Eddie Wineland’s 25 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Eddie Wineland is an American professional mixed martial artist whose full name is Edward Alan Wineland Jr. Wineland is presently contracted with Ultimate Fighting Championship, a well-known and highly regarded American mixed martial arts (MMA). He fights in the Bantamweight class. Eddie began his mixed martial arts training at Duneland Vale Tudo in Hobart, Indiana. It is quite amazing to know that this exquisite star has been professionally fighting since 2003. Just like many other MMAs, Eddie is also known to be a tattoo lover, and this is not our personal claim, but his tattooed body speaks it all. Let us walk you through his tattoos and their meanings in this article.

Eddie Wineland

1. Phrase on Right Side of Body

Eddie writing on stomach tattoo

Tattoo: On the right side of his body, Eddie has got a very interesting phrase that says, ‘If you’re not willing to give up overthinking you’ve already lost.

2. Chinese Letters on Right Bicep

Eddie writing on biep

3. Right Thigh Writing

Eddie thigh writing

Eddie thigh tattoos

4. Watch Hour Glass Tattoo-Right Leg

Eddie tattoo on right calf

Tattoo: On the backside of his right leg, Eddie has got a magnificent tattoo piece of a watch hourglass.

Meaning: On his leg, there is an interesting tattoo that combines two aspects of the same theme tattoo, i.e., A clock and a tree of life hourglass, including a clock in an hourglass tattoo which only assists in intensifying the symbolism of the tattoo.

Both the tattoos, i.e., the clock and the hourglass, are representations of time. When combined, they represent the fact that time is continually passing us by and that we have no control over it. Thus, the phase of life is transitioning smoothly, and we need to be sure of every second and minute that we waste.
This tattoo is often chosen by tattoo lovers who wish to remind themselves of how time governs their lives, and they want to make the most of each passing minute.

The best part of Eddie’s tattoo comes: the hourglass, going to extremities; Eddie has chosen the tree hourglass design. It is the symbol of life and eternity. It illustrates the links of all life and demonstrates that all understanding, longing, life, and love originate from the same source.

5. Phrase on the left side of the body

Eddie stomach writing tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his body, Eddie has got another phrase inked that says, “Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price.”

6. Five Pointed Stars Tattoo

Eddie stars tattoo

Tattoo: There is a pair of five-pointed/nautical stars across his waist.

Five-pointed star tattoos are thought to represent direction, guidance, and protection. The universal design is utilized to direct an individual’s life path toward perfection.

7. Stars on Hand

Eddie stars on hand tattoo

8. Fire Tattoo

Eddie right leg tattoo

9. Heart Tattoo-Right Bicep

Eddie right bicep tattoo

Tattoo: On his right bicep, Eddie has got a tattoo of a red heart that is placed on the palm of an open hand.

10. Tattoo on Right Shoulder

Eddie right bicep design

Tattoo: On Eddie’s right shoulder, we can see a mysterious tattoo of spiral designs.

Eddie has a large spiral tattoo on the outer side of his right upper arm. This artwork represents the natural cycle of life and energy. This type of tattoo also shows the owner’s belief in eternity and rebirth and the fact that all the processes and operations in the universe are of a cyclical nature.

11. Right Arm Tattoos

Eddie right arm tattoos

12. Lotus Tattoo

Eddie lotus tattoo

Tattoo: Another beautiful piece of ink on his body is the pink-colored lotus. It can be seen on his inner right bicep.

The pink lotus is representative of the spiritual direction, enlightenment, and civilization.

13. Leg Tattoos

Eddie leg tattoos

14. Night Scenery Tattoo-Left Ankle

Eddie left leg tattoo

15. Left Colorful Arm Tattoo-Japanese Arm Sleeve

Eddie left arm tattoos

Tattoo: Eddie’s left arm is covered up with various Japanese icons, motifs, and other cultural-related items. It is a Japanese sleeve.

The Japanese sleeve tattoo art is known as Irezumi,  Horimono, or Wabori. It is a classic Japanese tattooing technique that involves the ultimate art as the culmination of large-scale designs inspired by Japanese mythology, religious symbols, historical figures and sceneries from nature, the elements, and well-known Japanese tales.

15. Left Bicep Tattoo-Biomechanical Design

Eddie left arm tattoo

Tattoo: Eddie’s left arm is covered with a colorful biomechanical design.

A biomechanical tattoo is a kind of art that combines the inner elements of the human with machine images such as a machine or robotic components. These tattoo designs have been created as a way to express something inside that cannot be seen or disclosed! and thus crushed by external forces

16. Koi Fish Tattoo-Right Forearm

Eddie koi fish tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of Koi Fish inked on Eddie’s right forearm, vertically.

The koi fish tattoo is a good luck charm and a sign of overcoming obstacles in life.

They are frequently used to represent personal problems that one has conquered or is conquering. However, when a koi fish tattoo has a brighter gold tone, it might represent success and fortune in life. A brilliant yellow koi fish tattoo, on the other hand, might represent effectual communication, peace of mind, and positiveness.

17. Gun Tattoo

Eddie gun tattoo

Tattoo: On the left side of his body, Eddie has a tattoo of a pistol inked on his waist.

Meaning: The pistol or a gun represents the fighting spirit and the inner strength of the tattoo wearer.

18. Japanese Crab Tattoo

Eddie fish and crab tattoo

Tattoo: Japanese crab, the epitome of prosperity, renewal, and sea experiences, is tattooed on the inner side of Eddie’s left forearm. However, according to another belief, crabs are the embodiment of the souls of the dead samurais.

19. Sons’ Names and Birthdates on Ankles

Eddie dates tattoo

Tattoo: On his ankles, there is a name along with birth/death dates written. On his right ankle, we can see the tattoo of the name Jack, 11-26-14, whereas, on his left ankle, there is a tattoo of the name ‘Sam’ 8-24-16.’ As per our research, these names are actually of his sons’. Jack is the elder, and Sam is the younger one who is also named Bam Bam. Eddie is married to Amber.

20. Phoenix Tattoo

Eddie bird on left leg

Tattoo: On his left leg, we can see the tattoo of a phoenix bird.

Meaning: The phoenix is considered to be the symbol of birth, death, and rebirth. It also describes the cyclical aspect of life and its regeneration. Most people get a phoenix tattoo to represent the aspect of turning over a fresh leaf in life. Thus, acting as the means of their personal growth, development, and refreshment.

21. ‘Battle Ready’ Tattoo

Eddie better ready tattoo

Tattoo: ‘Battle Ready’ is tattooed across his upper right and left thigh, respectively.

22. Back Masterpiece Tattoos

Eddie back tattoo

Tattoo: Eddie’s back masterpiece is highly praised among his fans. It shows fighting on a battleground between samurai, headed by the natural scenery that includes a bright shining sun with widespread sun rays, and a pair of sparrows on his shoulders, one on either side.

Fighting samurai reflects the fighting spirit and the will-power of the tattoo wearer, whereas the sparrows are a reflection of love, humility, affection, direction, and peace.

23. Rifles Tattoo-Right Arm

Eddie arm tattoo

24. Monkey Tattoo

“I’ve got tattoos that do have meaning,” Wineland said. “I’ve also got a monkey on the inside of my thigh hanging from a branch, reaching for a banana, you know?

25. Butt Tattoo

I’ve got my ass cheeks tattooed. My left one says ‘bad’ my right one says ‘ass.'”

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