Amanda Seyfried’s Foot Tattoo & its Meaning

Amanda Seyfried, they say has got so-called ‘FILTHY‘ tattoo on her foot. She revealed this ink openly during the premiere of her movie ‘Dear John‘ (2010). She later bragged off her ink during a blatant night out at London’s Ivy Club. Her tattoo reads, “MINGE“, which actually has a kind of tacky meaning. Minge is referred to a woman’s pubic or genital hair. Everyone was startled as to why Amanda Seyfried got this word as her body ink. When enquired, she explained the Glamour magazine: ‘…Colin Firth used to say that word onset and Rachel (McDowell) had to explain to me what it actually meant. So it’s on my foot now. It is to make me laugh, and every time I look at it I do it heartily. ‘I have never really been a fan of tattoos but I wanted to see what it felt like after having a one. Rachel has a lot of them. Actually, I have kinda dirty sense of humor. I can be blunt and vulgar.’ Amanda Seyfried and best friend Rachel McDowell, who was in Mamma Mia (2008) both have got the same matching tattoos. You can check out her tattoo in the picture below.

Amanda Seyfried Tattoo

Amanda Seyfried Foot Tattoo

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