Brie Garcia’s 3 Tattoos and their Meanings

Brianna Monique Danielson, formerly known as Brie Garcia-Colace and professionally recognized as Brie Garcia, was born on November 21, 1983. She is an American television personality and retired professional wrestler. Brie gained prominence during her tenure in WWE from 2007 to 2023, where she performed under the ring name Brie Bella alongside her twin sister, Nikki, collectively known as The Bella Twins. In addition to being a successful wrestler, she also dons meaningful tattoos, such as one in tribute to her late partner, 3 leaves to signify the completion of all her three wishes, and more.

Brie Garcia

1. Bear Claws on the Waistline

Brie Garcia waist tattoo

Brie Bella bears a discreet yet deeply meaningful tattoo of bear claws on her waistline. This private ink holds a profound significance as it serves as a memorial for her late boyfriend, whom she tragically lost at the tender age of 18. The experience of his passing marked a pivotal moment for Brie, leading her to explore spirituality and find solace. The bear claws etched onto her skin, stand as a constant reminder of her departed lover, embodying the enduring connection and the impact of their shared journey even beyond the confines of life.

2. Butterfly on the Left Forearm

Brie Garcia Butterfly Tattoo

In celebration of her 40th birthday, Brie Bella marked the occasion with a new tattoo—a small and sweet design of a butterfly. Brie explained that, much like the transformative journey of a butterfly through metamorphosis, she, too, has evolved into a different and better version of herself. The ink serves as a symbolic representation of her personal growth and transformation over the years.

3. Three Leaves on the Right Forearm

Brie Garcia Leaves Tattoo

Brie Bella unveiled her third tattoo on November 16, 2023, through a public post on Instagram. In this shared moment, she expressed gratitude to the tattoo artist, Anastasia, and revealed that the design consists of three leaves. Brie explained that each leaf symbolizes the realization and fulfillment of all the wishes she has ever had in her life. Additionally, she extended her thanks to her followers, acknowledging the trust they place in her by sharing this personal aspect of her journey.

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