke that 10 people have gotten ever. It was just too fucking long and had annoyed me for a long time. When I came back, I thought it was a good time for a change, and I’m just dropping one syllable off my last name. If people can’t figure out that Indigo August and Indigo Augustine are the same people, I will lose all the faith in humanity I have left.”

5. Lilies on Lower Abdomen

Indigo lily tattoos

Tattoo: Exactly above her vagina, there is a pair of lilies tattooed.

Meaning: Lilies are the most precious flowers that are often chosen as tattoos to represent the never-ending love, graceful beauty, and fortunate love. They are also symbolic of pureness, devotion, and faith. As per certain beliefs, they are also linked with the power of resurrection and motherliness.

6. Tattoos on Buttocks-‘Rippin Killin’

Indigo tattoo on buttocks

Indigo writing on bums

Tattoo: On her butt cheeks, there is a tattoo of the word, ‘Rippin Killin’.

7. Thigh Tattoo

Indigo thigh tattoo Indigo tattoo on thigh

8. 42 Tattoo-‘a tramp stamp of a devil and an angel.’

Indigo tattoo on bums

Tattoo: On her lower back, there is another exciting tattoo which represents, ‘a tramp stamp of a devil and an angel‘.

The angel and the devil are the two opposite forces of this universe. Angel represents the good side, positivity, prosperity, wealth, and goodness, whereas the devil illustrates negativity, evil, mortality, dead, and death.

9. Colorful Prisms Tattoo

Indigo lily tattoos

Tattoo: Cornering the lily tattoos is a colorful prism on each side of a lily tattoo on Augustine’s lower abdomen.

Prisms are considered to be the combination of emotions and thoughts, and thus, assumed to be sacred symbols. They are symbolic of our true self and inner being.

Specifically, they are the depiction of the boundaries of our moral standards, principles, and ethics apart from representing our physical form. This is an indirect depiction of the personal ethics and moral standards that Indigo has set in her profession.

10. ‘Pistols’ Tattoo

Indigo guns tattoo

Tattoo: There is a pair of pistons inked on her upper body, one on each shoulder.

Pistols symbolize our fighting spirit, dedication, endurance, bravery, and determination.

11. French Writing on the inner arm

Indigo arm tattoo

On the inner side of her right forearm, Indigo has got some lines inked in French which say, ‘”L’essentiel est invisible / pour Les Yeux,” which stands for ‘”What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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